Sunday, December 24, 2006

Galactic Gargle Warping

Christmas Greetings Star Trekkers. Its that time again to be happy and melt your brains out. The sparkling Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a tasty, intoxicating, drink eagerly sought after by earthers with a desperate need to get warped and wither in pleasure!

The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster's whizzbang recipe in Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has driven demented fans and bartenders to create their own lively concoctions because the Gargle Blaster ingredients are fictitious! Its listed all over the Internet. Check this one out.

This Gargleblaster site analyses the official Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster ingredients and decodes the magic ingredients from sci-fi lingo into earthling language. (It also has a h2g2 section for aspiring writers.)

You can now make your own cocktail. Whoopee!! Lets get warped for Christmas! But be careful, this awesome green drink is potent and not for weakling earthlings either! Galactic Guide Project has a non alcoholic version for younger carbon based life forms. So go get warped. Its Christmas!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy your Star Trekking!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rocky Star System

In the constellation of Puppis beams the star called HD 69830 forty one light years away from earth. The stars faint lifesigns lights up the surrounding rocky asteroid belt of failed planet material which never joined to make a world.

Four and a half billion years later the clever eyes of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected the heat sources created by smashing asteroids, warm dust and the glow of the star. Mr T. Pyles artistic creation of the Rocky Puppis find is thrilling. I can almost picture being there. It looks like the stars beam is calling the rocks home.

"Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech."

The smokeball on the middle-right depicts where two asteroids met and had an explosive disagreement. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 crew have encountered asteroids before. Miramanee's Planet had a powerful Obelisk structure to deflect stray asteroids from a dangerous rocky belt surrounding the planet. The starship Enterprise failed to stop the approach of a large doomsday asteroid which Mr Spock tried to stop with the ships warp drive at maximum. The obelisk was malfunctioning, Kirk had amnesia and time was running out...

Regula - A Big Rock In Space

Earth's largest group of asteroids is situated between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Astronomers call it the "Asteroid Belt." You could nearly say that Jupiter and Mars are the natural deflector defence for earth's happy ball of beings...Its always a good idea to have a safety net. The dense mass of our moon has taken quite a few impacts too but I reckon asteroids are most likely attracted by the sun's gravitational pull. So you can sleep soundly in your bed tonight, LOL. You'll have to read my post on Asteroids from the Deep Dark. Watch those skies now!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spock - Science Officer

Mr Spock is the responsible Vulcan Science Officer and second in command of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC- 1701. Spock is a logical creature of science and trusted Commander. Our pointy eared friend is happy to analyze incoming sensor information and advise the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise in his capacity as Kirk's First Officer.

Mr Spock is affectionately called Spock by the U.S.S. Enterprise crew. Pointy ears is half human and half Vulcan, born on Vulcan in 2230 and highly regarded right across the galaxy. In 2267, Spock earned the Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor, twice decorated by Starfleet Command and holds an A7 computer classification.

Star Trek. The In-Between Years

The Vulcan national symbol is worn by Spock on special occasions. The IDIC medallion means Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. It was designed by Gene Roddenberry and is the basis of Vulcan philosophy. Mr Spock wore it to honour Miranda Jones in Star Trek The Original Series episode "Is There No Truth In Beauty" but she felt a bit overwhelmed at the time if memory serves, hehe..

So what are Vulcanophiles? Sweet adoring female fans of course! According to Leonard Nimoy its the devilish eyes and ears that get females going. An actress visiting Star Trek's (The Original Series) set actually asked to touch Nimoy's ears while he was still in makeup! Isaac Asimov's essay "Mr Spock is dreamy!" is based on his daughters devotion and appreciation of Mr Spock. Apparently women are turned on by smart guys.

Copyright Belongs To
paramount Pictures.

Mr Spock leads a landing party mission in Star Trek' TOS "The Galileo Seven" surrounding the "quasar-like" phenomenon, Murasaki 312. Spock has much to learn about the emotional behaviour of humans preferring instead to steer them away from danger with his pure logical reasoning. The Science officers skills have saved the ship and crew from several life threatening interstellar encounters when pitted against crises situations....

