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Monday, November 07, 2016


Alice Eve was Born in 1982. Our blond beauty's lovely right eye is green and left eye is blue otherwise called Heterochromia.

Star Trek Into Darkness made headlines in 2013 when Carol Marcus alias Carol Wallace stripped off to her underwear. She tells Captain Kirk to turn around who peeks... She conceals her true identity to gain entry aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 with forged documents. Kirk and Carol become intimate lovers and have a child but curiously the blond bombshell is no longer serving in 2263. (Star Trek Beyond)

Do you know why?

Alice Eve has spoken about her naughty exhibitionist performance.

"That was my decision. That was not something I was pushed into... I'm sure in 30 years I'll be even more proud of it"

So why wasn't Alice Eve in Star Trek Beyond?

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, September 05, 2016

Ten Reasons why Star Trek Into Darkness Is Better than The Wrath of Khan

Ten Reasons Why Star Trek Into Darkness is Better at "Everything" Than The Wrath Of Khan!


 1. Benedict Cumberbatch vs Ricardo Montalban "I Am Everything" or "From hells heart I stab at thee!" You decide...

2. Christopher Pike dies staring at Kirk and Spock!

3. Two Spocks are better than one.

4. The live Action rips up the Set into Pieces

5. The Acting carries you along with Cumberbatch giving the movie meaningful purpose with that voice of his.

 6. Alice Eve Strip Scene is magnificent. She admitted strip teasing was all her idea more or less. It goes without saying Alice was a very Naughty Schoolgirl.

7. Scotty's Profanity "No I'm not signing anything now get these bloody things off my ship"

8. Its got the Biggest Fastest ship ever with the USS Vengeance Dreadnought class vessel.

 9. The sheer raw emotion is awesome. Some of USS Enterprise NCC 1701's  officers are vacuumed out into space screaming for their lives.

 10 Captain Kirk dies and comes back to life courtesy of Khan.



Monday, August 22, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Mysteries

How is Star Trek beyond doing at the Box Office? We've got a little puzzle to solve with only 199.8 million ringing in at the Box Office. Remember Star Trek Beyond made its domestic release in theaters only on the 22nd July 2016. All indications are good Star Trek is a smash hit drawing in crowds with $59 million over the first weekend. So what happened? I've done a little digging into the trek timeline to try and piece together Star Trek's mysteries.

 In 2007 J.J. Abrams made a fascinating confession at San Diego's Comic-Con International. Despite his "Star Wars" disclosure, word spread fast. It was MAJOR LIFTOFF for Paramount Pictures putting Star Trek right on the map again. All of this happened ages before Star Trek 2009 even hit cinemas around the world.


 Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto spoke about their "Spock" characters which was amazing news at the time. .


 Heres what Abrams said, The excitement for us is I think is the ability to take this amazing world of Gene Roddenberry created which is remarkable and these incredible characters and show them in a way you haven't seen them. I think its tricky because this matters to so many people and we can't screw this up. 


 When you listen to the video J.J. abrams talks about Gene Roddenberry's characters. William Shatner is mentioned and producers are still hunting for the NEW KIRK replacement unknown to us at the time. (Chris Pine stepped in later)


The buzz surrounding Star Trek 2009 and STID was fun and exciting. Fans love the thrill of being in on the scoop when breaking news goes viral. There lots of fun with Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness and now we've got Star Trek Beyond


 So how does Krall compare to the Federations top agent Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness? Star Trek fans will know Khan was originally played by Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan. Timeline readings indicate Khan also starred in Star Trek TOS Space Seed.  Khan is an interesting tyrant who has developed over time.

Which villain is "frightening enough to make your heart pulse with delicious fear and terror?"

 Who said "Hes not playing Khan!!!"????


To answer this lets watch the star-trek-kid - Justin Lin on Youtube. Heres a video published on July 16, 2016 - six days before the movie hits the cinema. The guy talks about passion and uniqueness and his love for Star Trek and Jaylah..... Which is great but why were most of his videos released only one month before Star Trek Beyond hit the theaters?... I guess we can't blame it on the guy who broke the ship again.


A special variety Happy Camp show in China are reaching out to over 200 million people every week with Star Trek Beyond in mind. - Awww heck they'll probably find the little furry critters hilarious!


