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Monday, September 12, 2016


Over the weekend audiences greeted Hollywood trek stars with a deafening roar at Star Trek's New York Convention. William Shatner took Q&A reported by Trekcore and was given a standing ovation. Hes still star trekking at 85 years of age! Is that great!!!

Star Trek's 50th anniversary is this year and Walter Koenig (TOS CHEKOV) whole heartedly thanked fans across the land as did Marina Sirtis. (TNG Counselor Troi) She ever so gently reminded us that TNG's 30th Anniversary will be in 2017. Now I think if Marina spoke in her Star Trek "Counselor Troi"  voice from the first season of TNG she'd be onto a definite WINNER! I know I'd love to hear that Betazoid beauty again!!!

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(Remember Captain Picard rescued Deanna Troi from the "skin of evil" ARMUS was bad news!!!!! ) TOS, TNG, VOYAGER, DS9 and ENTERPRISE Cast members all beamed over for StarTrekNY Convention. It was really just one big cosmic party.


Star Treks Mission in New York all told lasted 3 days and had an amazing fan turnout partly in thanks to CBS Consumer Products and Reedpop. Here are some of the cool toys. Its interesting because these guys took on the Stars Wars Celebration and the Pax Conventions. If you're a huge Sci Fi fan you'll know all about those and Star Trek Toys.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Netflix Star Trek Streaming

Excited about the wonderful universe of Star Trek episodes streaming into your life? Took the plunge and signed up for Netflix? Its been a couple of months now since a deal was struck between CBS and Netflix making Netflix the first online service to deliver Star Trek without commercials.

I wonder whatever happened to the needs of the many and all that jazz? Oh well. Hopeful, European trekkers probably wouldn't have minded some 'advertisements.' The current CBS/Netflix deal is exclusive to the USA only which means lots of saddened trekkies are missing out on the fun.

The good news is Netflix have CBS trek licencing for only two years with options for another 2 so who knows? Fans can watch Star Trek episodes on line with their Netflix ready TV, XBox360, 3d, PS3, Wii,  mobile phones or tablets which is neat.

Netflix have confirmed they will be streaming every episode of every season for all five live-action Star Trek series: the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Curiously the only show not included in the CBS deal is the 70's Star Trek The Animated Series. I guess some things weren't meant to be for now...

UPDATE:  Netflix just got the green light to air ST TAS! GAME ON Trekinators!

Star Trek TNG will be the first to hit Netflix with direct digital streaming taking the web by storm leaving ITunes in the dust. Its awesome seeing Star Trek TNG as a popular trek series yet again!!! 25 years after its original debut aired in 1987!!! LOL.

                                                        MAKE IT SO!

Which Star Trek show do you want to see in direct digital streaming? signed for Netflix? Do European trekkies or Canadian trekinators have just cause for concern?

Make you voice count, Make your Favorite Star Trek Show a digital/blu ray reality! Kapla!

Trekfix and Prosper, trekinators!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Orion Slave Girl

Star Trek is famous for its Green skinned Orion "Slave" Women wearing skimpy sexy costumes.

In our politically correct world I'm not so sure "Slave" is appropriate but I've no qualms about the rest! XD. Orion's are marketed as a precious commodity in the Slave markets of the Orion Syndicate but its funny. These sensuous "Slave" Women are in essence "merchandise" enslaving the likes of Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Scotty and Chekov with their charms and lets not forget Captain Archers Enterprise. Orion girls are also known as Orion "Animal" Women probably because they have extremely passionate desires. Their cravings for human males has melted legions of human hearts snuffing out even our willpower to resist, so if you meet one lads why resist? Just give in!

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and or CBS Studios.

Orion Women have the power and seductive charms to bewitch any male under their influence or so it was once believed. Further investigation into the Green Skinned Orions revealed a hidden technique used by them to bewitch their lustful victims. In this illustration we can see shapely, Orion beauties dancing the night away. But take heed. You may look but don't smell and heres why. The female "Slave" have been engineered to glide easily past your greedy eyes and pleasure you for pure entertainment value.... Right? That's what your meant to think because we're dudes.... The dancing and entertainment has been choreographed and its all part of the Orion's devious plan!!!  What you don't see are the Orion pheromones released into the air weakening and enslaving your mind!! So get a grip.

Some Orions wear golden sapphire necklaces and bracelets for the purpose of enhancing their appeal to a prospective suitor.

 Have fun and dream on trekkers. I know you will.
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