Monday, November 09, 2015

Star Trek and Dr Whos Doctors

"You owe me something, you do realise that - don't you?"
"Not Now Doctor. Please!!!"

In 1997 Dr Who had eight doctors and so did Star Trek. Heres Treks run down: Dr Philip Boyce, Dr Mark Piper, Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Dr Christine Chapel, Dr Beverly Crusher, Dr Katherine Pulaski, Dr Julian Bashir, and the EMH - Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram. If you include the EMH on the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E then thats nine but wait what about Dr Who's Peter Cushing and Richard Hurndall?

So which sci fi genre wins?

Given recent success with bigger and worse block buster movies and spin off TV series -  Which Sci Fi Genre, Star Trek or Dr Who has the most doctors?

Live Long and Prosper, Treknichians and Whovians!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think Dr. Who has the most doctors but Star Trek is more successful.

Birgit said...

i could never get into Dr. Who so i will just say Star Trek:)

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Sorry you can keep Dr Who I like the doctors on Startrek, least the ones played by Women

SpacerGuy said...

Treknichians and Whovians mean business

James Pailly said...

That Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer still gives me chills.

msmariah said...

Hmmm, something makes me think that this page is naturally biased in favor of 'Star Trek!' I'm actually a much more loyal fan to the 'Star trek' franchise since I've watched TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

Susan Kane said...

I tried counting on my fingers, but lost doesn't matter to me which vs. which. My least favorite Trek is Dr. Bashir, and Dr. Who is Chris something who was a short-lived Dr. Who spot.
I'll keep watching them both, reruns and all.
And I love the current Dr. something Gambali ??

Jeffrey Scott said...

Wasn't Dr. Phlox counted?
As for your total, are you referring to any or all Doctor or just the official cannon ones? And are you only referring up till 1997.
If it's strictly canon doctors, then you can't count the Doctor as played by Richard Hurndall, Peter Cushing, Richard E. Grant or Rowan Atkinson.
If you are counting all Doctors (strictly canon) up to the current series, then the number of Doctors is
1.) William Hartnell
2.) Patrick Troughton
3.) John Pertwee
4.) Tom Baker
5.) Peter Davison
6.) Colin Baker
7.) Sylvester McCoy
8.) Paul McGann
9.) John Hurt
10.) Christopher Eccleston
11.) David Tennent
12.) Matt Smith
13.) Peter Capaldi

I love Star Trek, but I love Doctor Who as well. With such an impressive staying power and the fact it's been going for over 50 years now, you have to give credit to Doctor Who for being more popular and far more successful.
I think the fact alone that four of the actors have continually played the Doctor for the past 15 years on audio dramas says a lot.

Well, you knew I was going to fall on this side of the tracks though, didn't you. :)

SpacerGuy said...

Star Trek Enterprise? Phlox? Aww shoot you got me but lets get serious for a second. I was referring to all doctors up to 1997.

So in that respect Peter Cushing (Dr Who) counts because he reasoned with the Daleks in the movie Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD. The one constant in the Who series has been the turnover of the doctors. Tom Baker vs Deforest Kelley are probably everyones favourites.

It has to be stated Star Trek is making a come back on the CBS ALL ACCESS channel which has millions of viewers. Clearly Star Trek is "boldly succeeding" but I do concede Dr Who's "Doctors" outweigh Star Trek's Chief Medical Officers up to 1997.

Seriousness aside Star Trek is huge at Sci Fi Conventions with trekkies wearing uniforms specially made for them by their mothers, lol. Star Trek Box office Movie Mojo stands at $1,242,104,402 and believe me the tribbles definitely had something to do with that.

Jeffrey Scott said...

You'd be surprised by the number of who-cons world wide, not just in London. However, movie francise-wise, I concede it goes to Star Trek.
Doctor Who have their fanatical fans and costumes. The last Chicago Tardis I went to, I came away with so many costume photos it was amazing. People even build their own Tardis' and Daleks. I honestly don't know how they manage the time or the money.

At the end of the day, I have to agree, these super fans are there. And be it a Tardis or Scale Enterprise modoel, A borg costume vs a Cybermen costume, I don't blame them one bit. It's all a bit of fun and I love both worlds. :) :D
Cheers mate!

PS - I can't wait for the new Star Trek series. If I really love the pilot, I'll gladly pay for an All-Access account just to watch it.

SpacerGuy said...

Oh those Daleks sure spooked me good Jeffrey- first time I heard them yell, Exterminate, EXTERMINATE. I'll never forget it. I cowered behind the couch until the coast was clear. I remember my father saying "What are you doing son?" I replied something like, "Umm, tying my shoelaces."

Star Trek's pilot will definitely set the tone and pace for the new series. Fingers crossed the new "crew" will thrill us with their escapades.

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