Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Go On Take The Star Trek/ Sci Fi Quiz!

Heres a Star Trek/Sci Fi Quiz for serious science fiction trekkers out there, with itchy crackerjack fingers. Remember guys always keep your phasers on stun! Awww Heck, Belay that order, set phasers to maximum intensity and make like a denibian slime devil with delusions of Godhood.

Go On Take The Trekker Test!!

1.How many worlds has admiral Jarok visited before he turned defector and fled to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D?

2. In what year was the term Science Fiction invented?

3. Who flung Emperor Palpatine down the star destroyers reactor shaft and why?

4.What is the composition of Commander Data's upper spinal column?

5. In what year was Science Fiction born?

6. What is Worf's last name? (human) Spelling Errors Allowed.

7. What are the 3 laws of Robotics?

8. Who is the meanest Sci-Fi Pirate in the Galactic Universe?

9. In 1912, three science fiction writers went down with the Titanic. What are their names?

10. What is the difference in the measurement between Picard's left and right eyes?

11. How many times does holodeck matter leave the holodeck intact aboard captain Picard's Enterprise?

12. Which sci fi character in Star Trek TNG said "Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man."

13. Lieutentant Reginald Barclay 's IQ grew to what fantastic levels during the Nth Degree?

14. What is the registry of the U.S.S. Victory on stardates 44664.5 to 44668.1?

15. The Rite of Passage in the Klingon Empire is known by what name? What special right does the ceremony allow Klingons exercise?

I hope you had fun guessing! You'll find the answers in November's archive.

Live long and Prosper Trekkers!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starship U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 Creators

Gene Roddenberry is worshipped thoughout the Trek Universe because he's the Star Trek Creator. During Gene's era faithful trekkers beamed in to conventions from all over the universe to see him. Happy trekkers shared the space time continuum with an imaginative, friendly sci fi mind, who assimulated Edgar Rice Burroughs's Mars novels and Science Fiction in the Astounding Stories magazine growing up. Gene was also motivated by Arthur C. Clarke's Profiles of the Future which examines "space drives, warped space, and instantaneous transportation."

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In a letter to Issac Asimov, Gene revealed to his lifelong friend that Star Trek came very near to breaking his health. "Its so much my baby that I couldn't confine myself to ten or twelve hour work days" which led to "me often working through several nights in a row without ever going home to sleep."

Gene's passion made him sacrifice his life for Star Trek. The next time you see Kirk or Worf beating the spuds out of some bad alien guy, think of the poor writer who spent hours composing the sci fi story. It doesn't always follow that just because writers get paid for writing a great submission that all their ideas will be used, indeed sometimes they're rewritten!

On an upbeat note, speaking for trekkers and sci fi fans, we get really excited when watching star trek because its our baby too! Starfleets starships explore the infinite reaches of space on tv every day. Earth is being assimulated with trekkiedom spreading everywhere across earth. The dream became a reality in 1966 and spread throughout the stars with six awesome Trek shows TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, Enterprise and the animated show. Thats over six hundred episodes!!!

Don't forget the ten feature films with star trek XI in the pipeline for early 2009. Heres a Sci-Fi mystery, who's the second star trek creator? or perhaps I should say starship creator? I haven't overlooked the fact that the starship U.S.S. Enterprise was Gene Roddenberry's idea but in order for the show to reach for the stars and the fans, it needed a flash powerful starship. The Enterprise Creator isn't widely publicized but Spacerguy has uncovered that the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 was designed by Walter "Matt" Jeffries. One of earths genuine trekkie talents. Thankyou Mr Jeffries!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Liz Shatners Trekkie Story

The Supreme Trekkie Guy came to earth nearly nine decades ago. Gene Roddenberry embarked on a science fictional odyssey which changed our lives and made millions of people happy. Thankyou Gene. The Star Trek Creator's authorized biography is written by David Alexander. Here's Liz Shatners trekkie story.

It's August 19th and on this day in Sci-Fi History, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was born in El Paso, Texas in 1921. Gene Roddenberry was an aviator and a Los Angeles Police Officer before he developed the idea for star Trek in 1964. The sci-fi series was finally picked up by Desilu Studios when Gene sold the idea as "Wagon Train To The Stars." The original 500,000 dollar pilot received minor support from NBC but the Network commissioned an unprecedented second pilot.

Star Trek TOS series premiered on Sept 8th, 1966 and ran for three seasons before it was cancelled. Eventually Gene would live to see a next generation of Star Trek and six original series films before his untimely death death in October in 1991, just a few days after viewing Star Trek 6, The Undiscovered Country. Gene Roddenberry left his place in Science Fiction History with a legacy that few have been able to achieve.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Science Fiction Words

Star Trek has thrilled earthies with its cosmic treks through time for over 40 years now. So here is my favourite list of sci fi words to bring extra sparkle into your trekker lives.

1. Earthling is an all time favourite by Science Fictional writers as is earthers, carbon based lifeforms, earthies, sapient beings, pan-dimensional beings and little green men.

