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Monday, November 16, 2020

Why Star Trek canon is cooler than Star Wars and Doctor Who.

 Hey Trekkers Spacerguy here. Remember our Borg buddies in 2373 Star Trek First Contact? History records Jean Luc Picard's USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E racing after the Borg Queens time travelling sphere to protect the timeline in the Alpha Quadrant. Pesky Borgs wanted to assimilate earth in the past 2063 so Picard had to act fast.  

USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E

The Borg Attack and Launch their Time-Sphere

Picard pursues the Time Sphere into the Vortex to stop the damage!

The Borg Queen realized after Wolf 359 war with Federation and Worf's tough little ship spelt game over! 40 ships whooped the automatons real good didn't they? lol However a number of drones including the Borg Queen played by Alice Krige didn't give up, remember the Borg don't feel pity, they don't negotiate and will never surrender. 

I am the Borg Queen. You Will Obey Me!

Resist and You WILL be Assimilated! 

 The pure magnificence of the Borg's stratagem took us on a joyride because by the time Picard blew the sphere to bits the fun was just beginning. So how did our Borg buddies escape through a temporal vortex and turn earths happy ball of beings into cyborgs? 

STAR TREK, Star Wars or Doctor Who -
decide now Trekkers and Trekkies 

I am Jean Luc Picard how can this be happening to me?

The USS Enterprise-E crew soon discover Earth assimilation in a past timeline has occurred. Is it too late? Eradicating this point in time is critical! but Picards sovereign class starship is right where the Queens big plan takes shape. Heck even Data joins in the fun and why not eh? When more reinforcements from the Delta Quadrant arrives construction of the Interplexing Beacon hails more Borg buddies from the Delta quadrant, at least thats the idea!

Captain, I believe I am feeling... anxiety. It is an intriguing sensation

Borg drone passion for network transwarp conduits and technology took over "Captain Ahab's" ship in the 24th century. Lets face it, Picard wanted revenge,  I mean how would you feel about being experimented with cybernetic devices throughout your body and then we have the ultimate showdown between Picard and and Worf on the Enterprise-E bridge.

WORF: With all due respect, sir, ...I believe you are allowing your personal experience with the Borg to influence your judgement. PICARD: You're afraid. You want to destroy the ship and run away. You coward. WORF: If you were any other man I would kill you where you stand.

Long story short trekkers, The Queen hadn't counted on Dr Zefram Cochrane revolutionary space travel with the invention of the warp drive or Mr Worf blowing the Enterprise-E beacon to smithereens! 

Is Resistance always futile?  Worf stopped himself from killing Picard. Why?

What did Picard say to Mr Worf on the bridge of the Enterprise-E which enraged the Klingon?

1. You're a coward now get off my bridge.

2. Your afraid, you want to destroy the ship and run away, you coward

3. Fight hand to hand but go down with the ship Mr Worf, thats an order!


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

A Fan Celebrating the Borg's 30th

 Jeri Ryan is always on the track aka Seven of Nine celebrating the latest Borg vibes with us. She appears at a couple of Star Trek conventions each year and her birthday is Feb 22, 19--..... and here she is with her husband Christophe. Well it would've been rude for me to just blurt out her age! In 2016 July 23rd, she joined William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn at a jam packed San Diego Comic-Con panel celebrating Trek's 50th Anniversary..

"The Borg are badass, but I think also its about them being a villain we can learn a little something from."

 In 2014 she reprised her role as Seven of Nine for Star Trek Online's Delta Rising game. So here's a new interview with quotes directly from Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One herself thanks to our friends at Star Trek magazine...


 "The fans are amazing, and conventions are an easy way to stay in touch with them" Ryan stated enthusiastically. "It makes people happy. I get it. If I met somebody that I'm a fan of, I fall to pieces and I'm a mess and have no cool at all. So I get how exciting it is for somebody to talk to you and smile at you and see you like you're a human, because a lot of people don't.

 Thats not cool and thats always disappointing for me when I meet an actor who doesn't appreciate and respect the fans, because none of us would be anywhere without the fans. They're the only reason any of us are employed be writer, actor, producer, studio head any of us. They're such a passionate, a loyal, dedicated bunch of fans.

