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Starfleet Command Insignias

Starfleet Command forms the paramilitary, defense, research, diplomacy and exploration arm of the United Federation of Planets. (U.F.P.) This vast organization oversees thousands of starships and starbases throughout the galaxy. Starships can be recalled at a moments notice to defend the Federation. Starfleet headquarters are located in the Presido of San Francisco, California on planet earth.

Over the years several insignias have been used to represent Starfleet Command. Here are a few: the simpler version is a golden flower emblem, with 10 symmetrical petals on a red background. This is worn on uniforms in the 23rd century.

The second insignia features Starfleet's typical delta symbol against a starry background.

The delta design "Combadge" which is a communicator is also worn on the breast of Starfleet crews. The star in the middle represents command.

Live Long and prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sci-Fi Readers.

Celebrated Science Fiction author, Orson Scott Card made this gripping statement of appreciation about readers of Science Fiction.

This is the best audience in the world to write for. They're open minded and intelligent. They want to think as well as feel, understand as well as dream. Above all, they want to be led into places that no one has ever visited before. It's a privilege to tell stories to these readers, and an honor when they applaud the tales you tell.

"Ender's Game" is one of Orson Scott Card's best books. Here are some reviews.

Live Long and Prosper! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Starship Dangers In Space

Star Trek's TNG "Disaster" episode stardate 45156.1 marked an alarming encounter with a formidable celestial object for Captain Picards crew aboard the U.S.S Enterprise which reduced the ship to a defective, terminal hulk in galactic space. Two dangerous quantum filaments slammed into the Enterprise rendering many of the ship systems and the main computer inoperable.

The federation starship was now crippled and faced a crises situation. Counsellor Deanna Troi, Senior Starfleet Officer on bridge duty implemented Emergency Alpha 2 protocol thus disengaging all shipboard computer control and placing the ship systems on manual overdrive.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

So what are the consequences of dangerous space travel with the Enterprise's-D communications, engineering interfaces, weapons and defence, main viewing screen, main computer, navigation, sensor arrays, food replicators, turbo lifts, all internal doors, environmental controls, transporter machinery, auxiliary systems, outer hatch doors and escape pods offline?

Communications frequencies are vital for every starship, without the ability to send and receive through subspace, the Enterprise is cut off from the rest of the federation nor can it send out a mayday asking for help. Worf's Weapons and Defence Systems are crucial for launching a counter attack against a hostile force intent on taking over the ship.

The main viewing screen allows the bridge staff to navigate the ship safely and alerts the crew to any space perils not accounted for by the Enterprise's computer. Sensor arrays, science stations, environmental controls, turbo lifts, food replicators, navigation systems, internal doors all tie in with the main computer core.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Starship interplanetary travel is often fraught with hazards so ships like the Enterprise NCC 1701-D are often armed to the teeth to protect themselves against dangerous natural phenomena and aggressive alien races. The main deflector and shields are an impressive field of science developed as a first line of defense for ship and crew.

Unfortunately quantum filaments which has subatomic properties, hundreds of meters long with almost no mass can penetrate the shields. Starfleet Officers gave their lives in the course of their duty and many other crew members were injured on stardate 45156.1 The bridge staff realized that once the antimatter containment field reached 14%, critical failure was on the way with a countdown of two hours for the Enterprise.

Hull ruptures are unnerving because this compromises the health and safety of the crew. Leaking air causes a loss of cabin pressure, loss of heat, loss of oxygen and with a compromised hull and no forcefield to keep out the vacuum of space, the Enterprise's structural integrity is at stake. Without air, trapped starfleet crew members will suffer from boiling blood, radiation poisoning, loss of consciousness and asphyxiation.

