Monday, August 08, 2011

Trekkie Tests are Fun

I took the Trekkie Test over the weekend at and its official. I'm a Trekkie. Actually I've got Alex Cavanaugh to thank for encouraging me on. Spacerguy, you are a dedicated Trek geek!

But seriously it seems to me theres much controversy about Trekker and Trekkie perception. What defining qualities really distinguish us from one another? Do you agree with this list? Could it be trekkers are actually more socially sophisticated than Trekkies? or is it something else? The great debate about trekkie vs trekker rages across the Internet so I added my own two cents Trekkie or Trekker to peek your curiosity.

Warp over to Nerd Tests and take the Trekkie Test! I guarantee you'll get a warm trekkie feeling afterwards! Granted you may not make it into the top 3 percent but its still good bit of fun testing yourself. Chris Pine is a Techie Trekkie! Have you got what it takes to get into the Admiralty?

LOL It's interesting but the only Trekker Test I could find on Google is a little quiz written by me! Yes its true, we're not misfits, trekkies do have girlfriends and not all of us live in our parents basements either. So who invented the word Trekkie? Apparently Gene Roddenberry did. The father of Star Trek is quoted as saying he invented 'Trekkies' although I can't find any written confirmation of this which is a real pity.

If anyone can find it please send it in to Star Trek Sci Fi blog. Now speaking of connotations William Shatners Saturday Night Live didn't help matters any by taking the complete rip out of Trekkies but what a skit!

To conclude, I've been ranked as a complete nerd, worthy of the rank Captain. So what does this mean?

You are a Trekkie, through and through! You know the series, the movies, the literature, the science, and you are proud of it! You are probably saving up to buy your own starship! You are part of a vast community of Trekkies, and you're loving it! Congratulations!

The average Raw Score out of 28532 unique test takers... for Trekkiness is: 104.3, but mine was: 150. Whos the best? 3% scored higher, and 96% scored lower.

The Trekkie Test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

So what are you waiting for? I took the plunge and it was totally fun. Test Long and prosper, Trekkies, Trekkers and Niners!


Mitja said...

I got the same result :)

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