 "I've also met some of the Discovery actors and they're all lovely, very sweet," Ryan says "Its makes me excited to be part of the franchise. They tend to be excited to be part of the Trek family and we are happy to have them in it. I think they're all great additions."

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Serial number: SP 937-215 
USS Stargazer (NCC-2893), (2333–2355)
 USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D, (2364–2371)
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E, (2372–)

Here is a list of Starfleets spaceships captained by JEAN LUC PICARD. Impressive isn't it? To boldly engage worthy opponents of the Federation's like Preator Shinzon, Ardra, Q the Omnipotent, Nausicaans and the Borg Queen took strength of will and determination which we've all experienced in Star Trek TNG....well now the most noted captain in space exploration and interstellar diplomacy...... I'm lost for words my friends,  Picard's back... 


 Word is we're definitely witnessing the return of our Star Trek hero, friend, diplomat and protector to guide us once again through the stars after 18 years of wilderness... Star Trek nemesis, well lets be honest was pure bewilderment and Data's death? lets not even go there!!! what a disaster. Fans say Picard is great for talking his way out of trouble but do you consider him an action-man? Remember Star Trek First Contact? Despite all his diplomacy, tough talk, and we come in peace, Picard proved he had what it takes to blaze off rifle rounds and make Borg pay....

 Amazon beat Netflix to stream CBS' new Picard series in more than 200 countries and territories. The show is currently filming to stream later this year which began in April in Los Angeles, so how will Patrick Stewart reprise his role? Little is known except for speculation. Is Patrick Stewart returning as an academy instructor? admiral, captain or civilian? Its no secret Patrick Stewart has the Midas touch so for some amazing reason, Stewarts got the gift to make it so with us - the fans.

Starfleet has the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E so whats next? Who gets the captains chair? Johnathan Frakes gets the directors chair with SirPatStew as executive producer. Recent Star Trek Picard leaked photos give us Picard in civilian clothes with an Ensign asking his name.

What do you think? Speak now to be heard and become immortalized for all trek time, lol.


Even the name sounds cool, Star Trek Picard - so much is right about it. The USS Enterprise represents true hope, vast technology, and service to humankind. According to Alex Kurtzman, we should not expect a reboot of Star Trek TNG but rather expect a more psychological show about a man in his twilight years, the hero we need right now. 

What are you hoping for when you switch on Star Trek Picard?

Live Long and my Trekker Friends, Picard is back!

Monday, April 04, 2016


B is for Borg Queen but who is she? "I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg." The Borg are unique and make great villains. In 2366 the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) wanted a counterpart to bridge the gulf between humanity and borg.


 Star Trek's Borg Queen makes her first appearance in Star Trek First Contact. These party crashers don't believe in humanity or self determination. The Borg Queen in particular controls the Federations mortal enemy, originating hundreds of thousands light years away from Federation space. Then along came Q (John DeLancie) in Star Trek TNG "Q Who" ruining everything. Despite looking human, these cyborg walkers attempted to assimilate the entire USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew into their hive mind.

You may remember Captain Picard's abduction which sent Star Trek fans diving off the deep end, lol. The Queen truly knew how to strike fear into trekkie hearts, didn't she? and Picard? (skip to 2:00) I am Locutus of Borg, resistance is futile....

 How did you react when Commander Riker gave the order?


Monday, April 14, 2014

Locutus of Borg

L is for Locutus of Borg but who is he? In Star Trek TNG's Best of Both Worlds, Picard's Enterprise-D crew get their butts kicked in a battle with the big scary Borg. Victorious, trek's cybernetic baddies beam off the Federation's Galaxy class fortress with their prized possession, Captain Picard. How could this be happenning, I hear you ask. Well to be honest, TNG's Best of Both Worlds left many of us gobsmacked on stardate 44001.4 It was spine chillingly thrilling watching Picard become Locutus of Borg. However, many of us still couldn't accept Starfleet's finest diplomat was now the enemy, a walking and talking Borg.

 'I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From now on, you will service us.'

