Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols is famous for playing Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura on the starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Today our Star of Freedom celebrates her 81st birthday. Doesn't she look awesome! Broadcast throughout the galaxy on our tv's, our beloved Communications Officer always kept the Enterprise's hailing frequencies open, alerting the bridgecrew keeping them safe from danger. Correctly establishing incoming and outgoing communications was so crucial for making first contact with alien worlds. Remember how Uhura distracted Sulu in Mirror, Mirror?

So deep within the hearts and minds of Star Trek fans,

Happy Birthday Nichelle

Monday, December 23, 2013

Star Trek's Classic Redshirts

In keeping with the seasons festive spirits, why don't we celebrate Star Trek's itchy trigger finger 'Red Shirts' with a burst of nostalgia. Many of us already know, the curse of the Redshirt began with Captain Kirk's five year mission enforcing peace in the galaxy, firing phasers first and asking questions later. Fans know that the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 has standing orders to investigate all interstellar phenomena wherever they may be which is totally cool.

 Kirk's starship has afterall an endless supply of 'marines' to serve and protect which is really neat. When things get dicey, Kirk calls in the 'Red Shirts' to scope out mystery alien planets etc just in case. Which usually pays off big time until you add the fatalities up.: At the start of Star Trek TOS, the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 had a Starfleet family of 430 men and women.

 Remember Rayborne? Poor fellow was assigned as a security guard to protect Kirk's Enterprise. While on a landing detail to Exo III, Raybourne is left at the entrance of a cavern while Captain Kirk and Nurse Chapel are led by Dr Brown to meet Dr Roger Korby. All is never what it seems in star trek. The music steps up a few beats and a strange creature steps out from within Exo's shadows. Unfortunately Raybourne meets Ruk, an ancient, advanced 'old one' left over from a byegone era. Android Ruk does his job only too well and protects!

So you see of the 430 Enterprise crew, 59 Starfleets died during the call of duty. Among our fallen heroes 6 were goldshirts. 5 were blueshirts and 4 were from Scotty's engineering dept (RED) but get this, 43 died defending their ship because they were 'REDSHIRTS.' To put it in Dr Mc Coys lingo, 'Hes dead Jim.'

To roll in with some cosmic festive fun heres a list of Redshirts that fell honorably during Enterprise duty . Can you tell which ones survived Captain Kirk's reign of exploration and LIVED? Who escapes a court martial but is later killed by a Ceti Alpha V creature?

1. Lieutenant Compton - 'Wink of an Eye' Ageing/Cellular damage.
2. Lieutenant Desalle - 'Arena', 'The Squire of Gothos', 'This side of Paradise', 'Catspaw'.
3. Lieutenant Galloway - 'Miri', 'A Taste of Armageddon', 'The City on the Edge of Forever', 'The Omega Glory'. Phaser blast
4. Ensign Garrovich - 'Obsession'.
5. Lieutenant Commander Giotto - 'Devil in the Dark'.
6. Ensign Harper - 'The Ultimate Computer'. Vaporized
7. Lieutenant Grant - 'Friday's Child'. Speared
8. Lieutenant Kaplan - 'The Apple'. Lightening
9. Lieutenant Kyle - 'Tomorrow is Yesterday'.
10. Yeoman Landon - 'The Apple'.

11. Lieutenant Mallory - 'The Apple'. Explosive Rocks.
12. Crewman Marple - ' The Apple'. Clubbed.
13. Lieutenant Marla McGivers - 'Space Seed'. Madness.
14. Crewman Montgomery - 'The Doomsday Machine'.
15. Ann Mulhall - ' Return to Eden'.
16. Lieutenant O' Herlihy - 'Arena'. Phasered.
17.  Lieutenant Osborne - 'A Taste of Aramegeddon'. Disintegration Chamber, Stay of Execution
18.  Lieutenant Palmer - 'The Doomsday machine, The Way to Eden'.
19. Crewman Raybourne - ' What Are Little Girls made of?' Thrown off a ledge.
20. Ensign Rizzo - Obsession'. Salt Vampire.

Holiday Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Star Trek TNG Outrageous Okona

O is for the Outrageous Okona but who is he? In Star Trek TNG of "the outrageous okona" the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D encounters an unidentified vessel on the viewscreen. Worf eyes glint as he zeroes in on the spaceships co-ordinates at sector 3, 9, 5, 6, mark 0, 9, 1. Datas sensors scan for lifesigns and locate one humanoid on an interplanetary cargo ship. All is not what it seems. Data's readout confirms a burnout in the inertial guidance system explaining the little spacecrafts erratic flightpath and unconfirmed final destination.

