Monday, September 11, 2017

Star Trek Beyer Books - David Mack Novel

Star Trek books, novels, and comics are ready with Star Trek Discovery only weeks away now - 24th Sept. Kirsten Beyer has written tons of Star Trek Voyager books listed on Amazon. Shes also behind the comic book series along with Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen

Trekkers can now nerd out on the first Star Trek Discovery novel. "Desperate Hours" for sale on Amazon. Written by New York Times best-selling author David Mack. Publishers Simon and Schuster are under license from CBS Consumer Products. Wasn't that fast? Now, all we need are some scantily clad Dabo girls, a roulette wheel, and latinum gold and we're away. Smiling for the camera, Kirsten Beyer will oversee the series.

Say cheez, because it lights camera action! Well, that's Trek showbiz folks.

Live long and Prosper

Heres one of Kirstens Voyagers Novels - Read Long and Prosper!

And here is David Mack's Star Trek Discovery Novel -  

Which book cover rocks your world?

Star Trek Disc features a Klingon for its first new comic book series.


Elephant's Child said...

So which came first? The books or the show?

Liz A. said...

I've never really gotten the point of novel tie ins. I guess they're good for people who are more into shows than books. I guess.

. said...

If I'm to speculate I'd say the books EC.

When they started filming Star Trek in 1966 producers had 16 dollars. Since that time, now 50 years later you can be pretty sure Liz, someone has made a dollar from all these awesome stories, shows and books - so you got me.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I'm on the fence about the new Discovery series but I love that it's bringing new life to the books and comics. That Klingon looks wicked awesome.

Spacer Guy said...

I remember thinking the same about TNG 30 years ago because Star Trek's classic show was so entertaining. Time changed all that Maurice because Gene Roddenberry's new TNG introduced villains which weren't just Klingons and Romulans. So much energy went into creating TNG's new characters although it has to be said the Ferengi debut (LOL) came across as crazed jokes in "The last Outpost."

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