Top 50 Blogs For Trekkies Trekkies are no stranger to computers or the internet. As such, they have kept a franchise that was started decades ago alive and well. With many films, television series, books, and more, Star Trek is one of the most recognizable franchises, with one of the most loyal fan bases. Coming as no surprise, there are also a number of blogs and sites devoted to them. Below are the top 50 blogs for Trekkies by fans, insiders, experts, and more. Top Blogs for Trekkies by an Insider.

The below blogs are written by those well known within the Star Trek universe.

1. WWdN: In Exile : Wil Wheaton is best known to Trekkies for his role as Wesley Crusher on “The Next Generation.” For years, his following has survived and even grown through his very own blog. Posts are updated regularly, there are links to his other work, and even a Twitter feed.

2. : Although run by his people, this is a must visit for all fans of the original Captain Kirk. Get appearance updates, along with messages from the man himself here. You can also get news and links to exclusive merchandise.

3. LeVar Burton : Although Twitter is a better place to find him, LeVar keeps this blog when 140 characters aren’t enough. Sparse entries are on everything from the Obama administration to a new life as a non-smoker. There are also links to his other work.

4. Harlan Ellison Webderland : A famous Trekkie himself, Harlan was behind one of the most beloved Star Trek stories of all time “City on The Edge of Forever.” Get thoughts on the Star Trek sequel and his recent lawsuit against the franchise by stopping here. You can also learn more about his other works.

5. WilWheaton : If Wil’s first blog isn’t enough for you, check out the column he writes for Suicide Girls. It contains thoughts on everything in politics, music, news, and more. There are 370 pieces by him and counting.

Top Blogs For Trekkies By A Fan These fans are the epitome of Trekkie and keep blogs to prove just that.

6. My Star Trek Scrapbook : Frederick was bitten by love of Star Trek in 1971 when he began his collection. He uses this blog to display all his pieces including photos, articles, ads, and more. A recent entry highlighted William Shatner’s rise to the top.

7. Star Trek Sci Fi Blog : These fans take a look at the science behind Star Trek, with occasionally hilarious results. Spacerguy often goes on Star Trek related tangents and how they effect him. A recent entry featured the top ten technobabbles.

8. TrekMovie : Although the blog is titled “movie,” there are plenty of entries for all Trekkies. Choose by categories from mashups to celebrities and more. There are also details on the latest in the Star Trek world.

9. Star Trek and Media Science Fiction Blog; Delphi covers news and discussion on Star Trek and other related media. There is also an active forum where you can talk more with other Trekkies. A recent entry was on the state of television ratings.

10. Soul of Star Trek : Captain Future gives thoughts on Star Trek and related science fiction. He even includes detailed and ongoing essays on all ten Star Trek films. A recent entry explored the symphony of science.

11. Trekmania : Technically not a blog, this fan has loaded up the site with impressive content. Sections include Utopia Planet, Conference Lounge, Diplomatic Relations, and even a Science Lab. There is even a top 50 episodes for the die hard Trekkie. Top News Blogs For Trekkies Get all the latest developments in Star Trek and science fiction by checking out these blogs.

12. : Several columnists on the site give the latest in headlines and opinions on this site. They even have special correspondents for Klingon, Ferengi, and more. The site also has information on conventions, message boards, transcripts, and much more.

13. Star Trek Fansite : Serving Trekkies since 2005, this site has all the news you can ask for. Get updated on your favorite Star Trek brand by checking out the categories on the left. You can also enter to win Star Trek related merchandise. (Gone)

14. Trek Today : This blog takes on the latest in Star Trek news. T’Bonz tells you the latest and gives a Trekkie opinion. Latest entries are on charity work and holiday cookies.

15. Top Star Trek News : Alltop has the latest news in all categories from health to sports. And there is even a special section for Trekkies. Simply scroll down for tons of headlines.

16. Google News : Simply type in “Star Trek” to get up to the minute news headlines from across the web. You can even narrow by year, date, or even hour. One of the latest articles compares President Obama with Spock. Top Sci Fi Blogs For Trekkies Get the best of blogs in Star Trek and other science fiction with the help of these blogs.

17. TrekWeb : This blog has loads of entries on Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and even William Shatner. There is also Tribblets with tiny nuggets of useful information for Trekkies. The latest entry was about Shatner on his bitter co-stars.