Worf establishes hailing frequencies and Captain Picard allows the pilot, Thadiun Okona to beam aboard with the malfunctioning part. Data's estimates repairs will take seven hours and sixteen minutes. So far so good. After friendly banter between Okona and Picard, Okona and Worf, tough guy Okona hands over all his weapons including a long heavy knife. Its interesting to note nearly every TNG character, including Data (struggle with humor) gets serviced in this episode which isn't an easy feat for any writer.

 Meanwhile below decks, Okona is finally foot loose and fancy free, fraternizing with several Enterprise females. Remember Teri Hatcher from Lois and Clark and Desperate Housewives? Well as Okona's luck played out in 2365, he got real friendly with a B.G. Robinson in the Enterprise Transporter Room, if you know what I mean. Believe me, its the same dame. Isn't she sweet?

At the time Hatcher starred as the transporter chief in her only (uncredited) Star Trek appearance, who freely submits to Okona's chatup lines. I can't believe the words "You have the majestic carriage and loveliness that could surely be traced back to the noble families who once ruled romantic lands with benevolent and tender hands." actually worked! Robinson was eating out of Okona's hand. In the end she's dishing out her room number!

When two alien ships track Okona's flightpath co-ordinates, things get interesting for the Enterprise bridgecrew. Who stole the the Jewel of Thesia and impregnated Altec's daughter, Yanar? Picard needs answers fast!

Enjoy you Star Trekking Trekkers and Trekkies.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Arleebird Cheersfest

Hi Trekkers, Ive written a poetic flash fiction, hosted by Mark "Madman" Koopmans and Alex "Clone Me A" Cavanaugh Morgan "the Borg" Shamy, Stephen "Wormhole" Tremp and "Dont Mess with the King."celebrating the 'Major of awesome levity" creator of A to Z! The guy that looks like a Don in his cool shades, Arleebird. I drew my inspiration from a sci-fi superhero, so have fun reading.

Arleebird, Arleebird,
Seeker of friendly ubernerds ,
 Master juggler of piping words,
 Tossing readers super curves,
 Look out! Here comes Arleebird.

 Is he a trekkie? listen spirit,
 Hes got super solarian wit.
 Does he have a drinking song?
 I guess you'll have to join in and sing along.
 (Hey earthie, there goes Arlee Khan.)

 On an odyssey of stellar challenges,
 Exploring humanity with comedy,
 Our comrades primed for blogtime,
 Toasting brown jackets with Arlee shine, (wine)
  (Hang on, I race you to Arlee's goal line!)

 Arleebird, Arleebird, Friendly sailor Arleebird,
 English Major with precise levity,
 Seeker and speaker for geek entities.
 clever coot who knows cube roots,
 He always gobbles the kiwi fruit.
 Loves to write and recite.

 Originator of A to Z,
 Plucked the apple from the tree,
 Transgressed blogfests and requests,
Winning showdowns in the good ol' American West.
  Arleebird, Arleemania,
 Maybe Arlee's a super alien!

 Fest and Prosper, Trekkers.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Museum of Science Fiction

A new "Museum of Science Fiction" is kicking off in Washington D.C. In their online preview, the MSF appeals to fans from all over the great galactic divide with their fascinating website. Do you get that special pang when you turn on the tv and Star Trek or Star Wars flashes in front of you? Well then trekologist, you're in for a treat.

Science Fiction stories unlike tales of horror - frequently entice fans to explore strange, new worlds in distant galaxies spreading peace, scientific progress and technology. Sci-fi's epicness encourages us to eat, breathe and evolve into fully fledged time travellers. As per Starfleet's Standing Orders, its my job to investigate such anomalistic phenomena and report.

The obvious question here to ask is "Will D.C's Museum of Science Fiction catch on?"

I think its cool Science Fiction continues to grow and infect humans throughout time. We're all living proof of that. Why do we reach for other planets, develop new technologies and want to meet aliens? At the MSF thoughts take on physical shape revealing the "fun" aspect of why we want to do these things. Its only logical to believe fans will want to trek out and see the fun exhibits with historical artefacts, including: full size space vehicles, robots, voice activated space probes and of course cool aliens.

The MSF Executive Director, Greg Viggiano explained "Our approach begins with a web-based blueprint—an online museum. You're visiting it now. This blueprint allows you to see our progress, make suggestions, and share your ideas."

Its a dream thats spreading throughout the stars and will make its debut at a full scale facility within 24 to 36 months. Right now money raised will kickstart the project into life. The museums Crowdfunding campaign is attempting to raise $160,000 in 38 days.

Meanwhile, The preview museum will house a number of Star Trek filming props from renowned collector Adam Schneider. A cool podcast is available with Adam giving a talk on the restoration of Star Trek's Shuttlecraft Galileo!

Gary Cannavo has offered to loan the MSF Preview Museum the actual filming miniatures used in the 1970s production of the Battlestar Galactica motion picture and television series. Plenty of artifacts and display objects from film, literature, and art, along with prototype analog and digital interactive exhibits are in the pipeline.

