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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Worf and Jadzia

Terry Farrell is big at Star Trek conventions. Here she is giving a Q&A for the fans at Supercon 2018. She first appeared as Jadzia Dax in a DS9 episode "Dax" accused of murder. Fans know by now "Jadzia" character is two different species. So heres the thing, see....


Theres this large worm lurking within beautiful Jadzia the host. So what is it? Well trekkers, to be blunt Jadzia's 300 year old beastie has a name.....Its called Dax, lol. So lets see now... The Dax symbiont brain entity had previous deep ties with Klingon culture, so when Klingon Worf came along (remember him?) a Klingon wedding on Deep Space 9 kinda happened. Jadzia and Worf were married.

 So who got the better deal? You decide! but we're talking about Jadzia the spacebabe with several doctorates and degrees in exobiology, zoology, astrophysics, and Xenoarchaeology - duh what?) You don't have to understand the how it all happened exactly...... just let Jadzia - do all the talking and Worf can consider himself one lucky Klingon.

He must have been trilled, Jadzia was, wouldn't you agree?  tell me what you think.

Live long and Prosper


Wednesday, April 05, 2017


D is for Dax . Everyone knows Jadzia Dax  from DS9. Actress Terry Farrell is a smash hit at Star Trek conventions and still looks great. Take a good look because Terry is everywhere. Jadzia regularly starred in Deep Space Nine as a Starfleet Science Officer . Her backstory is she worked very hard and underwent Symbiosis by joining with Curzon "Dax" who died but transferred his memories. How I hear you cry, well lets just say it involved a creature, lol.

 Jadzia is a brilliant scientist and serving as a "host" for "Dax" is the greatest honour a Trill can give.

What would you say to Terry Farrell at a Star Trek convention?

Live Long and Prosper.


Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Today we have a Star Trek fan taking the reigns at Star Trek Sci Fi Blog! Welcome aboard Adam Joseph from the USS Sports Machine. Adam writes articles and publishes sports stories and now Adams words in science fiction will be energizing our thoughts. Take it away trekker :)

Star Trek is a cult classic that has turned from what once was a small show into a lifestyle for many sci-fi fans. In the 80s and 90s, Star Trek was once again broadcast into the homes of millions with the installment of episodes titled The Next Generation. The series boldly explored "where no-one has gone before" aboard the newly commissioned USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Only years after the massive success of Star Trek Next Generation, producers decided to create another series, Deep Space Nine. This series was set upon a space station so as to not conflict with The Next Generation's 176 starship adventures.

Deep Space Nine was vastly underrated by many in the 90s but became much more popular as the years went on. Critics now praise the show for in-depth character building and brilliant stories.  This has created a deep fanbase that has continued on until our modern day. With many new novels coming out every year, there is a very strong group of individuals in the Star Trek community who are looking to learn more about this space station. This makes a reboot seem very feasible and likely for Deep Space 9.

Will Deep Space 9 get a reboot or possibly hit the big screen someday?


Monday, September 12, 2016


Over the weekend audiences greeted Hollywood trek stars with a deafening roar at Star Trek's New York Convention. William Shatner took Q&A reported by Trekcore and was given a standing ovation. Hes still star trekking at 85 years of age! Is that great!!!

Star Trek's 50th anniversary is this year and Walter Koenig (TOS CHEKOV) whole heartedly thanked fans across the land as did Marina Sirtis. (TNG Counselor Troi) She ever so gently reminded us that TNG's 30th Anniversary will be in 2017. Now I think if Marina spoke in her Star Trek "Counselor Troi"  voice from the first season of TNG she'd be onto a definite WINNER! I know I'd love to hear that Betazoid beauty again!!!

A photo posted by Star Trek: Mission New York (@startrekmissions) on

(Remember Captain Picard rescued Deanna Troi from the "skin of evil" ARMUS was bad news!!!!! ) TOS, TNG, VOYAGER, DS9 and ENTERPRISE Cast members all beamed over for StarTrekNY Convention. It was really just one big cosmic party.


Star Treks Mission in New York all told lasted 3 days and had an amazing fan turnout partly in thanks to CBS Consumer Products and Reedpop. Here are some of the cool toys. Its interesting because these guys took on the Stars Wars Celebration and the Pax Conventions. If you're a huge Sci Fi fan you'll know all about those and Star Trek Toys.