 How did you react when Commander Riker gave the order?


Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Star Trek Villains

V is for Star Trek villains! Its the big question all trek fans, trekkies and trekkers have likely asked themselves by now. Who playing the next big bad wolf in Abram's Star Trek?

The word is Benedict Cumberbatch has replaced Benicio Del Torio as the big guns in Trek's mystery movie sequel. Cumberbatch is obviously playing the villain in J.J. Abrams new Trek's verse now confirmed by IMDB's Star Trek cast but you have to wonder...Whos he going to be in the movie? Heres a list of likely suspects for you to drool over.

Khan Noonien Singh. The ex-prince of millions and Captain James T. Kirk's nemesis. Apparently Nero's interference with the trek timeline will alter Khans experiences with the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Its nice knowing years later, Khan still regarded Kirk as "his old friend" even though his cold calculating assassination attempt failed to take over the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Do you really want to see Ricardo Montleban's character played by a younger actor pitted against the Federations good guys all over again?

The Borg deliver a shocking cutting edge that make you want to sit up and pay attention. The Borg became the United Federations of Planets most ruthless enemy with the loss of 39 ships and 11,000 lives at Wolf 359. Captain Jean Luc Picard's capture and assimilation by the Borg struck a killer blow at the beating heart of the Federation. The Borg have one mission, one hive mind and belong to one collective. Do not cross the Borg unless pain is something you enjoy. Could the Borg be in Star Trek's new movie?

The Mysterious 'Q' trickster is an all time favorite. Q loves testing and tormenting humans, we're become like pets to him. Q has no sense of timing either and nearly always sends Picard diving off the deep edge in sheer frustration. Q once told Jean Luc Picard that he was dead, this was the afterlife and I'm God. Picard refused to believe the universe was that badly designed! What do you think of John De Lancie playing Q the Grim Reaper, Mr Death in the next trek incarnation?

Harry Mudd's misbehaving, ill deeds, heavy drinking and getting into trouble with the law eventually delivers Harry right into the hands of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Sweet talking 'Mudd the First' enjoys avoiding questions, cheating Federation justice and escapes from the nagging, exhausting clutches of his lovely wife Stella! Mudd's arcane bag of tricks separates people from their beloved possessions, passing off counterfeit currency and transporting stolen goods but ask yourself something: Could you really see yourself pulling the trigger on poor ol' Harry?

Klingons! Have no fear when we Klingons are here!

In 2267 aboard the K7 Deep Space Station, Korax the klingon called Kirk "an overbearing Tin Plated Dictator with delusions of Godhood and a Denibian Slime Devil." The klingon slagged off the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 which Mr Scott found totally unforgivable! Chekov was outraged but still Mr Scott ordered him to hold his ground, explaining that "everyones entitled to an opinion" so Chekov grudgingly sat down. The Klingon was undetered. "I didn't mean to say that the Enterprise should be hauling garbage, I meant to say that it should be hauled away *as* garbage." All hell breaks loose aboard K7 with Scotty throwing the first punch. Its interesting to note, Klingons were set to be cast in Star Trek 2009 but didn't make it into the movie.

Which Star Trek villain will you be rooting for?

Monday, April 04, 2011

USS Defiant NX 74205

Defiant class starshipImage via Wikipedia
Starfleet's first true warship is the USS Defiant NX-74205 launched in 2366. What makes this tough little ship so special is it ablative armour capable of deflecting Borg firepower. The defiant class is incorporated with a state of the art multi targeting array, capable of reacting rapidly with modulating phaser frequencies designed to cut through even the toughest enemy shields. It was developed and built at the Mars Utopia Planitia Fleetyards under the watchful eyes of Commander Benjamin Sisco.

Sisco's Defiant was originally intended to fight the Borg thick skins with its multiple torpedo launchers. Earlier prototypes had a more conventional design, with the warp nacelles on out riggers. However this design is later abandoned in favor of a more compact disc shape which encases the nacelles. Work on the Defiant is halted after the Borg threat is averted in 2367.