Image Credit: Howard and Jane Frank Collection.

So how about it? Are you ready to book your interplanetary MSF flight? Whats your instinctive science fictional reaction?

Whats the name of the spaceship in the top three photos? Where was the last one taken?

Live Long and Prosper Terrestrian Time Traveller!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies?

This week I found Seaturtles video with a cool slideshow of 100 sci fi movie "classics" originating from 1927 to 2009. Many of these 100 Science Fiction movies have robots, cyborgs and alien entities sparking our sense of wonder by taking us to the edge of the universe. Fantasy epics and Space Operas like Avatar and Star Wars are well known. So sit back and enjoy the sci fi slideshow.

In general, science fiction films feature great story plot elements, striking artwork and epic character interplay from a scientific viewpoint rather than a supernatural one. "Ancient astronauts museum" sums these classics up very nicely... Wrath of Khan is battling it out at number 70 along with four other Star Trek movies. Star Wars (1977) is sitting pretty at no 5. A couple of black and whites like Metropolis and H G Wells' "Things To Come" are featured but why Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind made no 57 is a mystery.

How does your geek feel about the sequencing of these classic sci fi movies? Watching the video is certainly a good way of testing your sci-fi movie knowledge in a showdown with some friends. So let the battle of wits begin.

Which science fiction movies are your favorites?

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
2. Blade Runner (1982)
3. Forbidden Planet (1956)
4. Gattaca (1997)
5. Star Wars (1977)
6. Twelve Monkeys (1995)
7. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
8. The Day the earth Stood Still (1951)
9. Dr Strangelove (1964)
10. King Kong (1933)
11. Back to the Future (1985)
12. Frankenstein (1931)
13. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
14. Back to the Future II (1989)
15. A Clockwork Orange (1971)
16. Alien (1979)
17. Minority Report (2002)
18. Brazil (1985)
19. Metropolis (1927)
20. Aliens (1986)
21. The Terminator (1984)
22. E.T. (1982)
23. Sleeper (1973)
24. Solaris (1972)
25. Moon (2009)
26. Things to Come (1936)
27. The Thing from Another World (1951)
28. Planet of the Apes (1968)
29. Destination Moon (1950)
30. The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)
31. Bill and Teds' Excellent Adventure (1989)
32. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
33. The Fifth Element (1997)
34. Invasion of the Body snatchers (1956)
35. Dark City (1998)
36. Return of the Jedi (1983)
37. Barbarella (1968)
39. Deep Impact (1998)
40. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
41. Wall-e (2008)
42. Them! (1954)
43. AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001)
44. Avatar (2009)
45. Existenz (1999)
46. Star Trek: The Voyage Home (1986)
47. Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)
48. Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
49. Donnie Darko (2001)
50. The Invisible Man (1933)
51. The Matrix (1999)
52. Tron (1982)
53. District 9 (2009)
54. Akira (1988)
55. Westworld (1973)
56. This Island Earth (1955)
57. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (2004)
58. Children of Men (2006)
59. Star Trek (2009)
60. Jurassic Park (1993)
61. The Fly (1958)
62. I, Robot (2004)
63. Back to the Future III (1990)
64. The War of the Worlds (1953)
65. The Truman Show (1998)
66. Serenity (2005)
67. Galaxy Quest (1999)
68. The Quiet Earth (1985)
69. The Abyss (1989)
70. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
71. Total Recall (1990)
72. Starship Troopers (1997)
73. Godzilla (1954)
74. Young Frankenstein (1974)
75. 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984)
76. Men In Black (1997)
77. Soylent Green (1973)
78. Enemy Mine 1985)
79. Logans' Run 1976)
80. The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
81. Mars Attacks (1996)
82. Independence Day (1996)
83. Robocop (1987)
84. Fahrenheit 451 (1967)
85. King Kong (2005)
86. Short Circuit (1986)
87. It came from Outer Space (1953)
88. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
89. Mad Max (1979)
90. A Boy and his Dog (1975)
91. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
92. Silent Running (1971)
93. Dark Star (1974)
94. When Worlds Collide (1951)
95. The Time Machine (1960)
96. Alphaville (1965)
97. Mad Max II (1984)
98. Starman (1984)
99. Invaders from Mars (1953)
100. Adromeda Strain (1971)
Enjoy your Trekking Trekkers, Terminators and Movie Addicts!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Worf says: Women Roar, Men Duck.

Sorry guys for missing the 'I Miss You Blogfest.' I was warping across the galaxy when my Shuttlecraft reactor engines blew out, 90 light years away cut off from Ninja Command!!!

Heres a little Sci Fi clip with Data and Worf to to make you laugh.

By sheer cosmic chance I was rescued by fun loving Risian spacebabes, who took me in and freely shared their planet with me. It soon emerged that natives were actively pursuing Jamaharon and I was their prey!