2. Cybernetics is such a cool word. Dr Noonien Soong was the foremost scientific expert in cybernetics and was also Star Trek's father to the android called Data. The science of computers was given its name - Cybernetics - by Norbert Weiner.

3.Nanites, Cyborgs, Androids, Daleks, Jedi's, Mutants and the Bug Eyed Monster are well known for thrilling fans with their fierceness and pure logical reasoning. Ehm, the Jedi Luke did get a bit emotional occasionally but he was a human afterall.

4. Death ray, Phaser, Disruptor, Disintegrator, Ray gun, heat ray, laser gun. We humanoids do like to shoot each other. Its in our nature to blow up the bad guy's ship!! Yeah!! It is is'nt it?

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5. Exoskeleton. We all know the Terminator starring Arnold Swartzenegger, don't we? He's the charming dude who hunts down humans and then blows them away. Like I said he's a nice guy.

6. Warpspeed! If you've got a starship without warpspeed then you've been had mate. Warp drives distort the shape of the space time continuum. Ask Picard for advice. Don't be a sucker get yourself a proper ship. There are variations on this word like time-warp, warp technological worlds and space-warp etc

7. Mind-meld. Vulcans in the Star Trek universe use mindmelds to communicate and extract information from out of the heads of tormented minds, criminals and yes, law abiding federation citizens too! If you've got something to hide, forget it. Mr Spock's magnetic fingers will suck the information right out of your brain! Zachary Quinto is the new Mr Spock, sniff, see the news.

8. Positronic. Commander Data of the Star Trek Universe has a Positronic Brain. Isaac Asimov first imagined this concept in his first robot stories in 1939 and 1940. The word "Positronic" was coined by this world maestro of science fiction with five hundred books and several hundred articles to his credit.. This word can be used in conjunction with many other words for example positronic supercomputer, positronic robot, positronic brain etc.

9. Space-satans. These guys cause all the havoc in the galaxy. Darth Vader is one of the best space-pirates in the galactic universe. Go vader, Go Vader. Go bust them up!! Just why did he have to take his helmet off? It wrecked his mysterious super coolness!!!

10. Beam-me-up-Scotty! Fun to say if you're messing around with your mates or you happen to be Captain James T. Kirk beaming up to the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Las Vegas Trekkie Fun

UPDATED The biggest sci fi celebration is just moments away from thrilling earthies at the planets coolest hotel set in Las Vegas. Organised by Creation Entertainment, The Star Trek Experience Hilton Hotel had everything for the science fiction fan. The owners spent a cool 50 million bucks in creating this ultimate trekkie magnet and then ripped it all down! GAWD now that was totally sacrilegious!!!

Fans used to hangout in Quark's bar or visit the USS Enterprise-D's bridge. Now it gone, sniff. The hotel had even got a souvineer star trekking store and many other wonderful attractions. There were models of popular trek characters and ships located all around the hotel. The lizard gorn and U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D were my favourites.

The Las Vegas Convention kicks off tomorrow and the programme lasts from 9th to 12th August. Those were the good ol' days. Trekkers beamed in from all over the Galaxy to share in the fun event which included Celebrity guest appearances, parties, food functions, photo ops, autographing, vendors, auctions, contests live music, comedy and a host of other surprises.

It pains me to report the Star Trek Experience is now Gone but it was fun while it lasted.

Its going to be one helluva gathering of cosmic earthies united in galactic friendship!

Live Long and have fun Trekkers!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Spooky Science Fiction Thrills

In 2364 Captain Picard nearly leapt to deadly sci fi oblivion caused by a dicey experiment involving space, time and thought. Picture Captain Jean-Luc Picard gasping for air, as the cold abyss of outerspace squeezed the living life out of his body, much like that horrible aliens creature which Lt. Ripley fed into the maw of space. I leapt up from my seat for joy when that freaky mutant got iced. It was Yesss! Yesss! Yesss! So long sucker.

However, Jean Luc's death would have left Trekkies weeping everywhere. He's our last hope for peace in the Federation. Sniff. The Darth Vaders of the universe would have the place in complete ruins!

I love the Picard doorway just hanging in space, with cosmic starlines whizzing by the terrified captain as he clings to the Enterprise for dear life. I get a thrilling wave of terrific excitement when I watch this. Patrick Steward's acting sci-fi presence clearly demonstrates how spooky and exciting outerspace can be. Great job captain.

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It was really a clueless propulsion expert Lt. Kosinski and his "traveller" buddy with his unpronounceable name, who are responsible for the U.S.S. Enterprise's mysterious journey to galaxy M33. Kosinski's brainless calculations actually had everyone confused for ages! LOL. Except the "BOY" Yes, geeky Wesley. Still the Enterprise ended up 2,700,000 light years from home and guess what? The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D was lost!. Now how could that have happened?

Its not often you get to see Picard weirded out by the laws physics aboard his own starship. The guy's actually afraid!!! You see it on his face. The episode Where No One Has Gone Before is loosely based on Diane Duane's Star Trek novel, The Wounded Sky. Except its with Captain James T. Kirk commanding. Yes, that old spacehound. Kirk has star trekked where no man has gone before!

Live Long and Prosper Star Trekkers!

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