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Dr McCoy's Medical Miracles

Dr Leonard H. McCoy is the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise 1701. He is an emotional, illogical, country doctor who doesn't mind having the odd sip of Saurian brandy between patients. Sorry about the illogical bit, blame Spock. Dr Mc Coy also called "Bones" affectionately by Kirk, is highly respected and as of 2267, had earned the Legion of Honour, and was decorated by Starfleet surgeons. Spock, however would invariably antagonise McCoy, refering to the good doctors concoctions, magic potions and latest victims.

" I am an accomplished Scientist devoted to logic..." Spock has declared to Kirk and McCoy
So what did that make Dr McCoy? he's a man of science too, highly qualified and decorated.
Spock is well known for his statements of logic and analyical prowess like the one above. Which he has unashamedly announced in front of Dr McCoy. Was Spock having fun at the doctors expense? How much of the human is speaking out? Was Spock actually enjoying himself? McCoy has countered Spocks own brilliant attestments of logic with a healthy dose of scepticism.

"In a pigs eye!" stirs McCoy, hoping for an emotional outburst from Spocks human half.
"That is a human emotion " is Spocks clever response.
"You bet your pointed ears, it is!" Comes the warm human reply from Bones. The camera focuses and we see a look of astonishment on Spocks face and the famous arched eyebrow is raised.

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Memory Alpha

Left alone Spock and Mc Coy would love to torment each other to bits using humiliating jibes and tear downs. When these two are at each others throats, with Kirk as referee, it makes for great laughs. I wonder does Spock ever breathe a deep sigh of relief and say "Great" (to himself)when DrMcCoy leaves the Bridge to go back to his Sickbay. But that would be so human and illogical.

Personally, I think Spock knows that Dr McCoy is on to him. Poor Spock is half human and half vulcan and our good 'ole Dr Sea Bones doesn't let up on this. The cool calm exterior of our first Officer, doesn't fool the ship's Chief Medical Officer. Deep inside, McCoy knows Spock is struggling with the stern discipline of Vulcan Logic and the emotionalism of his human side, which Bones has played around with occasionally, much to the vulcans embarassment.

Some of Dr McCoys Medical Miracles included the well known handheld
1)medical scanners. These were used to take readings of a persons vital lifesigns. The device itself is cylindrical in shape. In the image opposite is a pair of hands and a medical tricorder. The right index finger is resting on the silver scanner, which is then taken out and used to diagnose.

Image copyright belongs to Paramount Pictures
Star Trek T.O.S. Memory Alpha

2)Medical Diagnostic Bed with the overhead scanner. Its been rumoured that NASA were facinated with the orange bed covers in The Uss Enterprise 1701 Sickbay and at the time had a good look at them. Here you have 24th century biobeds .

Image copyright belongs to Paramount Pictures.
Star Trek T.O.S. Memory Alpha.

3) A Surgical support frame is equipped with a sterilization field, cardiostimulator and other inbuilt support functions for surgical procedures which assist the surgeon when operating. Here you can see a 23rd century biobed with overhead scanner also. Usually there is a cute nurse on standby also to help in the surgical procedures. It looks like the patient is ambassador Sarek, another of the good doctors victims. We all know whose words those are!

Image copyright belongs to Paramount Pictures.
Star Trek T.O.S. Memory Alpha.

4) Dr McCoys Hypospray! Never beams down without it. This medical instrument was used by Mc Coy to administer "stimulants" such as cordrazine to Lt Sulu, who suffered serious electrical burns on the Enterprise Bridge in 2267 This device later became an inspiration to "real world engineers" who have since invented medical devices based on these designs.

5) Cordrazine. Lifesaving medical wonder drug treatment, used to treat life threatening illnesses, burns etc. Beverly crusher administered 25ml of this drug to Worf in a last ditch effort to save his life when , (as Q has put it- entertainingly) under the inept ministrations of the Doctor Crusher - everything else failed.

6) Psychotricorder-This is an instrument used to record past memories. Kirk ordered a 24 hour regressive memory test on Chief Engineer Scott, to help clear him of murder on Argelius II in 2267. Chief Engineer Scotty. Wolf in the fold has an especially humourous aspect to it. Scotty is always not far from the crime scene and that "voice" just cracks me up.

Image copyright belongs to Paramount pictures.
Star Trek T.O.S. Memory Alpha.

7)Dr McCoy's Biocomputer was an independant piece of computer technology capable of analysing and isolating complex medical problems/viruses etc and obtaining a vaccine using totally logical means. The computer doesn't have an interface with the Enterprises computer, so the results have to be fed via the communicator to the sickbay labs above where a formula is processed.

Wow you read this far! Thanks for stopping by. Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!!


  1. Saurian brandy is fine for philosphical discussions with Bones, fist-fights and courting shapely females of the blue-skinned variety.

    For strategizing and decision-making in Alaska...I'll stick to Earl Grey, hot.

  2. But will it keep you awake? and what about all those hungry polar bears? Saurian Brandy will keep the fire burning in your blood, long enough to sharpen the drinkers wits and keep the latest snack off big bears fast-foodmenu.

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    McCoy has the purest, most gentlemanly heart of all the crew and yet he hides it under his grumpy, crusty shell. I'd trust him with my life and probably my booze - that is if I were of legal drinking age in Ontario, wanted to drink, and not allergic to most booze.

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  5. Your welcome Black Smith. Dr McCoy 'Bones' is definitely one of the fan favourites.

  6. The professionals that are salivating ... as he says ... I don't think np's desire such patients as much as they are perhaps better equipped to care for these patients! I get excited when I get consults on patients that the doctors are asking me to manage because they simply have exhausted their tool box ... This is difficult to control symptoms ... and difficult families and psychosocial issues ... as well as undecided families as far as their goals of care. So ... I suppose I salivate at the chance to say -- hey this recommendation is what you need!

    I should also say that I like being a consultant. I do not wish to take over the hospitalist or pcp role.
    ALOKA UST-9124

  7. Did you follow in Dr McCoys footsteps? You sound like a real doctor to me, Frank. Deforest Kelley inspired so many people to become health care professionals. He'd be tickled pink for sure!

  8. Hi, I love the oldschool feel of your site. This is an interesting article about McCoy, a lot of information learned that I hadn't known previously. Not the biggest Star Trek fan, but a good read none the less!

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  9. Thanks Matthew, Its been fun to write about McCoy because he's such a cranky cynic with a good heart, who never seems to offend anyone and its so hilarious the dude hates transporters, not to mention those famous, I'm a doctor buzz words of his. haha...

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