Saturday, April 22, 2017


S is for Spocks Brain.

The games afoot on an M-class ice world in Star Treks #61 classic third season. Here we have the "Sigma Draconis Star System" where the Morgs live. Apparently, these guys live in awful stone age surface conditions, representing the ultimate specter of terror, for the lovely female Eymorgs - except here's the thing. The Eymorgs live underground and want for nothing except now their "Controller" has died!!! OH NO!!!! Oh My Gawd, imagine the poor dumb lovely Eymorgs living topside with the beastly MORGS!!!! LOL

Artwork: PZNS

So when a mysterious beautiful woman from this technologically advanced society beams aboards Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise NCC 1701, Is anyone able to stop her? No, of course. She supposed to be "mindless" and yet you decide.....I hate to be he one to break the news. LOL Okay I'm 50 years too late but even still. C'mon seriously, stealing  Spocks brain and vanishing leaving the poor dude behind? So now, the USS Enterprise crew are stumped with a real "who done it" mystery to solve.




What parallel similarities do you see in H G Wells Morlachs and Eloi compared to Star Trek's Lee Cromonin Morgs and Eyemorgs?

Who has your vote, H G Wells or Star Trek?

Live Long and Prosper.



Friday, April 21, 2017

Rapturous Read - Shall We Begin?

R is for Rapturous Read,

Hey guys, I've just got back from the hottest Star Trek Outpost in the quadrant, WHOA people, was I hallucinating! It was fun and all, there were space babes coasting the place - in blue uniforms, like everywhere! It's true, I swear! or maybe that's the weed/dehydration talking I don't know...

  Joylene's book's MASK is Ready for Reading! Now assimilate this...... You've resigned from a university professor position only to retreat to an isolated cabin. Your psyche is reeling and BA-ZAM the boogyman turns up!

 His comments make you realize you're singled out for hate crime. However, all is not what it seems? After two bizarre days, the intruder mysteriously disappears but continues to play mind games. Could this stalker quite possibly be linked to a high level of government?

 So what now?

.  Brendell conceals the incident from the police. But is silence enough to keep her safe? When her beloved daughter, ZoĆ«, is threatened the stakes have risen. Brendel takes matters into her own hands because the game is not over...

Retribution, Retreat or seek Reinforcements? 

Maski: Broken But Not Dead
By Joylene Nowell Butler
Psychological Thriller
$4.99 eBook ISBN 9781939844385
An IPPY Silver Medalist!

Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Amazon

What would you do? Call Worf?  

Live Long and Prosper


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Star Trek Outpost Overseer Officer

O is for Star Trek Outpost Overseer Officer. 

"I'm  OVER HERE OFFICER" Please help find me an OASIS fast, I need water!!!"

OMG did you see her? Medical Tricorder readings appear to indicate, I'm Obsessed with illusions in Star Trek blue uniforms - like this knockout. Where did she go? did you see her?


QUESTIONS: Is this scantily clad Star Trek blue Outpost defender for real or a mirage?  How else could she have disappeared so fast into thin air? Could I be hallucinating?


Live Long and Prosper.
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