Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Star Trek 2's latest villain?


Star Trek's latest Enterprising sequel is definitely steeped in a cloak of mystery except now the shields are weakening! I never thought I'd hear myself say, Yesss! Great, Shields Weakening!!! But its true! Earlier this year Star Trek Sci Fi Blog dished the trek about whos gunning the good guys in Star Trek 2's sequel, except we were wrong.

So whos the bad guy? We hear you ask.

FACT: Fans know Star Trek 2's sequel wrapped up filming by June 2012. Star Trek 2 is set to hit cinemas in May 2013.

At Trekmovie Lieutenant Alex Kurtzman stuck to his phasers backing secretive Trek Bosses, whose production plans DIDN'T include spilling the beans about Star Trek or about the movies latest Villain.

FACT: So we've been told little until now...

Set your phasers on silver eyed esper with delusions of Godhood. hehe!

FACT: Apparently, a little birdie resurrected Gary Mitchel!

But who did this and why?

FACT: Speculation is running rife on the internet about why Karl Urban who plays our cranky Dr McCoy dropped his hypo. Rumor has it, Bones kinda blabbed about Star Trek 2's big bad wolf at SFX.

In June Kurtzman stated at Trek Movie 'theres going to be NO Star Trek for San Diego's Comic Con' in July. Something tells me trek's bosses will be sending out damage control parties to Comic Con? The good doctor has given us enough cordrazine high to last us well into 2013.

Urban's slipup at SFX was probably unintentional despite complimenting Cumberbatch, it doesn't take a trekkie to figure out who's going to take on the crew of Star Trek's USS Enterprise NCC 1701.

"He's awesome, he's a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary."

I can scarcely believe this news is on the web.

Esper Long and Prosper, Trekinators!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now to find out how much is true!

Spacerguy said...

Urban's got me all fired up Alex, It would be funny if Mitchel turned out to be a red herring!

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

We shall see... we shall see!

Spacerguy said...

Time will tell, Karen. Karl Urban's Star Trek buzz is stirring up massive speculation right across the galactic web. Who will it be, Khan or Gary Mitchell?

Maurice Mitchell said...

That is amazing Spacerguy. Using a lesser known, but emotionally powerful villain is a stroke of genius. I can't wait for the movie now!

Spacerguy said...

Mitchell's character is yet to be verified by Star Trek bosses so I've conducted some scientific research.

I was hoping trek analysis based on Trekmovie's latest Urban broadcast would tip the scales in either Khan's or Mitchell's favor. So far my readings have proved a little inconclusive.

Khan is mentioned 153 times
Mitchell is mentioned 184 times.

What do you think?

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I should go back and rewatch the original series. Who the hell is Gary Mitchell?

Spacerguy said...

Your having me on? aren't ye PT? Gary Mitchell is captain Kirks friend who mutates into a freaky godlike entity when the Enterprise plows into the great energy barrier in Where No Man Has Gone Before.

The bridgeplay between Dehner and Mitchell is amusing when he tries to crack on to her but its really the eyes, cute quips and the underhanded scheming that give this episode the edge.

James Pailly said...

As much as I don't want to like the JJ Abrams version of Star Trek, being the Star Trek purist that I am, he keeps coming up with pretty cool stuff. I'm kind of excited to see Gary Mitchell on the big screen.

nutschell said...

so excited for star trek 2! loved the first movie:)

Spacerguy said...

A couple of weeks ago Robert Orci confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell in the sequel. In an interview with Trekmovie he sticks by his original comment. For now Star Trek's writers are trying their best not to talk about who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing.

Susan Bodendo - Super Earthling said...

I can’t until this movie comes out. The wait has been agonizing! Either Mitchell or Khan would be excellent, although Khan’s my personal favorite. I imagine the other one will be featured in one of the future films because they’re both such popular characters.

Spacerguy said...

To be or not to be... I think we'll just have to wait Susan.

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