18. The Website at the End of the Universe : Stop here for a science fiction community and blog dedicated to Star Trek and beyond. In addition to posts, you can also visit the forums, watch videos, and play online games. There is also a special section exclusively for Trekkies.

19. Sci Fi Wire : This is a must visit for any science fiction fan. Sponsored by the SyFy channel, it has the latest in news, reviews, and columns. There are also exclusive interviews, first look previews, and much more.

20. Den of Geek : With the latest in all geek news, they have a special section for Trekkies. They are currently reviewing the original Star Trek series episode by episode. There are also sections for movies, television, and comics.

21. : This blog features everything in sci fi. Star Trek entries include DVD sales, continuing missions, and more. There is also information on the “Twilight” series, “Lord of the Rings,” and more. Top Blogs for Trekkies by Experts These experts review everything Star Trek related from science to fiction.

22. Star Trek Magazine : The only magazine dedicated to Star Trek, it is a must have for any Trekkie. Check out the most recent issue or order a subscription online. There are also other magazines for other sci-fi shows.

23. Technovelgy : Ever wonder about the actual science used in Star Trek and similar media? Then check out this site for more information. Trekkie related items include Geordi’s visor, communicators, and even teleporters.

24. How Stuff Works : A quick search on this site turns up over 100 entries on Star Trek related stuff. The site has a long history of explaining complicated material in a simple way. Be sure not to miss the “Top 10 Star Trek Technologies That Actually Came True” entry.

25. Analog : This magazine is an excellent reference for separating science fact from fiction. The latest issue marks the 80th anniversary of this magazine. There is also a reference library and links to featured blogs.

26. SF Reader : Get reviews of science fiction books before you buy here. Many reviews include Star Trek themed books such as “The Never Ending Sacrifice” and “Troublesome Minds.”

27. NASA Blogs : Go beyond fiction with these actual science blogs from a leader in space exploration. There are tons of blogs from both the people at NASA and their missions. Be sure to check out the amazing real-life videos while you’re there. Top Sites For Trekkies These sites made by the most die hard of Trekkies are a must see.

28. Star Trek: Phase II : Thought the original series ended decades ago? The Trekkies at this site beg to differ with this ongoing independent web series that produces new episodes of classic Star Trek. Check out the award winning episodes, news, and more.

29. Star Trek Intelligence : This site is a must visit for any Trekkie interested in the ships and technology used in Star Trek. Different ships are analyzed and summarized on the site. Stats such as size, speed, and more are featured.

30. The Trek BBS : If you are ready to talk with other Trekkies, check out this community. It contains thousands of threads, with hundreds of thousands of posts. Sections include Main Bridge, Engineering, Promenade, and more.

31. Trek Fan Fiction : Want to keep the adventure going? Then check out this fan written fiction for more. Read a ton of Trekkie made stories, or write a few of your own.

32. Star Trek Uniform Guide : If you know the difference between a red and yellow uniform, check out this site for more information. It contains explanations for the costumes and their meanings for the various emergences of Star Trek, along with seasons. You can also get a host of extras.

33. Star Wreck : Show your love for Star Trek in the best way possible: by parody. These Trekkies did just that and have episodes available for download. You can also get special previews by visiting the site. Top Fun Sites For Trekkies Trekkies can find tons of things to interest them on the blogs and sites below.

34. The Klingon Encyclopedia : Otherwise referred to as “tlhIngan Hol,” the Klingon Encyclopedia is the ultimate tool for those studying the alien language. There are 166 articles and counting in this area. You can also view by topics such as Klingon history, art, and more.

35.Star Trek Quiz : Want to know which Star Trek character you are most like? Then stop here to take this easy and fun quiz. It is a simple series of quick yes or no questions.

36.Guide to Animated Star Trek : If you are a fan of the old Star Trek animated series, or just a Trekkie who wants more, stop here. Dan Hauser has collected the most comprehensive information on the series in one spot. There is detailed information on each episode, along with fun facts, and the option to watch one online.

37. Strekonline : Stop by here for tons of pictures, screen captures, and downloads from Star Trek. There are new screencaps all the time, with the most recent from the Star Trek movie and Voyager series. The site also contains images from X-men, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more.

38. Star Trek Gamers : If you love video games and Star Trek, this is a must visit. In operation for over ten years, they have a forum, files, clans, podcasts, and more. Get information on both old and new Star Trek games on one site.

