Monday, October 05, 2015

Idris Elba - Groundbreaking Villain

Star Trek Beyond - The thirteenth movie directed by Justin Lin is currently filming in futureland - the city of tomorrow, Dubai. Wide speculation is running rife about Star Trek's new bad guy, Idris Elba. Since the news broke about "Beyonds" antagonist, The BIG QUESTION remains UNANSWERED.


Who's the most likely villain to take out Captain Kirk's (Chris Pine) USS Enterprise NCC 1701? 

Whats his name? Idris Elba knows only hes not telling!!! Earlier in the year, I reported Sofia Boutella is contending with Star Trek's fearsome villains - 007 style -  as the perfect sexy killer machine with secret moves to blow us away - hehe.


So who is Star Trek's Mr Evil? and whats the beef this time round?  

Heres what Simon Pegg and Idris Elba have told us so far - thanks to MTV.

SIMON PEGG: That’s not true…I heard there’s a rumor he’s [Idris Elba] been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film, but he won’t be a Klingon or maybe he will.  


"You’ve never seen me play a character like this." 

 "It’s quite an interesting journey, which I think is groundbreaking for the franchise. But, it still keeps with the ’classic bad guy is a classic bad guy’ tone."

“Simon [Pegg] and the team have written a very interesting, complex journey for my character,”

"I think Star Trek has prided themselves as being quite classic when it comes to villains, like ‘he’s a guy who wants to end the world."

It seems details for Idris Elba’s mysterious role are being kept hidden somewhere on Ceti Alpha V.

Is Idris Elba cool enough to tell us who MR EVIL really is? You decide. Unless Elba spills the beans, I'm calling him Mr Evil.

Its over to you trekkers, trekkies and bloggies. Whats your best guess?


Tony Laplume said...

Until proven otherwise, I will assume he's a disco-dancing hitman from Alpha Centauri. (Although to be fair, disco is big there no matter your professional calling...Viva Travolta!)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm still in awe over what that woman is doing with her leg...

Birgit said...

I have no idea but I keep seeing Dr. Evil as the foe against Kirk:) How can that girl possibly do that with her leg? I did that to my Barbie's when I was little but the legs came off

msmariah said...

I love that man. I really hope he's in the next film. Would love to see him as a villain. He's one of my favorite actors. Next time a shirtless pic of Elba would be preferred to the woman lifting her leg! least for me...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't hazard a guess,but I'm excited about it!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Tony has a pretty good idea, but I like the way they're developing the character. Unless they screw it up it could be a fascinating character. Star Trek hasn't had a truly great original villain in a while.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Outside of simply being from a specific race, I couldn't guess a single person who is more known than Kahn. But he's already been done.
Perhaps he can play an updated version of Harry Mudd? That I'd like to see.

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