Friday, April 30, 2021

Zats all Folks

 Z is for Zats all folks. 

I set my course ahead mark 4 bearing 26 shooting for the stars, 

Blessed are those of us who searched the heavens to write cheerfully for hours, 

Now I think its high time to break open the cigars. 

Thanks friends for stopping by, 

We've had fun and awesome high fives.

The founder Arlee of A to Z, 

Created the challenge to run with glee,  

Now everyone can enjoy and agree,  Its fun to trek under the sky by the sea -

after all it's free. 


  1. Congratulations.
    Big ones.

  2. Haha--Spacer, you're my kind of Trekker! Thanks for keeping us entertained & interested these last 26 days!

  3. Fantastic! Loved your theme this year. Reading these has put me into the mood for some Trek RPGs. So I have a post ready for tomorrow. My "soft" theme for May is Sci-fi. Thanks for getting me into the proper mood for that.

    Congratulations on finishing the A to Z Challenge.

  4. Thanks Timothy, go for it trekkers its all in a state of mind so make it so, find your passion and follow your dreams

  5. Thanks Alex. A to Z was interesting this year, I've cut widgets from my sidebar so my page will load faster. I've enjoyed visiting everyone's blogs which on the whole is one way to boldly explore earths diversity.

  6. Great theme for this year's A to Z. Loved it. A died in the wool trekker since...the beginning.
    Pulp Paper & Pigment-My Fiber Art Blog

  7. Thanks Linda I’m still enjoying the adventure which is timeless really with several generations

  8. Whew. End of the month. You made it.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Beach Bum. Temba, at rest.


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