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Mercifully season 2 of Star Trek Discovery has ended. But heres a puzzle. Discoveries Season 1 vs Season 2... So which gets your thumbs up? or Maybe having your brain amputated is a better idea. So lets examine these Star Trek mysteries in closer detail. Season 1 kicked off with Brian Fuller and Nicholas Meyer at the helm boldly exploring events set a decade before the original Star Trek series and following the crew of the USS Discovery during the Federation–Klingon war. Season two gives us the USS Discovery investigating seven mysterious signals. David Mack wrote a Star Trek Section 31 book titled Control.

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 have interesting plots... In terms of Star Trek cannon Discoveries episodes have no continuity. In terms of entertainment, fun and cheap laughs - hey join in with the comments! So lets get serious for a second, I wont take long...  The war between faith and science many ask....

The idea of the Red Angel spins into focus with a spiritual, much more religious Captain Pike. All thats scrapped once CBS/NETFLIX producers had a bargain basement grade terminator ripoff plot about control. So what in Terralysium is going on? Word is: Bestselling Star Trek author David Mack has written an exciting novel about Star Trek Section 31 His book "control" relates to artifical inteligence. So whats the kicker? Some say CBS owns the rights to Mack's book.... leaving him unable to sue...... for ripping off his best seller and doing such a ham job of it. So I guess Mack lost control? I dont know..... what do you think?

Macks A.I. plot is fascinating to be sure. Star Trek's Discovery, The latter half of the second season was one of the dumbest, most idiotic plotlines which rehashed an idea 30 years ago was already out dated but thats Star Trek Discovery for ya, this season...duh what?

 Then along comes Michael Burnams time travelling mother...go figure. Yeah she's the Red Angel, Here she is take a good look at those wings, aint she a beaut? So she took a church off the surface of the Earth and moved it like... get this a staggering 50 thousand light-years to start a new colony... like WHAT? How in Star Trek was that done I ask you my trekker friends?

 How do you transport a solid building full of humans, in a place of worship?, so like its a church!!!! and move it like jelly across 50K light years? They didn't have a spore drive right? Did Michael Burnams mother (Red Angel) have a time crystal built into her suit? It was like are you kidding me? Then you have this living entity.... this sphere which is in the galaxy. Apparently the Red Angel moves it into the flightpath of the starship Discovery. Was this thing alive? How did it store data and what was it? Does the crew of the starship USS Discovery NCC 1031 know what it was? The sphere entity was an A.I. but wanted more right?

 Do you think the sphere thing in Star Trek Discovery Season 2 wanted to become more of an A.I.? like what? seriously, but WHAT? does any of Star Trek Discovery make sense? . So like everyone is watching the show and I believe these questions need answers. So we're back to the SPHERE, unlike the Fesarius commanded by Captain Balok, the First federation or Vger - learn all that is learnable in the universe and Nomad.... does not compute, must analyse, error, error, must sterilize....

 You catch my drift these are all star trek's A.I's we understand and love but what is this Discovery Sphere about? We don't know, right! Do you? So it was going to send all its data to where? to the twilight zone perhaps and then? what do you think of Star Trek Discovery season 1 and 2? Are you a fan of the Red Angel, A.I.s or boldly exploring the universe?

Live long and Prosper my trekker friends


  1. You know, I can’t stand this Star Trek. I tried watching it but the whole idea is not Gene Roddenberry’s vision. It seems to be more like Battlestar Gallatica. I am a lover of The Orville.

  2. Sorry, haven't been watching it, but from that clip it is a lot like The Fifth Element with the sphere.

  3. Thanks for letting me know CBS All Access isn't worth it for this show. I haven't taken the plunge, and I won't if this is what the show's become.

  4. I haven't been watching - which sounds like a good thing. I am v sorry for all those who had high hopes.

  5. I saw the first episode and decided I didn't want to watch it. I'm glad I didn't now.

  6. I think we can safely assume you don't like it...

  7. SG! Great piece. I really enjoyed Star Trek Discovery Season One. It was surprisingly good, but alas it did feel different. Your honest rebuke and surrounding questions really concern me about seeing Season Two. They all sound very valid.
    And by the way, just saw your comments today and very sorry I've been asleep at the switch on moderation. Hope all is well. sff

  8. Yes you've nailed it Birgit, its like Star Trek is now boldly going where no battleship has gone before. I believe the studios are appealing to the bigger audience with the special Star Wars effects, Alex. So now the studios are playing with our emotions and the gameplan must be... forget logic! forget Star Trek Cannon Liz. I'm torn, I still don't want to give up on the show EC but we have to remember Star Trek is upping the stakes by getting fantastic Diane....with Battlestar firefights, creativity, humor and reintroducing original/new facinating characters but to what end and like...duh WHAT? but to give credit where due, I did say Discovery has interesting plots Tony, I was attempting to expound logic but as Dr McCoy has said "I'm a doctor not a computer" well theres no points on my ears either. So Thanks everyone and its true SFF, I do question Discoveries rationale... only time will tell which path the show will take... science fiction or fantasy.


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