Monday, April 12, 2021

J is for Picard Jam Session - Patrick Stewart

 J is for Picards jam session!!! What Picard singing? actually believe it or not Patrick Stewart

received two (Olivier Award) and others I'm sure having played many Shakespearean roles, King Claudius being one- performing in over 60 productions and Star Trek the next generation.

Question: You know why Captain Picard is such a good rapper?

He follows the rhyme directive. (Alexa) 

and he keeps a straight face at the end.... engage!

Live long and prosper, trekkers.


  1. A talent I knew nothing about. Thank you .

  2. My pleasure EC. I chose J for Jam orJamming which Stewart is to us and the camera crew. He’s used to ‘gigs’ like these having performed on stage.

  3. Funny! Obviously planned.

  4. Yes Alex I think so too

  5. I'm currently reading the Dune books and, while I've started seeing some of the characters as their new movie incarnations, Patrick Stewart will always be my Gurney Halleck. Too bad we never got more of Gurney singing and playing his baliset.

    1. Its all about the characters and the story Katherine and with P. Stewart as Gurney I never knew but I was only 14 then. Time sure flies. Enjoy you read and thanks for high fiving us

  6. I knew he was Shakespearian. I didn't know he was a song and dance man, too.

  7. Now that’s funny and he sang without any musical accompaniment which is tough to do.


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