Temperatures aboard the ship depends on many things. Its location in space, condition of ship systems e.g. environmental control and the shields. The shields are all that stand between the life of the crew and the inhospitable void of space. Theoretically , if Captain Picard's crippled U.S.S. Enterprise is stranded too close to a star, the heat will boil up the crew and snuff them out. On the other hand stranded in the dark depts of space with no sunlight will just turn their ship into a freezing titanium nightmare.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Another challenge for the hampered Enterprise crew involves food replicators and the need for water. Theoretically lets imagine the crew have patched the hull and environmental control has been restored. However the food replicators are still offline and the galley is burnt out.
Environmental Controls
Space is a very dry place. Planets like Mercury which is nearest to earth's sun is too hot for water, so the Enterprise is dependant on its technology and ships stores. Until the starship can navigate herself to the nearest starbase or raise help from one of the nearest United Federation of Planets she remains a frustrated hulk in galactic space.

Under normal circumstances the Enterprise-D can extinguish fires herself by creating a vacuum and eliminating all oxygen from the fires place of origin. However for an incapacitated Federation Galaxy Class Flagship this is highly unlikely. Uncontrolled fires are extremely life threatening aboard any kind of space vessel and its surprising how fast smoke can spread throughout a starship if swift action, forcefields and emergency procedures are not acted upon.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television

Starfleet Officers are highly trained professionals with one weakness in common. Emotionalism. Except for Mr Spock and his home world of computer loving, minded vulcans of course. One of the greatest Klingon villains of all time, Commander Kruge has described earthlings as "human weaklings" a reputation earth's ball of beings have earned owing to our kind endeavours in space and emotional nature.

Still even spacewalks make Mr Worf our hero klingon (in Star Trek's First Contact,) sick to his stomach. Spacewalks are often necessary to carry out repairs and in the construction of starships. Intergalactic space really is an exciting and scary place.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.

Friday, February 16, 2007

3D Klingon Bird of Prey Wallpaper

Here is a Klingon B'rel Class Bird of Prey, Kruge's technological cosmic beast, with supreme detailing in this Wallpaper 3D Image of the renamed intergalactic "HMS Bounty" now under the victorious command of Captain James T. Kirk.....

This wallpaper image of the HMS Bounty is so famous, I felt compelled to share this discovery with you. The HMS Bounty so aptly named by Leonard H. McCoy, had all the toys of the 23rd century, including a brillant cloaking device that enabled Kruge to sneak up on Kirk's U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A and attack.

In this wallpaper 3D image detailed creation, we see a Klingon Bird of Prey which has trounced two Federation Legendary Starships : U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A (rigged for running and over 25 years old) in Star Trek IV and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D (Galaxy Class and in pristine condition) in Star Trek Generations.

Commander William Riker who was left in charge just slammed this beautiful Federation flagship (Picard's ship) into a planet because he could'nt control a little warpcore overload! The Duras Sisters kicked Riker's butt and he wrecked the Enterprise! If Kirk was Riker's boss, he would have fired him!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dr McCoy's Emotional Outbursts.

In Star Trek The Original Series, Dr Leonard H. McCoy Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 earned the legion of honour in 2267 and was decorated by Starfleet surgeons. Here was a man of science, affectionately called "Bones" by captain James T. Kirk, who took pride in his work.
De Forest Kelley aka Dr Leonard H. McCoy IMDB

Image Copyright Belongs to Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramout Television.

Whenever Kirk or Spock asked Bones to perform a task outside his field of medical expertise, (like cementing up an injured Horta - Devil in the Dark) the good country doctor would explode into a fit of verbal emotionalism. McCoy vented his frustrations by having cranky emotional outbursts.

But he made his point and delighted the Star Trek fans every time! These famous "McCoyisms" make McCoy's "passionate rave scenes" really fun to watch with "Bones" on the verge of a temper Tantrum.

Mr Spock the Enterprise's Science Officer and Second in Command has learned to grow tolerant of humans and their earthling behaviour. The green blooded, pointy eared vulcan knows the doctor just can't help himself but sometimes McCoy goes too far. Spock has actually tried using pure reason to calm the Chief Medical Officer which is a remarkable feat for the vulcan considering he has emotional torments of his own. Behold the logic of Spock. Heres what he said to his beloved nemesis Dr McCoy.

