Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Starfleet Command Insignias

Starfleet Command forms the paramilitary, defense, research, diplomacy and exploration arm of the United Federation of Planets. (U.F.P.) This vast organization oversees thousands of starships and starbases throughout the galaxy. Starships can be recalled at a moments notice to defend the Federation. Starfleet headquarters are located in the Presido of San Francisco, California on planet earth.

Over the years several insignias have been used to represent Starfleet Command. Here are a few: the simpler version is a golden flower emblem, with 10 symmetrical petals on a red background. This is worn on uniforms in the 23rd century.

The second insignia features Starfleet's typical delta symbol against a starry background.

The delta design "Combadge" which is a communicator is also worn on the breast of Starfleet crews. The star in the middle represents command.

Live Long and prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

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