Spock has brains, hidden human emotions, pointy ears, a fat teddy bear and several Starfleet decorations. Nimoy reaps the rewards with flocks of adoring Vulcanophiles fans. Spock's duties as First Officer includes taking command and ensuring the safety for his crew mates who sometimes challenge his commands to catch Spock offguard. Its fun seeing the human peeking through all that pure Vulcan logic verifying Dr McCoy's belief,

"Well.....nobody's perfect."

Our Vulcan friend is however, tormented by his half-human emotions which he failed to purge from his system under the guidance of Vulcan masters in 2270. Spock underwent the ritual after he resigned his Starfleet Commission. Kolinahr was the ultimate Vulcan Achievement in the pursuit of Pure logic just beyond Spock's grasp. Spock went back to his friends on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

Dr Leonard H. McCoy, the chief medical officer of the starship Enterprise enjoys teasing Mr Spock on occasion over his rare emotional outbursts. To add salt to the vulcan's wounds McCoy calls Spocks brother Sybok a "Passionate Vulcan." Mr Spock counters the good doctor's jibes with anecdotes of pure logical reasoning followed with the famous arched eyebrow.

Star Trek (TOS) Amok Time.

Pon Farr occurs in stages. Spock has returned to his home planet Vulcanalia after seven years to mate with T'pring. Logic has gone out the window. The "plak-tow" awakens an illogical mating urge or " blood fever." The Pon Farr is part of the Vulcan males life cycle which releases the physical animal passions building up within body and mind. Females are unaffected by Pon Farr.

The Pon Farr joining cures all Vulcan males from their blood fevers. So too does the Koon-Ut-Kal-If-Fee which is a combat fight to the bitter end, usually instigated by the bride if her mind is set to marry someone else. T'pring bonded with Spock during childhood but now wants to marry her secret lover Ston. She holds up her hand to declare Koon-Ut-Kal-If-Fee pitting brother against brother.

Copyright Belongs to Paramount Pictures.

Spock has a teddy bear pet called a sehlat! Its not any ordinary bear because it has six inch fangs! Growing up on Vulcanalia Spock used to travel into the mountains on his own with his pet sehlat. He used to journey out alone for days on end to the sacred mountain Mount Seleya to test himself. Sehlat was a perfect travelling companion for the vulcan's survival wilderness experience until it was severely injured.

Spock logically decided to have the creature put to sleep rather than watch the wonderful beast overwhelmed with pain and suffering. Dr McCoy would argue that the Vulcan's human emotions got the better of him and that he acted out of a sense of compassion and kindness towards his pet.

I bet you can see Dr McCoy now?

"Mr Spock, logic had nothing to do with it and you know it!"

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Starship Warp Speeds

Helm warp 1 Engage! Captain Picard gave this order in the movie Star Trek Generations. The Enterprise NCC 1701-D escaped the deadly heat of the imploding Amargosa star and subsequent level 12 shockwave. The Enterprise which was in orbit of the Armagosa Observatory had only five minutes to reach safety.

The order "warp 1 Engage!" alerted the navigation officer. The fact Captain Picard said "Engage" meant " Now, on the double." instructing the helm to make it so. Picard usually does'nt stand up to give simple commands, so this only tripple emphasized the hidden meaning - Lets get the hell out of here!

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures.

Warp Factor 1 is a unit of measurement determining warp speeds. Its been used since Kirk left spacedock with his galant crew on the first stardate 2323. On stardate 3045.6 the episode "Arena" TOS established for the first time that warp factor six was the normal maximum cruising speed of the Enterprise NCC 1701 and that its panic stations when you reach a maximum speed of warp 8.

Tv viewers also found out that the transporters don't work when the shields are up. The Enterprises encounters with various alien lifeforms enabled the ship to exceed warp 10 reaching warp 14.1. Scotty's complaining about the engines blowing up always prompted Captain Kirk to take corrective action.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures.

By the 24th century starships were bigger and faster. The Galaxy Class was luxurious and spacious compared to Kirks 23rd century Constitution Class where they packed the crew in. A new warp scale was introduced in Picards time, while still making warp 1 the equivilent to the speed of light, warp 10 was theoretically impossible.

Until Lt Tom Paris of Voyager NCC- 74556 ran some extraordinary tests in a shuttle craft and succeeded in reaching the Warp 10 speed. This placed him in all points in the universe at the same time. Had he achieved this record in federation space it would have made him famous.