A video posted by Star Trek: Mission New York (@startrekmissions) on

Saturday, April 09, 2016


H is for Hunter chasing the Hunted. In 2369 Chief Engineer Miles O' Brien (Colm Meaney) befriends an intelligent lifeform being pursued through the wormhole. Star Trek DS9 Captive Pursuit shows a hunted alien, Tosk (Scott Thomson) on the run from his masters, the Hunters. Its a game of sport to them you see. Its fun watching the fox trying to outwit the bad guys in this story.

" I am Tosk says the hunted alien, I live to outwit the hunters for another day, to survive until I die with honor."

 In order to help Tosk, O'Brien must decide if this alien is worth going against Commander Sisko's orders. The message is clear. The United Federation of Planets principles are in direct conflict with the Hunters culture. Tosk was bred and raised for the sole purpose to be hunted. I can just imagine Captain Jean Luc Picard (TNG) giving us a speech on the first duty of every Starfleet officer......

What would you do, help or let Tosk take his chances?

Hunt long or Prosper, Trekkers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lenara Kahn Deep Space Nine

L is for Lenara's Logical Love but who is she? Lenara Kahn became totally acquainted with Jadzia Dax when she "Rejoined" with her former host aboard Star Trek's Deep Space Nine. These two beauties made out! Believe it, LOL.

The reunion made a very distinct impression. While controversial theres a perfectly logical reason why this happened. Want to know more? Of course you do. Star Trek Fans love Terry Farrell at Star Conventions whose "Trill" beauty spots are a great topic for conversation. How many do you think there are?
Lenara and Dax Kiss!
The real real dark horse is Susanna Thompson who plays the trill Dr Lenara Kahn. Born on the 27th January 1958, Susanna is a women for all seasons playing four characters in the Star Trek's universe. Most Notably the Borg Queen in Star Trek Voyager’s “Unimatrix Zero," Part I and II starring also in Voyagers “Dark Frontier."

Thompson plays “Lenara Kahn” in DS9: “Rejoined”, the inmate “Jaya” in The Next Generation’s episode “Frame of Mind” and the Romulan “Varel” in “The Next Phase” (TNG).

" was nice that Avery (Brooks directed) brought us in to meet each other. And I feel like I'm a pretty comfortable person and she certainly was, and Avery wanted us to have that contact. She was great to work with. I just loved it."
Avery Brooks Directing

All erotic Trill gossiping aside, Lenara was a dedicated scientist and her communications experiments on the wormhole would eventually become a great asset to the Federation's defenses during the Dominion War. This is one DS9 episode, trekkers you won't want to miss.

Susanna Thompson and Terry Farrell went all out on making "Rejoined" exciting and wild.

How many spots does Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax have? Are you a fan of Deep Space Nine? 

Trill Long and Prosper, trekkers.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Gul Dukat

D is for Dukat but who is he? In 2351, Gul Dukat played by Marc Alaimo rose to the position as Prefect of Bajor under Cardassian rule on Star Trek DS9. This guy ruled the Bajorian people with an iron fist while believing he was actually helping them.

Terok Nor later renamed Deep Space Nine was Dukat's base of operations where he chose to subjugate the Bajorian people at all costs. Offenders engaged in criminal activity were always declared guilty and sentenced to death in advance of a public show trial. To no end, Dukat personally instigated a counter uprising program to quell rebellious behaviour by instilling fear in his subjects. In an bizare twist though, he appoints the changeling Odo to investigate the murder of the stations chemist with surprising results.

In his quest for ultimate power Dukat has been many things, soldier, freedom fighter, despot, Prefect of Bajor, outcast, pawn, father and even ruler of the Cardassian homeworld but lost that status when he suffered a mental breakdown. One thing remains constant, Dukat is a supreme warlord fighting battles with Federations, Klingons and Bajorians to name a few. I have to admit DS9 is the darkest Star Trek show which ran for seven glorious seasons. When DS9's Jadzia Dax played by the wonderful Terry Farell departs the station, I realised Dukat is someone you don't want to meet in a dark lane way.

 Which Star Trek DS9 character is your favorite?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

D is for Dax

D is for Dax but who is she? Dax is the mysterious Star Trek symbiont who joins with the lovely Deep-space Nine Jadzia, who's a Starfleet lieutenant. Theres no easy way to explain this so I'll blurt it out. We're discussing two separate species here. One is a beautiful 28 year old female humaniod with a series of intricate, freckle-like markings from her temples to her shoulders and the other is a large fat slimey worm aka as Dax the warrior.