So in over my head, I had to tell them about my passion for Star Trek. To be sure Risas' a Nice Planet! The sophisticated weather patterns are so relaxing. During my pleasure experience, I was duly presented with a Horga'hn. Now you do know what a Horga'hn is? Believe me, I was thinking about Earths' happy sphere of bloggers the whole time.

Whats Quarks secret? Trekkers? Trekkies?

Friday, November 08, 2013

Star Trek The Galileo Seven

In  Star Treks classic 14th episode, "the Galileo Seven" is dispatched by Captain Kirk to investigate a mysterious quasar like formation. "An opportunity for scientific investigation" emerges but all is not what it seems. Mr Spock, Lieutenant Commander Scott, Dr. McCoy, Lieutenants Latimer, Gaetano, and Boma, and Yeoman Mears gear up for the special mission. So far, so good.

But when the "Class F" Galileo gets pulled into the heart of the spatial disturbance, treks melodramatic drums start beating, doom, doom, doom, doom, hehe. Yes these sound effects are hilariously goofy by modern standards but you got to love these quirky sounds. These "clues" reveal when a situation is getting critical and whats going down.


Boma confirms radiation from the spatial formation is "extremely disruptive" and time for Galileo crew is running out. This is Mr Spocks first shuttle command. Subspace communication, sensor scanners and transporters are neutralized by the spatial disturbance cutting the Galileo off from the Enterprise. Its not looking good.

Eventually Muraski's ion storm forces the Galileo to crash land on Tarus II. Ion cloud radiation is also hampering Captain Kirks search and rescue operation. To make matters worse, Galactic High Commissioner Ferris is spouting rules and regulations thwarting the Captain. Uhura confirms the Galileo is pulled off course. Its a catch 22 scenario when the shuttlecraft Columbus returns empty handed.

So now the Galileo crew are on their own with depleted fuel reserves, on a planet inhabited by Giant furry aliens. Heroically, two junior crew members die defending the ship. In true logical vulcanian fashion, Spocks analytical appraisal of the furry aliens weaponry nearly sends the Enterprise's Astrophysicist Lieutenant Boma diving off at the deep end.

SPOCK: "A bit more crude about the shaft, I believe. Not very efficient"
         BOMA: Not very efficient? Is that all you have to say?

         SPOCK: Am I in error, Mister Boma?
BOMA: You? Error? Impossible.  

Perhaps Boma is being disrespectful and insubordinate to Mr Spock? Remember this is war on a hostile alien planet. The vulcans strategic logic apparently gives the Galileo crew the edge they need for survival. Except the human "unpredictable element" towards Latimers death runs high. Star Trek's Galileo Seven is so undeniably fun with such an evocative storyline. Dr McCoys emotional outburst aboard the Galileo is totally epic, lol.

"Now look, We may all die here! At least let us die like men not machines!

So when the Giant Furry Aliens come back to bash the Galileo to bits, the crew understandably begin to panic. Red Alert! Spock has an emotional epiphany! Pure vulcan logic failed to frighten the scary giants? Impossible! But you've got to wonder. Whats the point of having phasers with amazing stun settings? I bet pointy ears kicked himself for not listening to Gaetano. The poor dude actually predicted Spocks would get him killed!

Top trek tip. Don't argue with command or you'll get the redshirt treatment, hehe. Spock abandons Gaetano on guard duty, alone and ready to be murdered. Re-energizing the Galileo's fuel reserves with phasers to escape the gravity of the planet is what really counts.

Good ol' Scotty saves everyones bacon or was it Mr Spock's shuttlecraft distress flare?
Which do you think is the coolest? Who really saved the Galileo crew?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Star Trek TNG The Perfect Mate

Three years before Bond girl Xenia Onatopp, Famke Janssen guest starred in Star Trek The Next Generation, The Perfect Mate. You may recal she played the beautiful Kriosian Empath, Kamala who makes a rather lasting impression as a cracking "empathic metamorph." Kamala senses her mates desires which is what makes her so alluring. Can Captain Picard like resist her charms? You decide.

"Nothing, Nothing lies beneath. I'm really quite dull. I fall asleep each night with an old book in my hands."
"When a metamorph finds you interesting, do not take it lightly."
"Oh, I'm not taking it lightly, I'm just trying... to be as dull as possible."

The story goes Kamala has been prepared since birth to bond with Alrik, the ruthless ruler of Valt Minor. The hope is her "bonding" will bring peace between two wartorn worlds. Its such a shame really because Kamala has such a beautiful spirit and personality. Famke Janssen is so convincing and expressive in her role as Kamala. As an empath she could sense what any dude wanted and become exactly that. So after the Ferengi incident in the cargo bay interupting her cryosleep and knocking the ancient Kriosian Ambassador senseless, Picard has to step in and spend a lot of time with Kamala. Lucky devil!

