Wednesday, March 18, 2020


It's like Picard's crew finally found their footing with all this deep space harebrained alien diplomacy. So is it likely Star Trek Picard is finally onto something with The Impossible Box? Here we're see Dahj sister also an android alive and ready to spring into action..


The new starship "La Sirena" commanded by Captain Rios looks really cool too. Its got CGI rendering, real convincing computer panels and a special holodeck hideout for Picard when he needs to strategize. Now with CBS/Amazon Prime updating the Star Trek Universe without making a complete hash of Treks timeline...

So much seems right about it. Alot hinges on Data's daughter Soji who's still a beautiful mystery. Narek's trickery on the Artefact fooling around with Soji meant he was a no good Romulan spy.


 Finally Soji cops onto herself and finds Picard, Hugh and Elnor in time to do a runner..... and they beam-out from the Borg Queens what ever. Elnor and Hugh face the music on  the Borg Cube defending king and country so honorably meeting their deaths, parting is always such sweet sorrow my trekker friends.

1. Do you get a sense of pride Elnor stayed to the end to defend Picard and Soji (Data's daughter) so they could beam to safety?
2. Now Soji has become self-activated will she use her positronic DNA to resurrect her father Data?
3. Will Picard want revenge for Hugh's death?
4. Can anyone fix Starfleet now that its falling to pieces and we don't have a galaxy class starship or commander to bandaid the failing United Federation of Planets?  


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

STAR TREK PICARD - Stardust City Rag

"Stardust City Rag" 
Season 1 Episode 5
Director : Johnathan Frakes
Stardate: 2386/2399

Hey trekkers Spacerguy here. Star Trek Picard is showing us the before and after Trek timelines with characters crossing paths and slugging it out in the galaxy. Parents be warned this episode has some might say a "Tarantino bloodfest" We see the Seven Domes where Seven of Nine - Jeri Ryan  (from Voyager) gets her evil on some aliens.

PICARD (Patrick Stewart) SEVEN (Jeri Ryan)

Why I hear you cry? simple really. Its payback, cos like shes far from all right with dark violence, so now shes angry and besides Federation justice on Vergessen? Forget about it. The beloved Federation has fallen my Trekkie friends. I'm right aren't I?  Meanwhile Picard's scheming is taking shape aboard the La Sirena with plans to "save the galaxy" So he's in a ropey Allo Allo pirate costume spouting hazeri values taking on renegades. Sevens cold blooded murdering - whats going on trekkers? Doesn't Picards Starfleet pomp count anymore?


 The year is 2386 so like did Lieutenant Itcheb really deserve to be tortured..? All that horrible drilling as that cruel wretched Bjayzi toyed with her ex-borg victim. She harvested and detached Itcheb's cybernetic devices which identified who he was... Borg! (Not that Picard,- (Patrick Stewart) Seven (Jeri Ryan) or Itcheb (Manu Intiraymi) ( ever had any choice ) Poor Itcheb (from Voyager now ex-Borg looked so miserable with Seven except here was someone crying out  for the end. His optical implant is gone - theres really too much damage done. Seven is torn but finishes the job putting Itcheb to rest.


 Only the game isnt over, it appears Bjayzi has more loose ends to harvest. ..... Seven, determined, is not going to let Bjayzi get away. (trekkies we can whine about the horrors but facts are facts, outerspace is a cold unfriendly place. You'll know when you get ur own starship and besides, whatever happened to an eye for an eye? Why didn't more of us turn out for Star Trek Beyond?

Integrity, intelligence, courage, imagination, and determination are core qualities of Starfleet Officers which sounds fine but doesn't wash at the box office, just compare Star Trek box office to Star Wars numbers.


Time runs out for Maddox who's surprisingly been on the run. In a crazy twist, now its Juranti time to turn killer. The guy everyones been after spills the beans before croaking it, unconscious and all that other shoulda coulda woulda hazeri until he dies on the table.


Beaming down to freecloud in cornball outfits was like a duh what? moment for me. The federations most revered captain wants to play games? Like seriously this is the plan?  Seven's plan meant using herself as bait and with her Starfleet - Borg experience lure that Bjayzi evil witch out into the open. Now in light of Picard and Seven striving towards their "humanity" Here was an act of retribution fuelled by pure murderous revenge - wouldn't you say?


1.Is Star Trek Picard delivering a new exciting trend boldly going where no-one has gone before?
2. Are you saddened by itcheb's death? Did Bjayzi get what she deserved?
3. Star Wars doesn't pull any punches why should Star Trek?
 4. How could Dr Maddox really not know what Bjayi was dealing in?
5. Why doesn't Picard not get recognised all the time?
6. Why doesn't Rios ship the "La Sirena's" bridge not have an ad-blocker?
7. Is the United Federation of Planets as an institution failing?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers

Wednesday, March 04, 2020


Absolute Candor 
Season 1 Episode 4
Director : Johnathan Frakes
Stardate: 2385/2399

Hey trekkers Spacerguy here. The good 'ol Enterprise-D TNG days were really still in their infancy with the Romulans plotting and flourishing in the shadows. So now, Klingon Warrior to Romulan, do lets be honest now, Picard's getting all friendly with Romulans,  good thing eh we know more about Worf', Kimpec and Gowrons family bloodlines eh? Just saying like, our ex-Starfleet friend is bound to run into trouble sooner or later with aliens being aliens.

So now whats Picard going to do? No longer an Admiral or captain of a starship, our friend takes us on a voyage to planet "Freecloud" for heavens sake!!! What do you think of this change in Picard's status?

Following the clues, Raffi one of Picards recruits on the Sirena tracks Bruce Maddox see, remember him? The guy so enthused with dissecting Data in Star Trek's Measure of a Man to build a whole army of Datas (which turned out to be a showcase trial episode). Riker as prosecution using cutting words putting sythetic dignity up for total scrutiny. That was Maddox TNG but has he succeeded on some other dynamic?

Turns out Picard orders a stop-over at the planet Vashti, where Picard and Raffi took Romulan refugees 14 years previously promising, promising, promising. "The Federation....." Upon arrival, Picard finds Elnor (Evan Evagora), a young Romulan fighter he befriended during the relocation. All is not happy families. Meanwhile, Narek continues flirting with Soji while Narissa’s impatience grows with this lark is going on in the Borg artifact.

 You get the gist, admiral Picard is on a mission except it gets dicey eventually on Vashti. Trouble is moral fortitude and the benefit of logic falls on deaf ears when faced with cheesed off aliens. Time to,  beam me up, Rios! Guess who else after a battlefight with a Klingon Bird of Prey? Seven of Nine! Who Hooo, Let the games begin.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers

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