The good news is the creature shares with the "Trill" (which is really a humanoid shell), a wealth of life experiences and knowledge. The bad news is "Dax" the symbiote is over 300 years old and has made a number of Klingon friends. When Kang, Koloth and Kor come looking for their ol' pal Curzon-Dax, (previous host and creature) they simply couldn't believe their eyes. I guess you might say Jadzia is the ideal fix for a new life in the "witness protection program." Apparently Jadzia studied all her life to become a brilliant scientist and have a slug stuck inside her. Its the greatest honor a trill can give.

Trill long and Prosper, trekinators.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Netflix Star Trek Streaming

Excited about the wonderful universe of Star Trek episodes streaming into your life? Took the plunge and signed up for Netflix? Its been a couple of months now since a deal was struck between CBS and Netflix making Netflix the first online service to deliver Star Trek without commercials.

I wonder whatever happened to the needs of the many and all that jazz? Oh well. Hopeful, European trekkers probably wouldn't have minded some 'advertisements.' The current CBS/Netflix deal is exclusive to the USA only which means lots of saddened trekkies are missing out on the fun.

The good news is Netflix have CBS trek licencing for only two years with options for another 2 so who knows? Fans can watch Star Trek episodes on line with their Netflix ready TV, XBox360, 3d, PS3, Wii,  mobile phones or tablets which is neat.

Netflix have confirmed they will be streaming every episode of every season for all five live-action Star Trek series: the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Curiously the only show not included in the CBS deal is the 70's Star Trek The Animated Series. I guess some things weren't meant to be for now...

UPDATE:  Netflix just got the green light to air ST TAS! GAME ON Trekinators!

Star Trek TNG will be the first to hit Netflix with direct digital streaming taking the web by storm leaving ITunes in the dust. Its awesome seeing Star Trek TNG as a popular trek series yet again!!! 25 years after its original debut aired in 1987!!! LOL.

                                                        MAKE IT SO!

Which Star Trek show do you want to see in direct digital streaming? signed for Netflix? Do European trekkies or Canadian trekinators have just cause for concern?

Make you voice count, Make your Favorite Star Trek Show a digital/blu ray reality! Kapla!

Trekfix and Prosper, trekinators!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Q is for Quark but who is he? In Star Trek DS9 Armin Shimerman appears as the greedy Ferengi who runs the bar and gambling casino on the station's promenade. His love for gold pressed latinum constantly gets him into scrapes with the law.

Fortunately our silver tongued friend has no scruples about telling yarns to save his own neck. In Star Trek TNG he played the Ferengi who spoke the most lines in 'The Last Outpost.'

Shimmerman is an old hand at science fiction having starred in Beauty and the Beast and Alien Nation previously. Armin initially had some misgivings about the extensive makeup required but a chat with Michael Dorn soon helped the actor come to grips with being stuck in a chair for hours. Shimmerman is definitely one of the more expressive Star Trek actors on Deep Space Nine but this fact is often missed because his face is always hidden behind a mask of gew.

Quark also runs 'holosuites' where any fantasy of your dreams can be played out for the right price. Every good Ferengi follows the Ferengi Code with religious devotion from an early age.

Years ago I snook in an extra rule into the Ferengi Code, can you spot which one isn't the real McCoy?

What fantasies would you like to play out in Quark's holosuite?

Monday, April 04, 2011

USS Defiant NX 74205

Defiant class starshipImage via Wikipedia
Starfleet's first true warship is the USS Defiant NX-74205 launched in 2366. What makes this tough little ship so special is it ablative armour capable of deflecting Borg firepower. The defiant class is incorporated with a state of the art multi targeting array, capable of reacting rapidly with modulating phaser frequencies designed to cut through even the toughest enemy shields. It was developed and built at the Mars Utopia Planitia Fleetyards under the watchful eyes of Commander Benjamin Sisco.

Sisco's Defiant was originally intended to fight the Borg thick skins with its multiple torpedo launchers. Earlier prototypes had a more conventional design, with the warp nacelles on out riggers. However this design is later abandoned in favor of a more compact disc shape which encases the nacelles. Work on the Defiant is halted after the Borg threat is averted in 2367.

In 2371 Starfleets finest engineers resume construction amid fears Dominion forces are invading Federation space. The prototype USS Defiant is far from ready to enter service, but because of the serious nature of the threat, she is assigned to Deep Space Nine where the engineering staff finalize Commander Sisco's design. Development of its quantum torpedo proves so effective in deepspace combat that it becomes standard issue and replaces all photon torpedoes in Starfleet vessels.

