Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Trekker Peter is attempting to set a record this week on the 19th May by being the first National Rehabilitation Hospital employee to boldly go where no trekker has gone before..... but why, I hear you cry?

Simply put the NRH is fundraising to raise funds for a new hospital to provide for the needs of the children and adults who need rehabilitation services in Ireland.


Some say Count dracula roamed the wilds of Transylvania. Legend has it, the centuries old vampire took his female guests back to Dracs Castle to wine and dine on them.

.......and later this is what happened to them.

Who knows maybe Peter will run into some of these lovelies as he sets out to raise funds for the NRH. Win or lose hes a winner for competing in this 50 kilometer challenge.


So if you can find it within yourself extend a hand. The National Rehabilitation Hospital needs your support. You can find trekker Peters donation page here.

UPDATE:  With Transylvania's Castle in the Background, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS goes to The 2018  50K WINNER Andrei Tale who set his second title with an amazing race record of 7h51:09 or is it 5h51:09? Anyway facebook has the details here

Hard luck Peter, better luck next time!

Which Star Trek character said the  "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one"

Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Adam Savages Star Trek Captain's Chair

Its the greatest toy ever built and its got two secret buttons with fight music! You know, there are plenty of plans out there and all of them are different in specifications. I am of course referring to Adam Savage's Star Trek Captain Kirk's Chair project.

We're in for a real thrill today--Adam shares his Star Trek Captain's Chair story, which he became obsessed with building from scratch after acquiring a pretty hopeless replica.

The original Captain Kirk's bridge chair is at the EMP Project in seattle. With the help of friend Jeremy Williams, Adam spends a day wiring in the electronics to bring his new NCC 1701 USS Enterprise command chair to life.To get the chair right, fans will appreciate the tricky nature of this build because everything from the interface panels, lights display, rocket switches, five push buttons and Scotties intercom had to match Star Trek's Classic TV show.

After much problem solving and troubleshooting, will their efforts pays off? Well theres only one way to find out. Watch the video.  Enjoy - Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, April 30, 2018


Remember the Commodore 64? 

 Heres Captain Kirk selling computer hardware back in the 80's. You may not have realised but........ Starfleet didn't pay him any money you know. Truth be told judging by his attire, I'd say William Shatner was stuck for a few quid in the 80's. I mean no offense to our hero but just look at how hes dressed, LOL oh well, thanks for the laughs Captain.

 Maybe if I rip the fun out of him enough, William Shatner will comment???

I can think of a few Arthur Daley types I've met in my life... present company excepted. There are those who choose to mix science with religion. This type of fundamentalism is distorted and illogical in my view and heres why. 

Whenever a matter of contention has to be settled, its easier to dismiss a serious issue and get folks to believe.... in a specific type of brainwashing called fundamentalism because there are some LEADERs who say.... thats Gods will. 

Who said: What does God want with a starship?

Yes, my friends believe it or not there are leaders, politicians who confuse religion with science...but not Captain Kirk. A true Scientist will never use God and expect you to accept his belief in order to win a debate.

Theres many types of fundamentalism today. Humanism, Polytheism, Christianity Judaism, the Bible, Quran and even the Star Trek Bible

The important thing here is a fundamentalist wants you to believe in his belief... and if Religion comes in handy "we'll dismiss science and go with that"

So now he wants us to believe.... without any proper investigation, analysis or exploration of the facts.... 

At least we know Captain Kirk is a courageous explorer with a curious mind and honest. The dude has style along with 100's of other sci fi super heroes.

Trust Captain Kirk! Who's your favourite leading actor or actress?

Live Long and Prosper

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