"Really doctor, you must learn to govern your passions. they will be your undoing" - Spock

Left alone Spock and McCoy would love to torment each other to bits using humiliating jibes and tear downs. When these two are at each other throats it makes for great laughs!

" Why you inhuman, pointy eared, green-blooded Vulcan!" - McCoy

Image Copyright Belongs to Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramout Television.

Here's a list of McCoyism's:
"I'm a Doctor, not a Bricklayer!"
The Devil In The Dark.

"I'm a Doctor, not a escalator!"
Friday's Child.

"I'm a Doctor, not a magician!"
The Deadly Years.

"I'm a Doctor, not a coal miner!"
The Empath.

"I'm a Doctor, not a flesh Peddler!"
Return of the Archons.

"I'm a Doctor, not a mechanic!"
The Doomsday Machine and The Empath.

"I'm a Doctor, not a miracle worker!"
The Deadly Years.

"I'm a Doctor, not a psychiatrist!"
The City on The Edge of Forever.

"I'm not a scientist or a physicist, Mr Spock."

What am I, a Doctor or a moon shuttle conductor?
The Corbomite Maneuver.

I'm a Doctor, not an engineer!
Mirror, Mirror.

I'm not a magician Spock.... I'm just an old country doctor.
The Deadly Years.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy your Star Trekking!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Star Trek (TOS) Original Series Communicator

Star Trek Communicators are fun! 40 years later the famous Original Series Communicator still mesmerises the minds of Star Trek fans with its flip up lid antenna, chirping beeping sounds equipped with lights and spinning moire. Who's the trekkiest dude in town? How are you going to prove your Trekkie credentials? Easy.

Your gonna have your trekker mates envious when you take out your Starfleet Communicator and do a "Beam me up scotty" Yessss! watch their faces crumple in despair!
"I have'nt got one, its not fair." will come the reply.
Well now you can own this special mystical treasure by visiting the World's Largest Star Trek Store. Be the good guy and spread the word...

Star Trek TOS Communicator

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures
or CBS Paramount Television.

We've all seen Kirk's bridge crew contacting the USS Enterprise 1701 with "beam me up" instructions to the transporter room... the Communicator is crucial for keeping in touch when separated on a hostile planet not to mention communicating between ships. The Communicator is a highly adaptable device used by Starfleet crewmembers. It's always carried on landing party duty. This vital tool is a lifesaver essential to Starfleet's mission of exploration and has saved hundreds of lives.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures
or CBS Paramount Television.

Communicators are useful for establishing transporter coordinates by the Enterprise's Transporter Chief who localizes the signal and just beams up the owner. When two communicators are placed together thus generating a sonic beam, they can produce powerful vibrations causing rock formations to explode.
In times of urgency the communicator can covertly transmit an emergency signal which requests emergency beam out without Kirk or Spock having to say a word. The most unusual case of the (TOS) Communicator is when Kirk uses his Communicator to make contact with Spock's brain. Kirk gets to talk to Spock's Brain which has been wired into the main control system used to run a complex in the Sigma Draconis System.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Doomsday Machine (CGI) Special Effects.

Star Trek's "Doomsday Machine" has everything. A crazy commodore out for revenge, a hungry planet killer on the rampage posing a definite threat to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 not to mention action packed, nail biting drama and a mystery to be solved. What happened to the USS Constellation NCC 1017?  Enhanced with Computer Generated Images the "Planet Doomsday Weapon" is the main star attraction of this episode thrilling fans with fierce antiproton attacks on two federation starships.

The reason becomes clear. Decker and Kirk interfere with its heavy appetite for nearby planets, inhabitants included! Judge for yourself the C.G.I. effects taking place within the timeline of the Enterprise crew and the Constellation. For you pleaure I've included new and old Star Trek screenshots!

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television

These images have been remastered with wizard special effects. Its obvious the USS Constellation has taken one hell of a beating.

