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Khan Noonien Singh is a Dynamic,Powerthirsty, Ruthless, Notorious Superhuman

Khan Noonien Singh the ex-prince of Earth's millions, how that must have hurt. Genetically engineered and Superhuman, this merciless, charming, cutthroat was on a quest for revenge. People who stood in his path were eliminated with the flick of a phaser or at a given command. He was ruthless, calculating, mentally superior, aggressive and ambitious. The perfect respected, ruthless, leader.

There was a time from 1992 to 1996 when Khan was the ruling prince of millions on Earth. Where there was chaos, the prince offered order. He was a popular tyrant who ruled fairly and was worshipped by one quarter of the planets population. Khan's fellow super humans meanwhile were busy changing the balance of power on earth, fighting and enslaving the population. Except for Khan's corner of the world, hostile warring became part of daily life.

Eventually Khans luck ran out. For four years, the supreme commander, His Excellency, dictated order to his Kingdom of People on Earth. In 1996 Earthlings opposed the super humans. Khan was stripped of power, defeated and humiliated, along with his remaining sworn to die subjects. They evaded capture by fleeing the planet aboard the S.S.Botany Bay.

The starship displayed here is USS Enterprise NCC-1701 constitution class. After her historic five year voyage, she returned intact to Earth. Kirks gallant crew of explorers rose to the status of living legends, with a following of fans in their millions, well known across the galaxy today.

Spaceflight gained popular momentum on Earth with these powerful Federation vessels in service. Starfleet Command had to swallow their secret plans to decommission this twenty-five year old Federation Flagship due to the fact that the Enterprise had become legendary. The Admiralty approved a refit for political reasons giving the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 the full green light! Soon word spread throughout subspace. Starfleet's Core of Engineers were being dispatched to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701! The Enterprise refit was official now and no longer a joke at Starfleet Academy. Scotty's beloved engines were being pryed apart by engineering outsiders. The Core Engineers carefully decommission vital mechanisms of the warp engines in which matter and antimatter are combined safely eliminating any danger of a warp core breach. Another Engineering team moves in and installs the new FWG-1 warp engine components under the watchful eyes of Scotty who scrutinizes their every move. Captain Kirk's Enterprise was in dry dock, and was living proof of an outstanding success story in the eyes of the enchanted people of planet Earth. It was important no-one goof this up because at the time the Enterprise was a remarkable symbol of hope for all humanity.

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Instead of dismantling the ship, Starfleet finally approved Enterprise's refit which was long overdue. Since 2190 when she was launched into the mysterious depts of space and the great unknown, the USS Enterprise 1701 couldn't spare the time for a full refit. Instead she returned to starbases to have her systems periodically repaired and updated. Four overhauls were carried out but now the ship technologies were obsolete. Chief Engineer Scott and the Starfleet Core of engineers oversaw refit of Enterprise. Leeding Engines Ltd were chosen and given the contract to install the new FWG-1 warp nacelles which replaced the old Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies Model FWF-1 nacelles which had faithfully served the Enterprise for the last 25 years.

Federation Starships, Federation Planets, Federation Star bases, Federation Spy posts, Federation Involvement, Federation do-gooders and overhead fluttering in the breeze the flag of the UNITED FEDERATION of PLANETS. All of this pomp and ceremony, Khan couldn't have cared less. His days of leadership brought him back to a daydream when it seemed he had the power to control millions. Khans Kingdom predated even the mighty Federation. However, Khan's current location on Ceti Alpha V bugged him the most. The planets twin Ceti Alpha VI blew up and affected the orbit of Ceti Alpha V turning it into a barren sand heap. The living conditions were horrible for Khan and his dear wife who died a slow death traced to one of the planets indigenous lifeforms. The Ceti Eel. The Ex-Prince of Earth and ruler of Ceti's sand dunes couldn't fathom why Captain Kirk did not check on their progress. Khan vowed to escape Ceti's dunes before he and his Botany Bay followers perished on Ceti Alpha V for good.

When The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 first encounter Khan and eighty of his crew on a sleeper ship, the SS Botany Bay, Captain Kirk's landing party awakens them from their cryogenic deep sleep into the 23rd century. That was Kirk's first mistake. Khan attempts to take control of the USS Enterprise and when he fails in his bid to murder James Tiberius Kirk, Khan is exiled to Ceti Alpha V. Kirks Enterprise deposits Khan, a now stripped, powerless leader of nothing along with his loyal band of subjects, who accompany him to the new fruitful, bountiful planet. Marla McGivers goes with Khan to be his wife with ambitions of creating a new civilisation and starting a family which all turned to dust six months later. The ex-ruler had a dream of creating a new world order, which was destroyed forever more when Ceti Alpha VI blew to to bits.

Kirk is furious and demands:

What is the meaning of this attack?

Where is the crew of the Reliant?

Khan attempts to influence Chekov after Terrell vaporises himself, but like a true human weakling, Pavel Chekov collapses in a heap. I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on him. The Ceti Eel crawls its way out of his ear, smearing its body along the ground making its mark. Pavel had the Ceti Eel wrapped around his Cerebral Cortex which meant he was easily affected by Khan's power of suggestion. Starfleet's finest were struggling to control their emotions of disgust at the mere sight of the Ceti Eel with eventual gasps of revulsion deciding the the creatures fate. Kirk points his phaser and vaporises Chekov's slimey tormentor. Grabbing the wristband device, Kirk yells,
"Khan , you bloodsucker, you'll have to do you're own dirty work now! do you hear me? do you?"

Earths thoughtful Tyrant of world order is swamped with feeling towards Kirk. Circling high above the planet in the Reliant, Khan has good reason for pause and is in deep reflection. His eyes roll in his head in sheer awe and wonder at Kirks continuous lucky escapes. Khan decides to keep Admiral James T Kirk talking until he gets the co-ordinates of the Federation's Genesis "Doomsday"Device and beams it aboard the Reliant.

"KIRK! Kirk you're still alive - my old friend...." affection can be heard in the Princes voice.

"Still OLD FRIEND! You've managed to kill just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!" responds Kirk , clearly enraged by Khans wrathful ways.

"Perhaps I no longer need to try! I shall leave you as you left me marooned in the centre of a dead planet....buried alive!" declares an avenged Khan who says no more.


Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers!

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