Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Into Darkness Speed Chase

Hello Everyone, Heres the David and Goliath Star Trek Into Darkness space chase. You know the score. Big baddie Vengence spaceship races after Captain Kirk's chicken USS Enterprise ship. So now its battle stations! Chekov's got his cool space shades on and Dr Carol Marcos wants permission to, I quote "come on the bridge..."

Anyway, in this space chase the admiral's dreadnought is frightening fast roaring a little like a retro Godzilla but you be the judge. Poor USS Enterprise hasn't a chance. No time for Uhura's 'hailing frequencies, open captain.' Instead its fire first and prepare to die. (1m 20sec) Secretly we're all getting off on the speed chase and what happens next. Those poor devils!!!

 Did you get a rush when Starfleets finest got sucked out the side of USS Enterprise NCC 1701? Go on now admit it, warrior to warrior. How did you feel?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nichelle Nichols, Stan lee and Denzel Washington

What has Star Trek's most beloved Communications officer Nichelle Nichols and Marvel Studios Comic book Legend Stan Lee got in common with Academy Award winner Denzel Washington?

Answer: They were all born on this day in 1932, 1922 and 1954.

So lets give our heroes a big hand, Happy Birthday!

Celebrate Long and prosper!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Trekker Friend

Seasons Greetings Trekkers,

Its that time again to be merry and full of sherry, so in keeping with the festive spirit of spreading good cheer, its my pleasure to share a Five Year Mission flashback with you.


Heres a snapshot of two excited Star Trek fans taken on August 2nd 2014. The caption reads "Savannah was excited to make a new friend." Its always neat meeting the stars, making friends and spotting trekkers standing to attention at these Star Trek conventions. The expressions and uniforms capture the moments perfectly but which one is Savannah?

 Happy Holidays Trekkers.
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