In direct violation of the treaty of Algeron, the Defiant is loaned a Romulan cloaking device which doesn't always work well with its ablative armour technology. In fact when in stealth mode or "Blue Alert" the crew has to avoid using the "high tech stuff" which generates emissions easily detected by enemy sensors.

This stealthy, highpowered craft enters production and plays a pivotal role in the Dominion war. In 2375, four years later we see the destruction of our heroic little fighter in the Chin'toka system when Commander Sisco engages the Breen. Dominion forces close in on the crippled Defiant by employing a sneaky dampening weapon which drains and overloads critical systems. Sadly for Sisco its the end of another starship under his command. So its game over!. All hands to the escape pods, abandon ship. Just look at her blow. I think I'll have a little cry now.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Worf's Bumpyhead Secret

During my research, I have discovered why Klingons of an earlier era, stardate 3198.4 had the exact same facial features as Humans and why they displayed Human tendancies. I hope Worf is'nt growling, if he ever gets to read this. I'll have to start at the beginning.

In "Trial and Tribble-ations" (DS9) the crew of the Defiant, Sisco, Worf, O'Brien, Odo, Dr Bashir, and Dax head back in time to apprehend Arim Darvin and prevent him from altering time. A device called an Orbe enabled them to timetravel.

Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures
Trials and Tribble-ations

With a mix of Star Trek TOS and DS9 actors in this episode, the crew of the Enterprise and the cloaked Defiant crew, clearly enjoyed themselves in the filming with our cooing, furry, fuzzball, fluffy friends aboard the old deep space station K7 with neighbourly Klingons stopping by for Eractagino.

Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures
Trials and Tribble-ations
Memory Alpha

Aboard the K7 spacestation in the lounge section of the bar a conversation starts off between Dr Bashir, Worf, Chief O' Brien and Odo. Everyone is seated and the bar waitress heads over.

"What'll it be boys and don't ask for Eractagino, if I..."
Suddenly Odo's interest is sparked.
Who ordered the Eractagino? the Security Chief waits in anticipation.
" The Klingons " answers the waitress.
Odo is confused. " Klingons?"
" Over there and over there" the smile vanishes from her face.
" Those are Klingons?" enquires Dr Bashir, equally dumbfounded.
The waitress figures that either shes being toyed with or these guys are drunk. She gathers up the glasses and says
" All right boys, you've had enough" and leaves.
" Mr Worf?" prompts Odo, hoping Worf will shed light on the Klingon situation.
" They are Klingons and it is a long story" explains Worf.
"What happened, some kind of genetic engineering?" suggests O' Brien.
" A viral mutation" hints Dr Bashir.
Worfs anxiety takes over and he has no intension of explaining.
" We do not discuss it with outsiders"

In 2154 Klingon scientists accidently created a Klingon Augment Virus. A test subject had the Levodian flu and was combined with enhanced augment DNA. Eventually the mutant virus escaped causing a global epidemic on the Klingon Homeworld that threatened to obliterate the klingons during the 22nd century. The ultimate goal was of course to engineer enhanced warriors using genetically altered DNA obtained from Earth's Eugenic Wars.

Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures
Trials and Tribble-ations

During this time Klingons were fearful, humans would create augments and overthrow their empire which is why Klingons decided to create some of their own. Scientists recovered DNA and began experimenting with test subject augments. The experiments were a disaster. Augmented Klingon demonstrated enhanced strength and intelligence but they were also afflicted with human characteristics.

Their suffering included the dissolving of their cranial forehead ridges and human personality traits. Numerous Klingons d--d agonizing d--ths from incompatible DNA resulting in neural breakdown. What started as a controlled experiment with promising results was actually a complete failure. A cure for the neural breakdown was desperately needed. Further tests were conducted on a new Klingon subject who unwittingly had the Levodian flu. This experiment created an awful epidemic (Augment Virus) that spread fast on the Klingon Homeworld.

Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures
Trials and Tribble-ations

Dr Phlox from the first "Enterprise" found a cure but it meant human looking de-evolved Klingons would'nt be fully restored to their proper appearance, while cured of the virus they still looked like humans! How humiliating for them. Klingons for generations bore this discrace for over a century before scientists discovered a method of full restoration.