In 2371 Starfleets finest engineers resume construction amid fears Dominion forces are invading Federation space. The prototype USS Defiant is far from ready to enter service, but because of the serious nature of the threat, she is assigned to Deep Space Nine where the engineering staff finalize Commander Sisco's design. Development of its quantum torpedo proves so effective in deepspace combat that it becomes standard issue and replaces all photon torpedoes in Starfleet vessels.

In direct violation of the treaty of Algeron, the Defiant is loaned a Romulan cloaking device which doesn't always work well with its ablative armour technology. In fact when in stealth mode or "Blue Alert" the crew has to avoid using the "high tech stuff" which generates emissions easily detected by enemy sensors.

This stealthy, highpowered craft enters production and plays a pivotal role in the Dominion war. In 2375, four years later we see the destruction of our heroic little fighter in the Chin'toka system when Commander Sisco engages the Breen. Dominion forces close in on the crippled Defiant by employing a sneaky dampening weapon which drains and overloads critical systems. Sadly for Sisco its the end of another starship under his command. So its game over!. All hands to the escape pods, abandon ship. Just look at her blow. I think I'll have a little cry now.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Picard's Lawlessness and Kirk's Exoneration

Greetings earthies and supreme lifeforms. Now that its finally 2008, I wanted to usher in the New Year with Star Trek TOS, TNG, and VOY Captain verdicts with me being the judge, jury and prosecutor! That should blow your hats off. Happy New Year Fleshlings!

Picard's Lawlessness and Kirk's Exoneration:

1. Thirty-nine Starfleet ships and 11,000 crew members were eliminated during the rein of Locutus of Borg aka Captain Jean Luc Picard. Don't be shocked readers its true. Its interesting because Picard was never court marshaled by Starfleet Command to account for his crimes against thousands of sentient carbon lifeforms. Whereas a court-martial investigation was assembled against Captain James T. Kirk with Areel Shaw as the prosecution. Kirk's cooked because of one starfleet lifeform. The crime? Captain Kirk was accused of negligent homicide in the death of Ben Finney, despite the fact Finney manipulated the Enterprises NCC 1701 computer records... and Oh Yeah, the guy's still alive and on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701!!!

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Intelligent homosapiens were snuffed out by the unholy Borg hands of Locutus. Why wasn't there a proper court of enquiry by Starfleet Command? Could Jean Luc's influence with the Federation and Starfleet Admirals have quashed the public outcry calling for Federation justice?

One of the people killed by the Borg-Picard was the wife of Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko. Benjamin barely managed to escape Locutus's evil clutches with his son Jake Sisko. Star Treks good vs evil met in "The Best of Both Worlds".P1 and P2. Despite the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D remarkable reputation in space exploration and seeking out new lifeforms on new worlds, Picard was an outstanding interstellar diplomat. I believe Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise now carries with him a stain of blood amounting to the deaths of 11,000 lifeforms which were conveniently brushed under the rug... if thats possible!!!!

Captain Janeway of Voyager summed up James T. Kirk comparing him to 24th century Starfleet officers. "It was a very different time," she explains in the Voyager episode "Flashback". "They all belonged to a different breed of Starfleet officer... They were a little slower to invoke the Prime Directive and a little quicker to pull their phasers. Of course the whole lot of them would be booted out of Starfleet today."

Well what about Picard? He was from your 24th century, Janeway!!! I feel like yelling at Janeway but I realise this is science fiction. If Janeway did exist in person I'd point out,
"well, look at what Picard got away with and you're slagging off Kirk's Starfleet code. HaHaHa! No Way on earth baby.

To summarise: Picard escaped banishment to the Dilithium Rura Penthe mines. This is one of the most dreaded Klingon penal colonies of the Klingon Empire from which there is no escape. "Work well and you will be treated well. Work badly and you will die."

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Picard carries with him a stain of blood amounting to 11,000 snuffed out lives. Picard is Guilty and cannot be exonerated for his lawlessness against lifeforms in the galaxy.

Starfleet did themselves and Picard a favour, judging the Borg encounter as one of those far-out freaky situations that you can't really blame on anyone. (Still it was most likely hushed up and deemed an extremely sensitive subject matter. lol)

Captain Kathryn Janeway's logic favours 24th century Starfleet officers over 23rd century Starfleet Officers.

