Saturday, April 06, 2013

Star Trek First Contact

F is for Feelings, Fighting and Fear! Star Trek First Contact was directed by Johnathan Frakes in 1996 gaining him the nickname "Two-Takes Frakes" for his fast shooting style.

Captain Picard hunts the borg into the past to prevent them changing the course of Earths history. Meanwhile his crew is fighting and defending its ship from the resilient assimilating Borg. Its funny but all Earth's future hinges on Zefram Cochrane igniting his little warp rocketship in space.  Cochrane's part was offered to trekkie fan Tom Hanks, but he was too busy filming - 'That Thing You Do.'

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Isn't it great when Lily Sloane tries to kill Commander Data with her Calico M960 submachine gun?

This movie has many classic moments like when Data is captured and tormented by the scheming Borg Queen played by Alice Krige. She finds Datas ultimate soft spot by activating the androids human sensations. Feelings! Now the Queen bee can control the poor devil. She's rigs Data's emotion chip so tin man can't turn it off, now thats pure evil! Isn't it?

 In truly epic style Data blurts out precisely what everyone else is thinking.

Data: Captain, I believe I am feeling... anxiety. It is an intriguing sensation. A most distracting... Picard: Data, I'm sure it's a fascinating experience, but perhaps you should deactivate your emotion chip for now.

Who were you rooting for? the Borg, Eastern Coalition or the USS Enterprise-E?

Who said?  "The Enterprise-E is the most advanced starship in the fleet."


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My favorite of the movies - still. Yes the new Star Trek is great, but this one rocked.

katie eggeman said...

Tom Hanks would have been awesome, he would have been a little like the character in A league of their own.

Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

Jeremy [Retro] said...

robot on robot, love... to boldly go where no Data has gone before... well he did once or twice on the show... this is riddled with dirty thoughts.

Tony Laplume said...

That would be La Forge. But he didn't say it to Cochrane, so I'm not surprised no one else has answered so far.

One of my favorite movies, period.

Craig Edwards said...

Great movie - one of the high points of the series for sure!

Liz A. said...

And now Johnathan Frakes directs everything.

If I recall correctly, two movies that I had to see (and now I can't remember the second one) were both released that day. So, it was a two movie day for me.

Unknown said...

La Forge - we are currently watching "The Sins of the Father" So I had to hit your blog up during #AtoZChallenge I am now signed up for you RSS feed!!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Two-Takes Frakes. LOL I never heard that one before. I was rooting for the coalition myself.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I appreciate your passion so much! Oh, my gosh, you ooze pleasure talking about all things Star Trek. I have to make a confession - whenever Captain Kirk isn't involved, I'm just not interested. I had such a crush on Kirk as a little girl and now, I love how much William Shatner makes fun of himself... or just enjoys what he has, you know?

I am glad I finally figured out I am supposed to read and comment the blogs below me on the sign up list because they bring me to folks like you - who knows? By the end of this I may be a trekky after all!

Happy A to Z-ing!
Julie Jordan Scott
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Susan Kane said...

I thought James Cromwell was a perfect choice as Zefram.

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