39. The Best (And Worst) Star Trek Movies Of All Time : is no stranger to telling it like it is. In this hilarious article, they take on the best and worst of Star Trek movies. A must read for all Trekkies who can tolerate the adult language.

40. Trek Passions : What could be more fun than meeting another Trekkie for romantic pursuits? Stop by this site for a 100% free sci-fi dating and social networking site to learn more. Check out the tons of profiles, or submit your own.

41. Sci Fi Crush : Another dating site, this one is for all sci-fi fans, not just Trekkies. You can browse by interest such as Star Trek, LOST, Joss Whedon, and many others. There is also Horror Crush, Dragon Crush, and other similarly themed sites. Top Specialty Blogs For Trekkies These blogs focus on a particular area or theme of Star Trek.

42. The Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Blog : If interested in a particular piece of Star Trek memorabilia, or all of it, stop by this blog. It contains the latest news on costumes, props, and more. They also tell you where and how much it sold for at auction.

43. Forgotten Trek : This blog is dedicated to the production and behind-the-scenes of Star Trek online. Choose by categories such as the original series, phase II, the movie, TNG, and beyond. Or you can read their current entries straight from the homepage.

44. Star Trek Las Vegas : Every Trekkie has been to a convention, but have you been to the biggest and best? Then stop here for the largest in Star Trek convention, taking place in Las Vegas. Visit for ticket information, hotel pricing, guest lists, and even highlights from past conventions.

45. Star Trek Movie Blog : Stop here for a blog about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies and any other Trek news worth posting about. There are literally hundreds of entries to choose from. Many include interviews, exclusive looks, and even sequel talks.

46. Ex Astris Scientia : Long time Star Trek fan Bernd Schneider focuses on the starships and future technology that appeared in the various TV series and movies. There is also discussion of artistic, social, and philosophical aspects of Star Trek. With tons of sections to choose from, make time for this site.

47. Star Trek Inspirational Posters : Go beyond the classic pose and have a look at these inspirational posters. With such messages as “we long for pizza,” they are a must see. There are 20 galleries and many jokes enjoyable for any Trekkie.

48. Angel’s Dawn : Ever wanted to join Starfleet? Then visit here for a free guest name and password to get started. You can also meet and interact with other Trekkies in this game.

49. Section 47 : Another Star Trek game, this one takes place in a special division of Starfleet. Start as an Ensign and work your way up to the rank of Commander First Class by demonstrating your knowledge of Star Trek. There is also much more to occupy your time on this site.

50. Memory Alpha : Think you know everything about Star Trek? Then stop by this Wiki created by Trekkies, for Trekkies. It contains the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek.

Whether looking to expand your knowledge or meet someone special, there is lots to do and see on these top 50 blogs for Trekkies. They are also useful if you want to beat all your other Trekkie friends on the latest headlines, science, and more.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Friends and Fans of Star Trek


Tony Laplume said...

Ah, no room for crummy old me! :p

SpacerGuy said...

Shaka when the walls fell.:p what did Captain Kirk say in Star Trek the Voyage Home? but seriously, Happy New Year Tony! -Temba arms wide...

ApacheDug said...

Loved your list, haven't heard of many of these-but I was surprised not to see these 2 noteworthy Trek blogs make your list--you should check 'em out.

"A Piece of the Action"
"The Trek Collective"

SpacerGuy said...

Thanks ApacheDug for the cool Star Trek sites. I'll check them out but I can't take credit for TOP 50 BLOGS FOR TREKKIES which was created by Radiology Technician Schools. I'm just keeping the page alive which disappeared off the net recently.

Gil said...

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Marcus Thomson said...

Cool blog. Could you make one with the online game with Twitch:

Geek Hut said...

Thank you. Your resource is better than Google.

Zohan said...

This is excellent! I belong to a Fleet on Star Trek Online and we are always looking for information like this. Thx!

Unknown said...

What about this site:
It's dedicated to the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius. It is gaining a lot of steam.

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Unknown said...

Why do Klingons look different in every series

SpacerGuy said...

Thats a great question my unknown trekkie friend. Michael Dorn who played Worf in Star Trek TNG looks different in season two. The reason being his Klingon "forehead" was simply misplaced and had to be replaced so the Klingon mask looks different.

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