Kirk became the first Starfleet captain to stand trial. The court martial investigation discovers Finney is still alive via McCoys heartbeat device. Kirk is proven innocent and is exonerated of all charges.

Happy New Year, Trekkers!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Time Travellers.

Time travel is the concept of shifting through time to different locations into the past or the future. Indeed Star Trek's Enterprise starships have travelled to many alternate realities, with transporter malfunctions, intergalactic temporal rips, omnipotent beings and gravity slingshots taking viewers where none have gone before. In Star Trek First Contact, the U.S.S. Enterprise-E travelled back in time to an alternate Earth/Borg reality by entering the temporal vortex - a door into another time - created by a Borg Sphere.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Humans were assimulated by the Borg in the past with Earth's defences at their weakest. Data's brilliant intellect surmised that the Temporal Wake protected the Enterprise and her crew from the Borg vortex. The Enterprise-E was the only remnant of a timeline not completely errased by the Borg. Captain Picard made the decision to go back and restore Earth's former timeline.

The concept of Time Travel was first introduced by Enrique Gaspar Y Rimbaus in his 1887 book "El Anacronopete" which was the featured time travel machine. In 1895, H.G. Wells wrote the "The Time Machine" story which promoted the time travel idea and gained popularity with an already interested public. Years before in 1888, H.G. Wells wrote the inspirational science fiction story called "The Chronic Argonauts" featuring a time machine theme. This far reaching story and enlightening resource has stimulated the minds of countless sci-fi writers engrossed with time travel.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

The most daring plan of all time to save planet earth required a Klingon Bird of Prey, tricky time travel computations and flying towards the most powerful gravity source available in earths solar system at maximum warp. In this case earth's sun. (or a black hole would do.)

Star Trek IV is a supreme space adventure concerning an extremely powerful and precise computer, Time travel, Captain Kirk's heroic crew of explorers, a Klingon ship, a singing space entity and all that saving earth humbug

Risky business heading back to Earth. Captain Kirks inherited bird of prey is a klingon deathtrap. Dr Mccoys irrational diagnoses of Spock not exactly working on all thrusters makes sense. It was weird hearing Spock using profane language and developing a sense of humour. Weird but cool.

The plan was to slingshot the Bounty around the sun to achieve speeds beyond maximum warp without burning up and exploding into a fireball. Achieving breakaway speed at the correct point in time was really down to Spocks logical computations and flaky memory. Heading into earths past. Admiral Kirk took the Klingon Bounty 200 years back in time from the year 2286 time travelling to 1980's earth. So far out!

Time travel capability for 21st century earthlings is totally theoretical. Do future humans exist with this time travel technology? Who knows. Heavily advertised events are organised by Perth's Destination Day and MIT's Time Traveller Convention inviting future time travellers to a time and location so they can demonstrate their time travel gizmo's to eager humans. Unfortunately futuristic time travellers have yet to reveal themselves to 21st century earthers. Sniff, I'm so choked up. Really I am.

Dr Who is a time traveller moving through time known for buzzing around in the universe. This sci-fi show encapsulates time travelling adventures and other wacky stuff. I have to admit to being a little green about the Doctors spaceship, whovians fondly refer to as the "Tardis." Its easy to under estimate this little ship so beware! Its kitted out with cool time travel technological gizmology, although tbh the ship itself is essentially a plain phone box "type 40" Tardis but of course there is a simple explanation. A malfunctioning chameleon circuit which is supposed to camouflage the ship is permanently stuck rendering the ship in the shape of a 1950's police box.

Dr Who's spacecraft has the technology to take it's crew anywhere in the universe and through time itself with the doctor at the helm. Its important to realise, the Tardis outer hull isn't a reflection on its inner dimensions which illogically are much larger. The Doctors simple explanation? Its got a "dimensionally transcendental" personality. The things alive,  right?

Tardis Long and Prosper Trekkers. (Cringe, yeah I know you love me) Enjoy your Star Trekking.
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