Under the new warp formula Picard's U.S.S. Enterprise Ncc 1701-D cruising speed of warp 6 is equivilent to Kirk's Enterprise Ncc 1701-A of warp 7.3 on the old scale. The maximum normal warp 9.2 velocity is equal to 11.8 under the old warp system. Alot of advances were made in the last 78 years, starship technology being one.

Due to increased space travel, it was discovered that warp fields were wearing away the fabric of the space time continum. A new upper warp speed was established in " Force of Nature - TNG" for all starships. Unmodified warp engines were limited to warp 5.

I guess all they needed was a good catalytic converter. Problem easily solved for Starfleets Core of Engineers. Poor Geordi, stuck in engineering warping around at W5, man he must have been sooo depressed...wheres the fun, if you can't go for a spin anymore?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Voyager I and II's Interstellar Journey

Mans thirst for knowledge of the outer planets, interstellar space bodies and our galaxy led to the approval of Voyager Mission in 1972.

The Voyagers probes I and II are nearly identical and were overseen by the engineers at the Jet Propulsion Labratory (JPL). Launched using Titan/Centaur rockets in August and September of 1977 these satelites are really big with 65,000 individual parts.

The satelites are able to generate their own electrical powered energy from the natural radioactive decay of plutonium into electricty to power the satelites instruments, computers, radio and other craft systems.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

How Satelites Work from Satelite to Ground

The Voyager spacecraft will discontinue around 2020 because its Radioisotopes will cease. Sad really because these machines are Earth's first spectacular interstellar explorers.

Voyagers Grand Tour Of Space

Above is Voyager 1's actual farewell view of the earth and its moon. This was relayed to earths ball of beings in a single frame on september 1977 as it continued on its journey into the vast expanse of space.

Image credit: NASA/ JPL-Caltech.

Voyager Specifications

Voyager Mission Satelites.

High Gain Antenna.
Wide Angle Camera.
Narrow Angle Camera.
Plasma Detector.
Cosmic Ray Detector.
Housing Electronics Bus.
Ultraviolet Spectrometer.
Infrared Spectrometer and Radiometer.
Low Energy Charged Particle Detector.
High Field Magnetometer.
Low Field Magnetometer.
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.
Planetary Radio Astronomy and Plasma Ware Antenna

Image Copyright belongs to Paramount Pictures.

Voyager Finds Three Surprises

Spock goes on an adventure of his own. Spacesuited he leaves the Enterprise NCC 1701-A and investigates the unknown chambers of Vger. Inside the Vger vessel he finds to his amazement a world of the mechanical and organic beings. Llia is one of the organics stored as a perfect 3D electrical energy pattern.

" Jim, Vgers programming is incomplete. Vger is cold, barren. This simple feeling - not possible."
"Vger's asking questions, is this all that I am, is there nothing more?" - Spock

The poor machine was longing for human company all along.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Worf's Klingonspeak

The Klingon Language was invented for Star Trek The Motion Picture by James Doohan. He became famous for Scotty's highlands accent and getting the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 out of scrapes.

Except for peoples names the Klingon language was never spoken before Star Trek 1. In the Search for Spock, the linguist Marc Okrand developed James Doohans Klingon Language. The dialogue evolved.

Image Copyright belongs to Paramount Pictures
Worf and Martok in Deep Space 9's Holosuites

Taking half a dozen words Okrand identifed the command form of words. Core words were key. He was able to elaborate and add sounds and grammatical structure. Klingonspeak is a real Language with words and grammar not just sounds.

Sins of the father in Star Trek's TNG was Worfs story and a relaunch of the Klingon Mythos. The Klingon Dictionary is the Official Guide to Klingon words and phrases. It explains how the grammar works for all you aspiring Klingons! The TNG used the dictionary.

Michael Dorn Flies a Military Training Jet F-86!

Michael Dorn has read the book. In an interview given by the actor, "Worf" happily mentions the Klingon Dictionary, its description of Klingons and their behaviour. Michael freely admitted that the book helped him develop his Klingon character and got him the part for the Star Trek's TNG. Marc Okrand can be pleased for his contribution replied Michael Dorn smiling. Its hard to picture, but yes, Worf was smiling!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers!

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