Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Northern Star Trails Park Algonquin.

This could be a wormhole. Any minute now, there could be a starship blazing through the stars, scorching the night sky with its impulse engines except i think the camera man was asleep for that part, sorry no ship...but you can picture her can't you? Looked at another way, picture a spaceship in pursuit of an enemy vessel heading towards earth past, traveling at warp speed and this temporal vortex opens up in front of the crew sucking them in.. The captain calls for red alert, engages defense shields and demands,

"Sammy, I'm going to need all the power you can muster, mister"

Star Trails Algonquin Park
Star Trails Algonquin Park
Image Owner/Creator Warner Strauss on Flickr

Meanwhile Lieutenant Data chirps up from communications,

"Captain  Nine Billion all Borg!"

"Duh what?"

Its new territory now. A few clicks behind, the good guys ship is rendered powerless by the arresting space phenomenon and is pulled in by the menacing whirlpool of sparkling stars. The Borg have vanished and Earths timeline has drastically changed. Borgs everywhere - not a human to be found! Spinning out of control our heroes are caught up in the gravitational pull of the vortex...One by one, starship systems shut down as main power is lost due to the overloading of the ships engines. The chief Engineer slams her into reverse and desperately trying to escape the gravitational pull. Its too late, the magnetic star trails of Algonquin have engulfed the entire ship.

High above in the sky is the Northern star which shines bright and never moves. This image is not to be mistaken for an artists impression either. Its a real photo of Northern Star Trails in Algonquin Park. The trees look alive with reflection of the light in the night sky. Imagine being there at night on your own!

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