CGI effects radiate detailed damage on Matt Decker's starship Constellation from the mysterious, scary doomsday machine. The hull is completely exposed to the cold atmospheric conditions of outer- space. Spacerguy has uncovered that trekkie reactions are mixed. Doomsday CGI Photos

Some people love the whole idea while others don't. One guy thought the Constellation looked awesome but the planet killer looked cartoonish. Trekkers just don't know yet. Its a wait and see. Star has remastered images of "The Doomsday Machine" and its obvious CBS have been working hard to give this their best. I'm really excited about this. Don't count on streaking stars, bubble shields, or different fly-by shots though.

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

Star trek's "Doomsday Machine" is a great all time favourite because Commodore Matt Decker just wouldn't give up his vendetta on the space monster that devoured countless planets and also turned his ship into a useless hulk. The gigantic doomsday weapon has a hull of solid neutronium resistant to phaser attack.

Photons were useless also. Deckers transporters were knocked out. It left his Constitution class starship U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017 crippled while it consumed Matt's crew on the third planet. Decker of course wouldn't admit to defeat. Once aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise he relieved Spock from command and began his crazed attack on the hungry space killer all over again!

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

"They say there's no devil, Jim but there it is. Right out of hell! I saw it!" Matt Decker
"Where's your crew?" Kirk
"On the third planet" Matt Decker
"There is no third planet!" Kirk
"Don't you think I know that? There was, but not anymore" cries Decker

Trektoday Doomsday Article

The Commodore is held in the Doomsday Monster's spell. Deckers guilt over the loss of his crew has nearly driven him over the edge. He can still hear them screaming for help in his head. So he sets a counter attack point blank range. Kirk's Enterprise gets nearer and nearer to the maw of the spooky space demon. Phasers Fire!! Fire!! Fire!!! Spock warns Matt Decker that the Enterprise cannot hold out for much longer...

Humans mattered little to the planet killer. The annilation of planets in the L-374 system is evidence of that. The machine was some kind of weapon miles long used in an ancient war between two warring planets now long extinct.

The Constellation found it slicing up a planet for an afternoon snack. There was no stopping it.

Spock's Enterprise analysis of the Constellation's captain logs detail what happened during Decker's battles clearly illustrating that "Doomsday" is some kind of interstellar robot which came from outside the Galaxy. It took a battle of wits, bravery, sacrafice, hardwork, and expertise not to mention one hellulva cosmic explosion to shortcircuit this beastie. Enjoy.

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hologram Doctor's (EMH) "Real Life" Family

Star Trek's Voyager NCC-74656 "Real Life" episode is the chance to see the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) starring Robert Picardo having a life with a cheerful hologram family based on the good doctors's fatalistic understanding of humanity.

Filled with fun, engaging family rows, sci-fi exploration of astral eddies, emotional outbursts and a twist at the end, Real Life will elevate your blood sugar levels to a state of happiness and leave you wiping away the tears when its over.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Pictures.

The EMH designed a family Holodeck programme to begin an experiment aimed to help the Voyager medical man better understand his patients and what motivates their human minds. Unfortunately theres an unexpected side effect. The EMH photonic family Charlene (wife), Jeffrey (son), and Belle (daughter) develop devotion towards their Holodad and Holohusband which has psychological consequences for the good doctor. Happiness has arrived at long last or so it seems.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.
In the opening scene the kids even argue amicably over who says goodbye first to Holodad Medical man. Charlene referee's.

"Now children little birds in their nest get along!"

"Your right mother, I'm sorry Belle you can go first" apologises Jeff.

"No it really is your turn. I did go first yesterday" declares Belle coming clean.

"Here he comes" roars Jeff in excitement.

"Alright now bright happy faces" Commands Charlene cheerfully and everyone lines up beaming! It's happy families! The EMH Holodad comes down the stairs with compliments for Charlene about his coffee and says goodbye to his loving family. Look at that image, now I ask you how often does the EMH smile like that? Real Life is full of fun lines. Heres one from the doctor.