You might well ask how Captain Picard resisted Kamala's advances! Curiously Janssens spotty character makeup inspired the look of Jadzia Dax in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Famke was actually offered the role but turned it down to concentrate on her movie career instead. She appeared in a variety of films including sexy villainess Xenia Onatopp and three turns in the X-men franchise once again opposite Patrick Stewart.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Quinto vs Nimoy "The Challenge"

I'm a sucker for these commercials. Star Trek's two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, battle it out for lunch. What makes this Youtube "Challenge" so awesome has got to be Balok's Cruiser sitting proudly on the shelf right beside Spock Primes chess pieces, right?

Go Bilbo!

Remember Star Trek's classic Corbomite Maneuver, when First Officer Spock comments on the game of chess?

"when one player is outmatched the game is over." except Captain Kirk has other ideas.

"Not Chess, Mr Spock. Poker! Do you know the game?" 

I love how "The Challenge" is hailing Star Trek for ol' times sake despite the Star Wars musical beat but hey, we're all friends here aren't we?

"I have been, and always shall be, your friend!" is totally epic with Nimoy's giving us his classic vulcan salute. What a trooper, even Quintos cracking up.

So who do you think is the smarter, greatest little vulcan of them all?

Live Long and Prosper, Hobbits.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Charlie X TOS

Charlie X is a first season classic Star Trek episode written by Gene Roddenberry and DC Fontana. The USS Enterprise 1701's rendezvous with the USS Antares coincides with a rather unusual human being. In this 8th episode epic, the young castaway Charlie Evans beams aboard Kirk's ship secretly manifesting psychokinetic powers. Charlie is the only survivor of a spaceship crash which marooned him on a hostile alien planet for 14 years! Imagine. Now 17, the boy is clearly taken with the beautiful Yeoman Janice Rand with unexplained strange scenarios unfolding in his vicinity. Tellingly the USS Antares Captain and Navigator make for a hasty departure, refusing even Kirk's friendly offer of saurian brandy!! Something is definitely afoot!

On the Enterprise Bridge Spock analysis of the Charlie X scenario reveals little results with McCoy as usual poking holes in the vulcans logical reasoning.

SPOCK: Doctor, didn't the boy make any reference at all to Thasians?
KIRK: Do you believe the legend, Mister Spock, that Thasians still exist on that planet in some form?
SPOCK: Charlie's very existence proves in fact there must be some intelligent form of life on Thasus. He could not possibly have survived alone. The ship's food concentrates would have been exhausted in a year or so. 
MCCOY: By which time he would have been eating fruits, vegetables.
SPOCK: Probes of Thasus indicate very little edible plant life.
MCCOY: And probes have been known to be wrong, Spock.
MCCOY: Doctor, are you speaking scientifically or emotionally?

Yeah, thats Spock for you getting McCoy back in the end! LOL. Meanwhile in the recreation room Uhura is singing "Oh, On the Starship Enterprise" to a rapt audience. Quick to react the boy silences Uhura's lovely voice in an attempt to gain Rand's attention with his card tricks. No-one cops on it was Charlie! In other emotional outbursts he injures crewmen or makes them vanish at will. The dudes a real charmer. Later when the USS Antares hails the Enterprise, the poor devils try to warn the Kirk's crew about Charlie, when unexpectedly debris is found drifting in space. Spocks analysis reveals it is USS Antares.

Kirk eventually realises he can't risk delivering Charlie to Alpha Five, fearing Charlie Evan's relatives will be next for the high jump. Finally at long last the Enterprise receives a message from an alien Thasian ship. Its the good guys to the rescue! LOL.The Thasians gave Charlie extraordinary mental powers so he could survive alone, but fear he cannot live safely with humans. Now its pay back time! Charlie's pleas fall on deaf ears. Omnipitent Thasians take Charlie back to live with their own kind. So ask yourself trekker. Would you invite Charlie X to live in your basement?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkie and Trekker.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Verdict

Star Trek XII is now the highest earner of Star Trek's franchise with takings of $328 million in 18 days! J.J. Abrams has done it again! Rotten Tomato critics have given Star Trek Into Darkness the thumbs up with 87 points. Apparently trek's sequel isn't as fresh as the prequel yet it is visually spectacular. The verdict?

 I reckon a worldwide $330M boxoffice hit speaks for itself. This time round we get a "rock solid" sequel filmed with 3D action sequences. James Cameron, Avatar's Creator was onboard during Badrobots 3D conversion process giving the film that special alternate reality dimension to fill seats.  Since the relaunch of Abram's Star Trek we've got an action packed origin story with a younger crew rebooting history. (Don't worry we won't peek, hehe.)

When Londons Section 31 building blows up, Starfleets covert operations is no longer secret. I guess Earth needs more undercover guys. In any case John Harrison (who is the genetically augmented superhuman) is really Khan hellbent on revenge. So he devises a masterplan to flush out Starfleet's top brass for some target shooting practise.

