Monday, July 18, 2016


Its been a busy week for Sci-Fi with Star Trek Beyond showing in London last week and Sydney too. I'm not counting my tribbles yet before they become fully gorged but STB is 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and 71% on Metacritic so far.

So now Star Trek Beyond is set for US release on the 22nd of July 2016 and is opening up in theaters worldwide and beyond. We've been waiting for 3 sensational years to see a new STAR TREK movie since STID. How long is that? Approx 1095 days. I hope you're all set for a trektastic time!

 The question in my mind is: why did Captain Kirk wreck the bl**dy ship again? Is it really the Captain's fault the Enterprise got ravaged by alien "Swarms" with their leader  "Krall at the heart of the matter? Word has it Idris Elba's character means business because he wants the "ITEM", badly.

Scotty, Jaylah and Kirk

 Ahhha! I hear you ask. What is the item? SPOILER ALERT: So now the five year mission for the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is finally justified when the crew discover this ancient "death machine" in the furthest reaches of unexplored space. But do they know what it is? It seems time is running out for our Gallant Crew and worse still for the Federation itself. Unity and Peace in the Galaxy may very well depend upon our friends very survival.

Three years into the Enterprise's five-year deep-space mission our mysterious Swarm ringleader Krall (Idris Elba) sees an opportunity. He has to get the ancient "death machine" of ultimate power, an artifact which Kirk's crew are custodians. I know what your thinking - its looking hopeless because the Enterprise crew are stranded on an alien planet!!! Hey. At least Scotty teams up with feisty Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), a potential love interest if only he'd stop calling her lassie.

The good news is Paramounts 3D and; 2D Star Trek threequel is directed by (Fast and Furious) Justin Lin (produced by J.J. Abrams) How many of our movie predictions will come true? 40 stunt people is a good indication of where Star Trek Beyond is headed with special effects and alien relationships evolving with this interstellar space adventure. Curiously Star Trek Into Darkness had 90 reinforcements.

Why is Uhura screaming with the grey alien looking on?


 MattTwentySix had this to say: It's a little Insurrection-ish once they're planet- side. There's another major twist with the villain (though I enjoyed it). But it gets the characters really right. It basically has a fantastic first act, an okay second act, and a fun ending that both serves as an ending to this cast and a jump-start to further adventures with them.

 What do you think? Have you got your "Starfleet" T-shirt all nice and pressed for the movie? XD, Go on do tell us if you have!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm ready! I heard Elba just chews up scenery.

Spacer Guy said...

At least I posted a Spoiler warning Alex and you got it one, Krall is one mean villain.

Birgit said...

This is looking so good! I hate it when the ship is destroyed...please stop doing that! I also can't help but think of the actor who played Chekhov......poor guy

Elephant's Child said...

At the moment I am thinking our world needs its shields up.

Tony Laplume said...

"Kind of Insurrection-y" Heh. Sounds good to me, anyway.

Susan Kane said...

Friday! Friday! Friday!!!

Elba is brilliant in any thing he does. Looking forward to seeing him in this one.

Enterprise gets wrecked again? Thanks for the pre-info...but Chris Pine always breaks things.

Jeffrey Scott said...

I don't actually own a Starfleet shirt, though I think it would be cool to get one.
About the only prep I've been doing for this film is collecting the free Star Trek cards on Quidd. LOL

Spacer Guy said...

The waiting is finally over, Star Trek Beyond is finally here. Friday is the big day!

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