"In fact the little woman has been asking me to bring some colleagues home for dinner! "

It came as a big surprise when B'Ellanna Torres didn't take offence picture perfect family reception which for a Klingon took restraint to endure. Fortunately Medical man EMH was spared the whiplash of her tongue. Kes was present too and Doc was only being friendly which was a pleasant change from his horrendous bed side manner aboard Voyager! Interestingly enough I wonder who would win a warring battle of the tongues. B'Ellanna or the EMH Doctor? The Klingon just didn't have the heart to tell the medical man what to do with himself so she gave in to her curiosity.

"Well Doc, tell your wife to haul out the good china. You're having company!"

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

B'Ellanna Torres, Chief Engineer of Voyager gets invited to dinner. Oh No! Remember she's a Klingon with a cranky temper! Still, the Hologram doctor was eager to show off his new family. Charlene had high praise for hard working "Kenneth" and Torres was not impressed. The family turned out to be intellectual geniuses devoted to making the good doctor happy. How revolting for a Klingon!

The sugar sweet family life B'Elanna witnessed was so sweeeeet it nearly made all her teeth melt in her head. She freezes the programme, stands up and completely loses it at first but offers to help. All the EMH Hologram family need are a few personality adjustments which the doctor figures he is well equipped to deal with.....ehm....No way doc! You haven't got a prayer. If only he knew what B'Elanna really had in mind.

"It just needs a little tweaking to bring it closer to real life"

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

So why not?.......When Voyager's Chief Medical Hologram Officer returns to his holo-home after a hard days work on Voyager, shock sets in . B'Elanna's little tweaking has drastically altered husband "Kenneth's" family life. Doc's adoring, tidy, stay at home wife Charlene is now rushing about the neglected house frantically searching for a lost item, so she can race out and give a talk at the Bolian Embassy.

Belle his happy little one, keen on solving Algebra problems with her father is now interested in playing Parisses Squares with older children. (Parisses Squares is a dangerous sport which even experienced players like Commander Riker can get seriously injured in.)

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Jeffrey has been transformed into a rebellious youth with an interest in loud headbanger music. He has made new, bad attitude Klingon friends, eager to prepare him for the kut'luch ceremony, a Klingon ritual that involves bloodletting in preparation for becoming a warrior.

The EMH programme tries to rectify the "B'Elanna Sabotage" by imposing "House Rules" much like a military commando and even chides Charlene when their united front weakens in front of the children. Jeffrey is furious when his holofather tells him to stop seeing his Klingon friends.

"You can't just decide who my friends will be" erupts Jeffrey angrily. Charlene agrees with this. and Jeffrey sees his chance. "Right this whole meeting is a "Vulchey" idea and you can have it without me."

Later an argument explodes between father and son. Holodad doctor Kenneth was severely creeped out over the kut'luch Ceremony knife business and confronts his son.

"Did they (Klingon friends) talk you into some kind of ritual violence?" demanded holodad EMH

"They didn't talk me into anything. I asked them. Its an honour to get to perform the kut'luch. They don't just let anybody do it. They trusted me. Now you've made me look like a human!!" Jeffrey's eyes burn furiously with blazing Klingon hate.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

These actors Robert Picardo and Glen Harris put on a show that is just soooo fun to watch along with the adoring wife Wendy Schaal and daughter Belle, Lindsey Haun Voyager's EMH programme is skillfully played by Robert Picardo as always.
The Emergency Medical Hologram is a 3D projection of light and energy. His photons are held together by force fields and the energy matrix is projected by holoemitters located in Voyager's sickbay and Holodecks. The doctor has a 29th century mobile emitter which allows him free movement throughout the ship but like a 21st century laptop computer its technology can destabilize.

The EMH program contains a medical knowledge of 3000 cultures but unfortunately despite all this he still suffers from a curt bedside manner. Over the years the crew of Voyager have helped the doctor. The Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Voyager is a smart computer simulation with adaptive programming but unlike most holographic lifeforms Voyagers EMH has a sensitivity to being ignored with feelings and a mind of his own. It is these unique qualities, intelligence, self awareness and randomized behavioural algorithms that make this Doctor special.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

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