Amazingly the Admiralties battle strategists assemble in a war room full of glass windows. Perfect for an aerial ambush with Khan's gunship waiting in the wings, right outside! Kirks the only one whose combat instincts tell him to do something, fast! Remember Ripley yelling at Gorman in Aliens 2, "DO SOMETHING! F**K!!!" I think Star Trek Into Darkness needed an indecisive character with frailities like Gormans but I digress.

"You're just a PAWN Kirk, you cannot even guarantee the safety of your own crew!"

Khan is like a predator playing with his prey. Treks dark villain knew exactly how and where to take his enemies out. He simply wants payback because Starfleet's good guys broke their word! The plot thickens when Admiral Marcus pops up which leads us to the epic manhunt and another mystery. The 72 long range prototype torpedoes with Botany Bay's frozen souls trapped inside. We have to remember, Khan isn't just the bad guy, hes on a mission.

For ages the "John Harrison" mystery led us off course about the baddies true identity. Did you enjoy being kept in the dark, guessing? When Admiral Marcus revealed the existence of a Top Secret Undercover Agent, hes obviously trying to cover his tracks. Starfleet isn't supposed to be a cloak and dagger operation. The Admiral is hiding something because hes dirty but does Kirk realise this?.

How do you rate our space crusaders this time?
What did you make of Pikes final curtain call?
Did you enjoy Dr Carol Marcus striptease with Uhura's heavy breather gawping on standby?
Did Cumberbatches Khanspeak freeze you to your seat?  "No ship should go down without her captain."

Live Long and Prosper.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Tickets and Free Download

Star Trek Into Darkness knocked Iron Man 3 off the Top Slot at the UK Box Office after numbers of £8.4 million pounds on its opening weekend, recently.

The good news is Paramount's new 3D Star Trek sequel (directed by J.J. Abrams) has overtaken previous "reboot movie" ticket records, which earned a sweet £6 million sterling on its debut weekend in 2009.

That was then. Today Star Trek Into Darkness is boldly beaming worldwide. See it tomorrow! We've been waiting for a new TREK movie for 4 monumental, sensational years. Into Darkness has finally arrived! I reckon we deserve to be blown out of our seats for our just rewards. Are you ready and all set for a trektastic time? How many of our movie predictions will come true?

90 stunt people is a great indication of what direction Star Trek Into Darkness is headed with special effects and relationships evolving in this action adventure space trek. An interesting question put by lonevision recently was: Will the new movies fortunes put an end to Star Trek "TV SHOWS" for good?

What do you think? Have you got your "Starfleet" T-shirt all nice and pressed for the movie? XD, Go on do tell us if you have!

Free Download Copy:

Fandango has a new special offer featuring a free download copy of JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek Movie (via iTunes) for fans who purchase their tickets of Star Trek Into Darkness. You can find more details on this offer at

Thrill Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Benedict Cumberbatch ... Khan

Chris Pine ... James T. Kirk

Alice Eve ... Carol

Zachary Quinto ... Spock

Zoe Saldana ... Uhura

Karl Urban ... Bones

Simon Pegg ... Scotty

Leonard Nimoy ... Spock Prime

Anton Yelchin ... Pavel Chekov

John Cho ... Hikaru Sulu

Bruce Greenwood ... Christopher Pike

Peter Weller ... Admiral Marcus

Nolan North

Tom Archdeacon ... Ensign Spyke

Jon Lee Brody ... Enterprise Crew Security

Noel Clarke ... Thomas Harewood

Christopher Doohan ... Transport Officer

Nick Tarabay

Nazneen Contractor ... Rima Harewood

Heather Langenkamp ... Moto

Katie Cockrell ... Girl

Hiram A. Murray ... Bar Patron

Kellie Cockrell ... Girl

Joseph Gatt

Gary-7 ... The Nibirian Elder

Aisha Hinds ... Navigation Officer Darwin

Gianna Simone ... U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew
Jacqueline King ... U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew

Beau Billingslea ... Captain Abbott

Ser'Darius Blain ... Soldier

Anjini Taneja Azhar ... Lucille Harewood

Brendan Norman ... Enterprise Crew Engineer

Jonathan Dixon ... Weapons Officer Neville

Omid Zader ... Meter maid

Teebone Mitchell ... Starfleet HQ Staff #1

Thomas W. Stewart ... Enterprise Crew Engineer

Brent McGee ... Enterprise Crew Engineer
Ningning Deng ... U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew

David C. Waite ... Star Fleet Command

Mark Alexander Herz ... Enterprise Security #1

Mike Kalinowski ... Starfleet Officer

Preston Queen ... Bar Patron 3 (rumored)

