Monday, March 24, 2014

Spacerguys Top 100 Sci-Fi Robots

This week I've shortlisted 100 Science Fiction Robots in showbusiness. Most of these iconic robots' originated from various science fiction movies and tv shows. A few others featured in fantasy musicals, cartoons and comic Sci-Fi spoofs like Galaxina, the Wizard of Oz, Futurama and International Man of Mystery.

Technically speaking the Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is neither a robot nor an android. In simple Sci-Fi terms hes just your average killer cyborg disguised with living flesh covering an indestructible exo-skeleton. So sit back and enjoy the fun. A couple of evil robots and computer entities mimicking human qualities are here too but why Locutus Of Borg at no.46? Needless to say I'm a trekker.

How does your geek feel about the sequencing of these Robots, Androids and Cyborgs? By the late 1970's and 80's Star Wars, Asimov's Three Robotic Laws and Robocop's Prime Directives were well known. Our robot pals have become like family intrinsically rooted in modern society. They no longer have to look like us to be lovable. R2-D2 and the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 bridge speak to us in whistles and beeps. I hope you've been listening closely, they have more personality than many a humanoid robot.

Perhaps by 2100 the friendliest living thing on planet Earth will be an immortal robotic mind filled with human memories!

Whos that friendly, beaming face hugging R2-D2?

What is the fourth law of robotics?

Which Sci-Fi ROBOT is your favorite?

1. Robby the Robot                             Forbidden Planet          
2. Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One.     Star Trek Voyager
3. Wall-E                                      Wall-e
4. Robot B-9                                   Lost in Space  
5. Lieutenant Commander Data                   Star Trek TNG
6. Optimus Prime                               Transformers (2007)
7. Nomad                                       Star Trek TOS
8. Lore                                         Star Trek TNG
9. R2-D2                                       Star Wars
10. Bionic Man                               Six Million Dollar Man                
11. T-800                                      Terminator 2
12. RoboCop                                    Robocop
13. Andrew Martin                              Bicentennial man (1999)
14. HAL 9000                                   A Space Odyssey
15. Bender                                      Futurama
16. RUK                                        Star Trek TOS
17. C-3PO                                      Stars wars
18. Ash                                        Alien
19. David                                        A.I. Intelligence
20. Gort                                       The Day The Earth Stood Still.
21. Sonny (Nester Class 5)                     I, Robot (2004)
22. Megatron                                   Transformers
23. T-1000                                     Terminator 2
24. Max                                        Flight of the Navigator
25. LAL                                        Star Trek TNG
26. Frankenstein                               Frankenstein Movies
27. Ilia Probe                                 Star Trek TMP
28. Annalee Call                               Alien Resurrection (1997)
29. Edward Scissorhands                        Edward Scissorhands (1990)
30. Kronos                                     Kronos: Ravager of Planets (1957)
31. Bee Bee                                     Deadly Friend
32. Gigolo Joe and Gigolo Jane                 Artificial Intelligence: A.I. (2001)
33. AMEE                                       Red Planet (2000)
34. Andrea                                     Star Trek TOS
35. IG88                                       Empire Strikes Back
36. Borg Queen                                 Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
37. Death Probe                                Six Million Dollar Man    
38. Daleks                                     Dr Who
39. ABC Warrior                                Judge Dredd (1995)
40. KITT                                       Knight Rider
41. CYLON CENTURIONS                           Battlestar Galactica
42. Rommie                                     Andromeda
43. V'Ger                                      Star Trek TMP
44. Maria                                      Metropolis (1927)
45. Nova S-A-I-N-T                             Short Circuit (1986)
46. Locutus Of Borg                            Star Trek TNG "The Best of Both Worlds"
47. Galaxina                                   Galaxina (1980)
48. Zen                                        Blake 7
49. Maximillian                                The Black Hole
50. The Tin Man                                The wizard of oz
51. Agent Smith                                The Matrix
52. Ed-209                                     Robocop
53. Colossus                                   The Forbin Project
54. RoboMan                                    Robotic Cyborg
55. Boba Fett                                    Star Wars)
56. T-X Android Terminator                     Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)
57. Earthbot vs Tsu Garu                       Robo Warriors (1996)
58. Jaegers                                    Pacific Rim
59. AT-AT                                      Star Wars
60. Harvester Robot                            Terminator Salvation
61. Hunter Killer                              Terminator Series
62. Bishop                                     Aliens 2
63. Cameron                                    Terminator Chronicles
64. The Vulture Droid                          Star Wars 1 and III
65. Mechani Kong                               King Kong Escapes
66. Bumblebee                                  Transformers
67. Dwarf Spider Droid                         Star Wars II and III
68. Enforcement Cops                           THX 1138
69. Fembots                                    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
70. SID 6.7                                    Virtuosity (1995)
71. Hector                                     Saturn 3
72. Tik-Tok                                    Return to Oz
73. Ulysses                                    Making Mr Right (1987)
74. Replicant Pris                             Blade Runner (1982)
75. Teddy                                      A.I. Artificial Intelligence
76. Marvin, Protype Android                    The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (2005).
77. Huey, Dewey and Louie                      Silent Running 1976
78. Wheelie                                    Revenge of the Transformers
79. Iron Man                                   The Phantom Creeps (1939)
80. JohnnyCab                                   Total Recall
81. Edgar                                      Electric Dreams (1984)
82. D.A.R.Y.L.                                 D.A.R.Y.L. (1985)
83. Questor Tapes                                      Questor Tapes
84. Gunslinger                                 Westworld
85. VINCENT and B.O.B.                         The Black Hole
86. Dot Matrix                                 Spaceballs
87. Battle Droids                          Star Wars The Phantom Menace
88. Bubo                                       Clash of the Titans
89. Replicators                                Stargate
90. Sentinels                                  The Matrix (1999)
91. Eve VIII                                   Eve of Destruction (1991)
92. Stella                                     Star Trek TOS. "I, Mudd"
93. The Exocomps                               Star Trek TNG. "Quality of Life"
94. Nanites                                    Star Trek TNG  "Evolution"
95. Satans Robot                               Star Trek Voyager "The Adventures of Captain Proton"
96. APU 3947                                   Star Trek Voyager "Prototype"
97. M-4 Multitronic Unit                       Star Trek TOS "Requiem for Methuselah"
98. K-9                                        Doctor Who
99. Lonzak                               Star Trek Voyager
100. Box                                       Logan's Run (1976)


  1. Maximillian was one of my first favorites. Have to give props to the T-1000 thought. Liquid metal is just so awesome to say with Arnold's accent.

  2. I will always love I, Robot. Isaac Asimov may have cringed, but with Will Smith and James Cromwell and Bridget Moynihan, I truly enjoy it. We have the DVD and will watch it at any give time.

    We also love Independence Day. Bill Pullman, Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Alec Baldwin, ?? Spiner, Mary ??---We love the sense of fighting back.

  3. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Looks like a pretty thorough list to me. There's a good many on here I've never heard of. I should probably do something about that.

  4. Of all of them I'd go for T-800 although "Making Mr. Right" starred John Malkovich, so it gets a nod.

  5. I love when you do these. But, Boba Fett a robot?

  6. Bubo! I loved the original Clash of the Titans.

    It's been years since I've watched most of those movies, but I believe I've seen all of them.

  7. I'm partial to Data, myself.

  8. I also have to add Tik-Tok from Return to Oz!

    One of the scariest movies ever; Nicol Williamson was something else.

  9. Andrea holds a special place in my heart, she was such an innocent android and funny too!


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