Monday, November 13, 2017

REMAKES BLOGFEST - 'Star Trek Classic Series Vs Star Trek 2009'

The time to write about our favorite  MOVIES - MUSIC or BOOKS for the Remakes Blogfest is here. We're all got them haven't we? Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh and Heather M. Gardner. Here is my Remakes Sci Fi Movie selection for Alex's and Heather's Blogfest!

In the beginning, Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek for life forms across galaxy to enjoy. Today the epic saga continues for countless Earthers on our happy blue ball far and beyond.

 The most famous starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701 became a marvel of science fiction when Captain James T Kirk took command. No-one expected the compadres Kirk, Spock and Dr McCoy to hit it off during their 3 year mission but they did.


Humans and Aliens worked together using futuristic technology. Logic, enthusiastic acting and goofing off behind the camera produced characters and stories rooted in trust filmed in a family atmosphere.

Uhura kept Starfleet hailing frequencies open. Star Trek's science, conflicted characters and spacebabes worked wonders on young audiences, in particular and many came back for lots more sexy teasers. Star Trek represented true hope and service to humanity, so much was right about it.

J.J. abrams rocketing reboot of the franchise with new concepts, two Spocks - one a little more rock n' roll than the other....

speed races and fist fights surprised the heck out of most fans. Gavin Vigor pointed out: How come the planet Spock was on wasn't also destroyed by the black hole affects?

So yes, we know Vulcan turned into a dust bowl and Romulus was engulfed by a supernova. The villain, Nero wanted revenge for the destruction of Romulus, so he used a micro-singularity within Spock's planet to punish him because the Vulcan's "red matter" blackhole plan failed!

 At the time jazzed trekkers had huge expectations for Star Trek - "The Future Begins". Isn't it fun watching Kirk (JR) drive the 1965 Stingray Corvette into a massive abyss?

Star Trek 2009 was a box office hit for 385.7 million reasons with Kirk talking sexy to Uhura at Bar Fights, but hey! Kirks the underdog - he's not the captain yet! So he gets his butt whooped over code cracker, Nyota Uhura - Theres such a touching sense of family here which evolves during this rapid fire, two hour long reboot origin story....


The new timeline has many wondrous aspects to it, implications, opportunities for the writers and even dangers from Kirk trying to hit on Uhura, the barfight, the Kobayashi Maru Test, Spock (JR) losing his emotional cool and sticking it to his Vulcan Science Academy Elders.


"You have done well Spock despite your disadvantage" The movie is loaded with plenty of action packed entertainment.

Chris Hemsworth stars as George Samuel Kirk in a final countdown with Romulan planet destroyer, Nero played by Eric Bana at the start. Meanwhile the USS Kelvin has big problems but George stuck to his guns and fair ball to him.

I mean the guy goes down with the ship and he's only Captain for a day. You gotta love Abrams movie style because he doesn't rip off Star Trek's Classic Series but reinvents the timeline with a classy prequel. I recommend watching Star Trek 2009 because its fun and the movie flies by in a flash.  You'll have to watch closely now or else you might miss that tribble!


What did you like about Star Trek 2009 - The Future Begins? Whats your favorite character moment? Are you looking forward to Chris Hemsworth starring in Star Trek 2014? What character do you believe he will play? Are you a fan of timetravel? Did Studio producers really scrap a 1965 Stingray Corvette to make this movie?

Live Long and Prosper!


  1. Star Trek is well represented in this blogfest, but your post takes it to a new level. I do like stories of time travel. My favorite novel with time travel is The Time Traveler's Wife.

  2. They've handled the reboot well. With Abrams kicking it off, I wan't worried. And it's amazing how many big franchises Karl Urban has now been in - Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and now Marvel.

  3. Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  4. I'm pretty pleased with the movie although it felt so different to the classics it could almost have been more science-fiction movie 'based' on Star Trek. Still, Chris is one mighty pretty addition (sorry, it had to be said)! lol

  5. How did I know you'd choose Star Trek? Intuition, I guess. :-)

    My link didn't work on the Linky. I think it's because I screwed up the path with the switch to my new, cranky blog.

  6. I like the new Star Trek. I also think Abrams did a great job. I am loving Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access. They just showed the season finale until Jan 2017.

  7. I'm happy with the new movies. Shame we'll be missing one crew member next time.

  8. I enjoyed the first Star Trek movie remake, but still haven't seen the second movie. The trailer didn't do anything for me, so I don't feel a burning desire to watch it the way I did the first one.

  9. I REALLY like these movies. The slight shift in the timeline to explain them, to me, is perfect!
    I think the actors are doing a great job with their characters as well! Pine is my favorite, but I do love Simon!

    Thank you for joining our blogfest today!!!

  10. I guess your picks are no real surprise to anyone. As I recall I did like the motion picture versions of Star Trek with the original cast, but it's been many years since I've seen any of them. I did see one of the more recent takes on the franchise and was somewhat disappointed, but I can't recall which one it was.

    Tossing It Out

  11. I loved the sequence with young Kirk driving the Corvette. But where in Kansas would there be a Grand Canyon size hole? Nit-picky, I know.

  12. That was a good movie.

  13. Love the Star Trek remakes. More please!

  14. Karl Urban was brilliant as McCoy. He was so good that he made me appreciate DeForest Kelly more too, so that now when I watch the original Bones is my favourite character there, too!

  15. we were worried about how Abrams would handle the story, but love what he did. our favorite is the one with Khan. wish he'd done the third one.

  16. I'd like to salute everyone who took part in the Blogfest launched by Alex and Heather. Blogs bursting with cosmic thinking, visuals filled with imagination, boldly took me where no earthie has gone before!

  17. Spacer, you should be writing their promos! I did not see 2009, but you have me totally sold on watching it. 👍
    Drop by and visit me in Caneyhead!

  18. Great films and great remakes. One of my fav time travel films is Kate and Leopold, and in books - Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

  19. I liked the new movie version. I grew up on the original and married a Next Gen Trekkie, but I thought the modern version was fantastic. Fun, action packed, tongue in cheek.

  20. Great pick and great post. I really like this reboot. It's not the same but still gives you the same feeling as the original.


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