Monday, April 26, 2021

Vanessa Williams gets Miss America Apology

 V is for Vanessa Williams. The former Miss America and pop singer was a natural to be cast as Arandis, the facilitator for the Tembiti Lagoon on the pleasure planet Risa in Star Trek except theres more. 

Here she is on youtube singing and receiving an apology from CEO Sam Haskell 32 years later after having to hand back her Miss America crown in 1984. According to youtuber Nadi1010 heres what happened.

 Her pictures were leaked, without her consent, to Playboy. In today’s world that would be considered a sex crime. She was one of the first public figures to be a victim of a sex crime, and she was blamed for it. To me, this apology reflects our cultural shift around how we treat women and sexual assault survivors. Looking out far ahead, I can see an arc bend.


  1. I hope you are right and that bend is here to stay.

  2. I remember when that happened. It show's what a big person she is because having to return that crown must have been a crushing thing and it could have ruined her career. It says a lot for her character that she was able to rise above it.

  3. Well, I sure didn't expect this for V! But I remember this very well too, and 100% agree with what Weaver said. Vanessa outclassed them all.

  4. There consequences were harsh considering the wrong person got nailed. The apology is welcomed but I dont think they ever found the culprits trekkers.

  5. It was terrible how she got victimized. I'm glad they at least recognize that they were wrong. Alas, this sort of thing still happens.

  6. I remember this well and was disgusted at how she was treated. I felt it was such a double standard because she was vilified but Hugh Hefner, who had the ultimate decision was left blameless. She showed them all by becoming One of the most famous women in the entertainment industry.


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