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Science Fiction and in particular Star Trek is important. Consider all the great novels and movies produced in the 20st century and leading into the 21st. Theres no shortage of Sci-Fi works to discover by any of the greats. Isaac Asimov, H.G.Wells, Arthur C. Clarke. Robert Heinlein was often called the "dean of science fiction writers".  J.R.R. Tolkien sequel, "Lord of the Rings" is a best seller with over 150 million copies sold, Dune is another winning a nebula, I Robot was made into a blockbuster movie.

 World building is essential and when you're telling a Star Trek story, you're creating a multi episode arc thats physically one long story... Its really vital that writers know what it is before the telling begins and better again knowing the ending is fantastic!!! Star Trek Discovery has these fascinating elements and we're now into 29 episodes at a cost of 300 million dollars to make the show.

The question I'm putting to you trekkers is how do you rate Star Trek Discovery's dialogue? because the writing... what do you think? some say its dreadful..... while others some say its jolly good fun.... so which is it? So lets examine these clues without begrudging anyone.

So why not go further some say.... lets rip off an original Sci Fi concept or name from an already published book and while we're at it - remember to read it! That way we get the elements of the plot right?..... well now thats unfair I say.

Its a well established fact copycats plagiarize (which Google hates) but I don't know about the movie business and storytelling, that kind of thing takes it a level further or so some say. So what do you believe Trekkers? Is it time to Trekkinate the plagurators? Has David Mack Book titled Star Trek Section 31 - "Control" been used for Star Trek Discovery?

Some might say "ripped off" but hold on now, thats rash speculation? Odds are high CBS own the rights to Macks book, so what do you say? How do you rate Star Trek Discovery from 1 to 10?

Should CBS writers be congratulated for their hard scientific imagination boldly blowing up where no starship has gone before!

Live Long and Prosper my trekker friends


  1. I'm certain that if you peaked behind the curtain, you'd see a friendly handshake between Mack and the Discovery producers. Nothing nefarious here.

  2. It might have.
    Certainly The Orville is just a blatant Star Trek ripoff. And not even a good one.

  3. Well Tony, its possible CBS head honchos gave David Mack full access to the entire brain storming tools CBS writers use - at the Trek room where all the magic for Star Trek Discovery is created and the result is as we know it today, great science fiction i.e. giving Mack his Section 31 novel with enough Star Trek warp-energy left over for CBS/Netflix to produce the show....hehe... Discovery is fascinating...

  4. Well thats Fox Tv for you Alex.... Its cornball trek which is why some folks love it cos' like its double dumb ass and thats funny with sugar and trekkie icecream on top, lol

  5. Perhaps they're calling it an homage...

  6. Don't think I have seen Star Trek discovery yet, I must look out for it. Cant agree on Dune, The first book was ok but the rest made me give upi the will to live and I di dnot think it went well as a film eitther

  7. Perhaps they will Liz, I know Dune won the first Nebula award for best novel and tied for a Hugo award, Billy. Thanks for steering us in the right direction.

  8. Kirsten Beyer, who writes for Discovery and has also written other Star Trek books, actually coordinated with Mack to work on related material. Mack in fact wrote the first book based on Discovery. I think this is a nonissue.


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