Andy Demetrio ... Obs.Deck Crew #6

Peet Montzingo ... Bar Patron 2

John Tomkins

Paul K. Daniel ... Shuttle Pilot

Andrew Maiorano ... Starfleet HQ Staff #3
James Tran ... Obs. Deck Crew #10
Dave Kim ... Starfleet Enlisted Soldier
Chloe Act ... Nikicha Tomser (uncredited)

Alexandra Aristy ... Starfleet HQ Staff #2 (uncredited)

Melissa Baldridge ... Deck Crew (uncredited)
Paris Benjamin ... Enterprise Crew Engineer (uncredited)
Leni Ford ... Cosmoe (uncredited)

Ryan T. Husk ... Starfleet Officer (uncredited)

Britanni Johnson ... NYU Nurse (uncredited)

Elly Kaye ... Star Fleet Officer (uncredited)

Hina Khan ... Cadet (uncredited)

Ariel D. King ... Starfleet Civilian (uncredited)
Kasia Kowalczyk ... Grasia Alien (uncredited)
Bryan Lee ... Starfleet Cadet (uncredited)

Westley Nguyen ... Civilian (uncredited)

Kyle Valle ... Starfleet Civilian (uncredited)

Felicity Wren ... Starfleet Officer (uncredited)
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John Ashker .... stunts
Brian Avery .... stunt double: Simon Pegg
Maryellen Aviano .... stunts
Krista Bell .... stunts
Marco Bianco .... key stunt rigger
Marco Bianco .... utility stunts
Chris Brewster .... stunt double: Anton Yelchin
Chris Brewster .... stunt performer
Richard Cetrone .... stunt performer
Ilram Choi .... stunt performer
Brian Christensen .... stunts
Doug Coleman .... stunt performer
Eugene Collier .... stunt double: Beau Billingslea
Tim Connolly .... stunt double: Karl Urban
George Cottle .... stunt performer
Brycen Counts .... stunt performer
Sam Creed .... stunts
Jahnel Curfman .... stunts
Max Daniels .... stunt performer
Eddie Davenport .... stunt performer
Mark De Alessandro .... stunts
Martin De Boer .... stunt double: Benedict Cumberbatch
Steve DeCastro .... stunt performer
Cory DeMeyers .... stunts
Kevin Derr .... stunts
Thomas Dewier .... stunts
Shauna Duggins .... stunts
Wade Eastwood .... stunts
Katie Eischen .... utility stunts
Roberto C Escobar .... stunt performer
Marie Fink .... stunt double
Mark Ginther .... stunt rigger
Ryan Gray .... utility stunts
Trevor Habberstad .... stunt double: Chris Pine
Jessica Harbeck .... stunts
Zedric Harris .... stunt performer
Nick Hermz .... stunts
Brett A. Jones .... utility stunts
Antal Kalik .... stunt performer
Zero Kazama .... stunts
Matthew S. Kennedy .... stunt performer
Bobby C. King .... stunt performer
Henry Kingi Jr. .... stunts
Hiro Koda .... stunts
Dave Lane .... stunt rigger
Malosi Leonard .... stunts
Bethany Levy .... stunt double: Zoe Saldana
Cheryl Lewis .... stunts
Kurt D. Lott .... stunts
Curtis Lyons .... stunt performer
Brian Machleit .... stunt performer
Tara Macken .... stunts
Mike Massa .... lead stunt double: Chris Pine
Tom McComas .... stunts
Cassandra McCormick .... stunt double: Alice Eve
Cassandra McCormick .... stunts
Rene Mousseux .... stunt performer
Caryn Mower .... stunts
Mike Mukatis .... stunts
Eric Norris .... stunt performer
Lin Oeding .... stunt performer
Salomon Passariello .... stunt performer
Eddie Perez .... stunt performer
J.J. Perry .... stunts
Peewee Piemonte .... utility stunts
Denney Pierce .... stunts
Mark Rayner .... stunts
Rex Reddick .... stunts
Kevin Reid .... stunt double: Benedict Cumberbatch
Simon Rhee .... stunts
Larry Rippenkroeger .... stunts
Jimmy N. Roberts .... stunt performer
Tracey Ruggiero .... stunt performer
Todd Schneider .... stunts
Courtney Schwartz .... stunts
Ray Siegle .... stunt man
Monty L. Simons .... stunts
Brian Simpson .... utility stunts
Caine Sinclair .... stunts
Paul Sklar .... stunt double: Peter Weller
Daniel Stevens .... stunt double: Spock
John Stoneham Jr. .... stunt coordinator
Aaron Toney .... stunts
Frank Torres .... stunt rigger
Steve Upton .... stunt rigger
Cord Walker .... utility stunts
April Weeden .... stunts (as April Weeden-Washington)
Nico Woulard .... stunts
Marcus Young .... fight coordinator
Omid Zader .... stunt performer

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A to Z Challenge Reflections

Heres my Challenge Reflections for April's Time Travelling Festivities before signing up. I've got my badge from Captain Ninjas site to complete my journey.