In Trial and Tribble-ations stardate 4523.3 Worf is forced to admit that the human looking Klingons without cranial ridges are in fact Klingons. Their human characteristics are painfully evident. Even the Klingon villian insulting Scotty's Enterprise NCC 1701 and captain Kirk was behaving in a fashion very unbecoming to klingons, whom we know to be highly honourable and tradition bound.

Klingon Virus

Poor Worf. He must have been cringing from within his own skin. To have to explain all of this and the failed genetic engineering experiments, the global epidemic on the Klingon Homeworld, Generations of human looking klingons, the tragic d--ths and dissolving cranial ridges, this would have been too embarrassing to explain to outsiders.

It also portrayed the Klingons in a " human weakling" fashion which is a description reserved for true humans (read my post on Commander Kruge is a Dynamic, Powerthirsty, Merciless, Klingon Warrior)

Copyright belongs to
Paramount Pictures
Trials and Tribble-ations

Soon after the conversation with Worf, a Klingon renegade fires insults at Scotty, laughing at him in his face and slagging off Kirk and the Enterprise. Chief Engineer Scott restrained himself quite well considering, which is why he asked him nicely to rephrase.

Meanwhile the crew of the Defiant are seated accross the Lounge watching all of this unravel. Odo is horrified. Bar fighting scenes run amok with flying chairs and people landing all over the place. Not hard to guess who threw the first punch? I have in essence discovered and revealed Worfs hidden Homeworld past. Your big bumpy head secret is out. Sorry, Worf but it had to happen someday!

Live Long and Prosper!

Monday, September 11, 2006

40 Years of Celebration

Going boldly where no man had gone before, Gene Roddenberry's cult tv show, Star Trek TOS, debuted in September 1966 and reflected an era of optimistic space travel which people love. Star Trek TOS has thrilled us with 79 cosmic adventures. Set in the 23rd century, the classic series has regaled us with the intergalactic voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 on her five-year mission exploring the outer regions of federation space and beyond. Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise has encountered strange new alien life forms on its journeys with Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Tribbles and Khan Noonian Singh introducing himself in Space Seed.

The Enterprise crew made history on tv when they paved the way as front runners in multiculturalism: Most Trek fans remember Asian Helm Officer, Hikaru Sulu played by George Takei who made Captain of the Excelsior by Star Trek VI in The Undiscovered Country stardate 9521.6. Sulu can pilot anything although sometimes he goofs up by forgetting to disengage the USS Enterprise parking brake! He is good friends with Chekov and has a keen interest in old guns and fencing. The beautiful, technically minded, Communications Officer is African-American Nyota Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols who sits beside Mr Spock and Captain Kirk. She rises to the rank of commander in the Star Trek movies. Uhura is a role model for women across the globe. For over 40 years, she has succeeded to prove to audiences worldwide that women are as capable as men in their jobs. Uhura means "freedom" in Swahii. She is a talented singer, dancer, musician and loves tribbles. Uhura's best friends are Scotty, Chekov and Sulu. She is by no means a pushover and can be tough with men and women.

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Everybody knows the legendary Chief Engineer Scotsman, Montgomery Scott played by James Doohan. His nickname is "Scotty." The Master Engineer's abilities have saved the USS Enterprise on countless occasions because the guy uses his wits to chill the captain out and never loses his cool when the ship is about to blow up with only moments to spare. Scotty seems to have the uncanny ability to retrieve energy from the ships jaded engines just when the captain needs warp drive to turn tail and run from the baddies. Scottys favourite drink is Scotch Whiskey and he likes to read technical manuals to exercise his brain. Science Officer, Spock played by Leonard Nimoy is arguably the real star of the show and is still loved by the fans worldwide. He plays the Vulcan lyre and is renowned for his inspirational use of logic, green blood, pointy ears, vulcan mindmelds and sneaky neck pinch.

I love Spock and McCoys arguments because they're so entertaining. Lets not forget the emotionally unstable Chief Medical Officer, Leonard "Bones" McCoy played by DeForest Kelley who is the ships doctor and Spocks friendly adversary. He is also Kirks good friend. Bones is essentially a cynic with a good heart who keeps Kirk and Spock on the straight and narrow path when their egoes take off. He hates transporters and can't stand it when Spock logically ignores his flawed feeling friends, so he constantly reminds him that hes half human. I'm a doctor not a moonshuttle conductor!

