Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Star Trek vs Star Wars

The trekkie and darkside ravers on Youtube are funny. It seems the endless Star Trek vs Star Wars debate will never end. Two spaceships are facing each other in a battle for their very lives.

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Which one will reign supreme over the galaxy? Could it be Picard's Enterprise of the Federation or Darth Vader's Imperial Star Destroyer? One way to settle this is perhaps by analysing the spaceships firepower, like the fanboys are doing on Youtube except how can a Trek or Empire sci fi addict be objective about this? So Never underestimate the Power of the Dark side! right?
wrong! We always question darkside reasoning. Captain Picard's Galaxy Class Enterprise NCC 1701-D photon torpedoes can be fired in concert with its phasers. This is the Federation's Flagship, our pride and joy for most Star Trek TNG fans. It carries a full payload of 275 torpedoes. One of these Federation sweeties has an explosive yield of up to 64 megatons. Multiply that by a maximum of up to ten photon torpedoes. That equals 644 megatons of power fired in successive pattern, after the phasers have melted the enemy's target's defense shields. That should make one helluva kaaa-booom! Yeah!! Blow that sucker. Woo Hoo!!!

Except theres one problem. I've uncovered spaceship specifications which makes for interesting reading and I'm sure Galactic Empire enthusiasts will, enjoy the news. So here it comes.

Jango Fett's small patrol craft is a Star Wars ship of the Galactic Empire of even technological magnitude, to compare against the United Federation of Planets Galaxy Class Enterprise NCC 1701-D. I know this is like admitting defeat trekkies but what if Picards flagship is outmatched by Fetts ship? Starfleet code of honour won't protect us thats for sure.
I watch Star Trek and try to imagine a happy, untroubled 24th century timeline for humanoids. Millions of fans love Star Trek and Star Wars. Its true. So trekkies, lets put down our phasers and not take these spaceship specs to heart even if the Jango Fetts starship specs are based on mere speculation.

Star Wars: Slave-1 specs: Published in Star Wars Episode II Incredible Cross-Sections.

Main guns: 64000 Gigawatts (2 kilotons per shot, 480 rpm firing rate onscreen in AOTC for time-averaged power output rather than peak output).
Missiles: 190 megatons (tail-launched missiles; seismic charge mines are approx 12000 megatons).
Sublight acceleration: 2500G.
Operational range: not stated (however, Obi-Wan's starfighter has an operational range of 150,000 light-years, or similar).
Shield heat dissipation: not stated (however, Amidala's personal yacht has shield dissipation of 2 billion Gigawatts peak, or similar).
Reactor power: not stated (however, Amidala's personal yacht has power output of 7 billion Gigawatts max, or similar).
Max hyperspace speed: not stated (however, same-day flight from core to galactic outer-rim systems requires speeds in excess of 10 million c). c = speed of light.

Star Trek: Enterprise-D Specs: Published in Star Trek Next Generation Technical Manual.

Main phasers: 3.6 Gigawatts
Photon torpedoes: 64 megatons max explosive yield. (The actual explosive output figure is shy of 64 megatons due to the matter, anti-matter intermix delay time.)
Sublight acceleration: 1000G.
Operational range: 2750 light-years.
Shield heat dissipation: 3311 Gigawatts peak.
Reactor power: ~4 billion Gigawatts at max warp 9.6
Max Warp speed ~2000c or speed of light in a vacuum (warp 9.6)

On the face of it Picard manages to bag one of the bad guys! Does'nt that mean the Enterprise-D busted the Empire up? Darth Vader will need to regroup his troops for the next battle, I wonder why Jango Fett's spaceship did'nt come to the rescue?

Merry Christmas Trekkies and may the Force go with the Galactic Empire.


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