The window for posting A to Z Reflections closes on Friday. Spacerguy salutes everyone who took part in the A to Z April challenge hosted by the big guns. The Ninja clones really kept the show on the road.

This is my third (time travelling) experience through the blogosphere. My primary mission objective was to seek out strange, wonderful blogs and befriend new lifeforms."To boldly go where no-one has gone before!" For me its exciting stepping out and exploring the unknown galactic expanse of the blogosphere. You never know whats waiting for you out there second blog to the right, *grin.* I found lots of cool places bursting with imagination and clever writing and visuals. Great job bloggers!

I was happy so many enjoyed my little corner of the universe too. I wrote about Star Trek the whole time and its been an agonising challenge stopping myself from spilling the beans on J.J. Abram's movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. I'll be posting an "Into Darkness Portal" (WITH SPOILERS) soon to tease you. Are we all set for lift off  "Into Darkness" when the countdown ends?" If your from Austraila or UK: Is STID better than 2009's version, what are your thoughts?  Kapla.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zats all Folks!

Zats all Folks! Its Zee end of April's A to Z Blog challenge. Its been fun which is why we do it again and again. Heres to the Galaxy's Greatest Ninjas who beamed over, so lets rejoice. Thank you Alex and Arlee and Jeremy. He the coolest cat in zombie land.

We are the Ninja Trekinators Forever.....


Monday, April 29, 2013

Star Trek's USS Yorktown

Six Starfleet spaceships have borne the name Enterprise. Each has been more advanced than the last but what happened to the first iconic starship? Did you know that the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 was originally known by another name? The USS Yorktown was that name given to Star Trek's first spaceship before the ship was re-christened, USS Enterprise 1701. Thank Galactic Space! In 1964, Star Treks first ever, test pilot was presented to NBC TV Network bosses who wanted an exciting action packed "space western."

Its fun watching Star Trek's classic episode of "the Cage" today with the camera sweeping across the "Enterprise" bridge officers on duty. Unfortunately their commander, Captain Christopher Pike looks a little lost with the robotic reactions of the bridge crew so not helping. The crew fall short on action and excitement led by their self doubting commander who's a rather humble soul for the big wheel on the Federation's Flagship USS Enterprise. Tellingly, the vulcan Spock smiles on Talos IV however NBC executives were not "Fascinated" at all.

Question: Who was the first captain of the starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701 and the USS Yorktown?

In the original "script" before filming began, Gene Roddenberry named the USS Yorktown after a World War II aircraft carrier. The commander in charge was starship Captain Robert April who never made it onto TV. Next up for the big chair was Christopher Pike before Roddenberry makes James T. Kirk Star Treks big gun.

I reckon Pike made space history in 2261 in what becomes known as the "Talos Incident." The seductive charms of Vina as the bewitching green orion girl, fail to brainwash Captain Pike who had bigger fish to fry. He resists Talosians mind control and bungles his chances to mate with Vina played by Susan Oliver. Oh well, the burdens of command.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Star Trek Xbox

Star Treks Xbox 360 game is available now. The game is fast paced with a movie-like experience, however gamers will notice bugs requiring further updates. Do the pro's outweigh the con's? Its time to decide: Is your game chosen for its fun storyline, action adventure, characters, and placement in the Star Trek universe or are sci-fi technological thrills what turn you on?

Heres a rundown of Star Trek Xbox 360 Criteria to consider.

* Gameplay is designed for 16 year olds and over.
* The facial expressions are a little flat.
* Gamer reaction is mixed.

* The companion AI can be rather "dumb" at times.

* Star Trek Xbox game got a GORN, explosions, third person shooter experience and sweet spaceships!
* You get to be Kirk and give orders from the bridge of the Enterprise.
* Varied gameplay experiences with skydives and spacedives.
* Gamers can use a Tricorder to investigate, Phasers in shoot-outs with the Gorn and Spock's vulcan neck pinch technique.
* Splitscreen gameplay experience for singleplayer play-throughs.
* Gameplay is fast-paced and movie-like, heavily influenced Star Trek.
* Voice-acting and music is superb using real actors and actresses from previous Star Trek film.
* The graphics/design of the environments looks futuristic.
* The storyline is a fun and a light-hearted action adventure.

The spirit of Star Trek adventure is also very much alive in the gameplay of Star Trek The Video Game. Whether you're gliding through chasms or jumping precariously through zero G.

Which trekkie ingredient makes a truly uber gaming experience for you?

What fun part of the game do you like most?

                                                    (Click to Enlarge)

Who says: You know, if we weren't trying to save the whole universe, this might actually be fun! Game long and Prosper, trekkies and trekkers.

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