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Lastly we come to our heroic space warrior, Captain James T. Kirk played by William Shatner. Kirk likes to fire phasers first and ask questions later. He is promoted to admiral when Star Trek the motion picture hits the cinemas stardate 7412.6 but is subsequently demoted to captain by the Voyage Home on stardate 8390. Why you ask? Because Kirk and the Enterprise crew rescued Mr Spock from that burning fire ball of a Genesis planet. Lets face it William Shatners acting is exaggerated but its widely accepted, his special talent combined with the compadres gave the series much of its charm.

Kirk's best friends are Spock and McCoy and his son David was conceived with Carol Marcus. David was slain on the orders of Lord Kruge in Star Trek III, The Search for Spock on stardate 8210.3 Captain Kirk is motivated by challenge and is extremely proficient in hand to hand combat. Star Trek TOS spawned such a following that it continues to sell Starfleet uniforms, DVDs, Trek Merchandise and toys, with Books, Tricorders, Communicators, and convention bookings making warpspeed record sales to this very day. Captain James T. Kirk has broken the prime directive on several occasions with General Order One but the guy has a great excuse. Get the USS Enterprise to safety and end oppression in the galaxy which makes him a Starfleet hero.

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Twenty years later after Gene Roddenberry's classic STAR TREK The Original Series, star trek fans witnessed a new beginning with Star Trek THE NEXT GENERATION. Its interstellar adventures established Captain Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart, firmly in the driving seat. His brand new Starfleet crew took to their stations aboard the Galaxy class USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D.

This phenomenally successful spin off created by Roddenberry began airing in 1987 and ran for seven seasons until 1994. Although Mr Roddenberry was actively involved in the shows early production, he soon stepped back to a more supervisory role leaving day to day operations in the hands of Executive Producer, Rick Berman. The TNG Enterprise crew has a Klingon called Worf played by Michael Dorn. He is the first Klingon Warrior to serve the Federation and takes over as Chief of Security after Tasha Yars death.

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In 1991 it was decided by Paramount executives to estabish a show that would not run with a starship roaming the galaxy. Alot of speculation ran wild about the premise at the time. Some suggested using the Klingon Empire and I remember being excited about this prospect. Sadly makeup costs ruled this totally off the drawing board. Sulu's starship idea was shelved too. In the end Rick Berman and Michael decided to set the new series on a starbase and it was called Deep Space Nine. Gene Roddenberry died on 26th October, 1991. His death was a shock for us all. Genes vision of Star Trek lives on but Deep Space Nine is undoubtedly the darkest and grittest of all the Star Trek series. The starbase has a diverse culture and staff who don't always agree with each other.

I like how the show is plagued with conflict driven characters who visit the space station and threaten federation life in the "wild west frontier" which makes for interesting story arcs and interplay between the characters. Deep Space Nine orbits Bajor, a wartorn non federation world and as luck would have it, Starfleets interest peeks up when a stable wormhole is discovered nearby. A number of people travel through the starbase when the wormhole enables lucrative trade and exploration routes to be set up with the builders of the station, the Cardassians, soon regretting their decision to abandon it. When Worf joins the show in "the way of the warrior" and the threat of an evil empire looms in the distance with the Dominion on the other side of the wormhole, the Klingons breakout the bat'leths and end their alliance with the Federation of planets. What follows is the most spectacular space battle ever seen in Star Trek history......including the movies. Eat your hearts out trek fans.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek's very first female captain has thrilled us too. In Voyager's quest for survival, Janeway has more than once put her ship and her crew in danger. The Captain was the perfect Ahabe in the "Year of Hell" sacrificing half her crew and ship in a kamikaze bid against the Krenim Temporal Timeship. Star Trek Voyager was launched in 2371 and is the fourth spin-off for the Star Trek franchise. The USS Voyager NCC-74656 is propelled into the Delta Quadrant by a powerful force that kills half her crew. Captain Janeway is forced to make a pact with outlaws.

Voyagers crew unites with a group of Maquis rebels to increase the odds of returning home from the far-flung Delta Quadrant. Tensions increase when Starfleet Security Officer Tuvok, disappears aboard a vessel commandeered by a band of renegade Federation officers. The U.S.S. Voyager, under the guidance of Captain Kathryn Janeway is dispatched to find him. During hot pursuit, both ships are mysteriously transported to the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light years away. Now the only hope of getting back to Earth is an unlikely collaboration between the two crews.

" This is one year I'd like to forget" A firm haggard Janeway, states rather gloomily.

We've watched transporter accidents, Orion Slave Women, Vidiian raiders who snatch body parts and leave you to take your chances, kidnappings, superior emergency medical holograms, alien race encounters, time travel, war-like Kazon, beserk computers, females that drain the life out of humans in order to propagate their species,(lovely lot they were!) red alert-all hands man your battle stations! technology thieves/criminals from the past and the future, attempting and obtaining technology for their own ill gotten gains.

"History records that Picard destroyed the Tox Uthat" replied one of two mournful, weird shiney, Vorgon criminals from the future. The Tox Uthat was a quantum phase inhibitor with the ability to halt all nuclear reaction within a star.

Lets not forget Q, the omnipotent entity and Captain Picards nemesis, who troubles the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D with his strange sense of humor and jokes, often causing them harm in the process. Q appears in many TNG episodes Voyager and DS9 episodes. He has a vague passing regard in humans stating openly, he is a Klingon at heart gifted with an I.Q. of 2005. Q is a constant thorn in Picard's side who appears out of no-where from the Q continuum. Captain Picard used to get so worked up about it which made for very entertaining watching.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

"What'd you want Q" demands a Picard rudely.
" State your business and get on with it!"

John De Lancie shared a moment he had with Gene Roddenberry, (Creator of Star Trek) that I watched on dvd. Gene approached John and heaped praise on the actor.

"You know, you make my lines sound so much better than they read from script" said G. R. but as I've got to know Gene from afar at the conventions and watching Star Trek dvds, you can count on one thing. Gene spoke softly in his kind fatherly gentle voice.

So John De Lancie answered -
-Well I'm glad so who are you?

" I'm Gene Roddenberry."

"So you must be the writer" replied John innocently.

John asked someone later,
" Well, who is Gene Roddenberry?"

-He's the creator of Star Trek.-

You Goofed up John! Big Style, but we forgive you!

Star Trek has reached such heights that during the reign of U.S. President Gerald Ford, Trekkies of the time sent a flood of letters in. The official line was that the shuttle was going to be named after the world war II carrier Enterprise anyway, but it was really the Star Trek Fans determination that made it so.

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures

Gene Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek. Gene campaigned for Star Trek, he mixed with the fans, writers, he attended conventions and made speeches, in sept 1966 he aired Star Trek TOS pilot "where no man" at the Sci-fi convention in Cleveland.

It was his hope to gain publicity and gauge whether people liked it. Isaac Asimov was there and has always been a supporter of the show. The audience loved the pilot and gave a standing ovation. Star Trek made its debut on Thursday, Sept., 8th 1966 at 8.30pm. Gene made a lot of people happy and he got a standing ovation from the fans.

"Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs that there is a tomorrow. It's not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb. The human race is improving, we have things to be proud of as humans. No astronauts, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids, human beings did, because we are clever and work hard and Star Trek is about those things" -Gene Roddenberry.

Gene Roddenberry saved Star Trek, while NBC were getting ready to cancel it during the first season. He did this by rallying well known sci-fi writers. Harlan Ellison (sci-fi writer) spearheaded the first letter writing campaign sending out 5000 letters using Genes established committee.

The committee of sci-fi notables included Ellison, Robert Bloch, Theodore Sturgeon, Poul Anderson, Lester Del Rey and Philip Jose Farmer. In the second season Star trek was facing the axe again. Gene, armed with his letterhead of names from the previous campaign, hired Bjo and John Trimble. (Well known science fiction fans!)

It was their job to put together a campaign, using the writing committee, to convince sci-fi fans to write letters to NBC and Paramount. When the Studio and the Network received 75000 letters pleading that Star Trek continue, it knocked them for six and hit the news of the time. NBC executives were buried in a mountain of mail, I wish I could have seen their faces.

Despite unimpressive Nielsens ratings, which were later proved unreliable, the Original Series lasted for three seasons. Nielsen's Network loser "Star Trek" was still being watched by millions of people every week, years later and 40 years later finding new life in re-runs and syndication television. Star Trek's stories and characters has reached mass cultures across the world with its vision of a hopeful future where people belong and live in peace.

"It's the Human condition to improve and to improve" - Gene Roddenberry.
Thanks to Genes and Majel's hard work, the committee, the Science Fiction writers, The Fans, Film Crew, Production Staff, The Actors, Paramount/Viacom/CBS and everyone who works on the lot. Star Trek wouldn't be what it is today.

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