Monday, August 08, 2016


Since the relaunch of Gene Roddenberrys Star Trek, 50 years later, fans are still enjoying the Kirk/Spock bromance with the younger crew rebooting the timeline. Eager audiences fill cinema seats wondering if the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 will go down with her captain for the second or is it the third time?

 In 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness was the highest earner of Star Trek's entire franchise with worldwide takings of $328 million in 18 days! But theres no point in harking on about the good ol days.

The big question now is - Do Director Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond Box Office totals match  his predecessors success, (J.J. Abrams) from 2013? Thats right. Today Star Trek Beyond is released worldwide for 18 days!

Fans want exciting movies to drool over so why even mention "Star Wars The Force Awakens"   at ($2,068 million) directed by J.J. Abrams? So whats the deal with Star Trek Beyond at the Box Office? Any ideas? How do you rate Star Trek Beyond's movie Mojo?  (Worldwide release totals stand at $194 million?(so far) The Production Budget was $185 million).

So all will be revealed on Monday when Beyond's worldwide takings roll on out. Have you seen Star Trek Beyond yet? How do you rate the previous villain Khan against the latest one, Krall? Which actor/villain is better and more chilling as Star Trek's bad guy? (Benedict Cumberbatch or Idris Elba)

Which movie did you prefer, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness or Star Trek Beyond?

Live Long and Prosper.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Star Trek Reboot Movies vs the Classic Movies

Last week, Blog talkie radio hosts Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli met Star Trek Beyond insider, Logan Hill. He was upbeat about STAR TREK going to places where the franchise has never been before. Is it good places? So far, Logan admits he was impressed, about what? he doesn't say...

                                    Let Talk Star Trek

 Logan admits "The buzz on the trailer wasn't great" confirming what Simon Pegg said on December 17 2015.

 “I didn’t love it because I know there’s a lot more to the film. There’s a lot more story, a lot more character stuff, and a lot more what I would call Star Trek stuff.”

Star Treks insider also says "People were kind of sniping at the trailer but I got to say I like Justin Lin, I like the fast and the furious movies and I like the new reboot that sounded more commercial? (skip ahead to 1:07 and replay) Apparently Logan is researching an article for Wired Magazine so hopefully sensational Star Trek vibrations are on the way.


 So heres the thing: Soon Star Trek fans will have a trilogy of Star Trek JJ Abrams-verse movies. The first one, Star Trek 2009 was kind of cool. Fascinating interplay with a younger crew, Kirk, Spock, Bones and spicey hanky panky with Uhura generated a lot of interest. The bar room fist fight over who gets Uhura got Kirk busted up real good with Admiral Christopher Pike saving the day.

 Star Trek into Darkness is a different animal which has less story but more roller coaster action, explosions, death and amazingly generated $467 million dollars worldwide. You may recall STID sent fans on a wild goose chase over the movies villain, rumoured to be John Harrison. Even Alice Eve rowed in on the action with denials, "No he's not Khan!!!" Remember???

Looking back the original Star Trek movies like the Wrath of Khan, the Voyage Home and First Contact have in my book real spirit with stronger character melodrama credited with saving the original franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

The real kicker is Star Trek TWOK won 2 Saturn Awards for best actor and best direction. You'll never believe who won best actor! I nearly died laughing when I found out.

What do you say trekkers? Is Star Trek Beyonds trailer too much like its predecessor - Star Trek Into Darkness? Could this be why fans are squabbling over star Trek Beyond's Trailer 1? Which is your favorite Star Trek movie? Do you remember Alice Eve saying "No he's not Khan!" Do you want to see our Gorn challenger, William Shatner duelling in Star Trek Beyond?

Today is the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal. 

"Those of us with themes are revealing them today." 2016 marks my sixth year for Aprils A to Z blogfest. Many of you will know my Science Fiction themes vary from previous years. For this years theme I'm choosing Star Trek Monsters, Lifeforms, BEM, Tribbles or anything which moves and looks remotely alien in appearance.


Team Long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Into Darkness Speed Chase

Hello Everyone, Heres the David and Goliath Star Trek Into Darkness space chase. You know the score. Big baddie Vengence spaceship races after Captain Kirk's chicken USS Enterprise ship. So now its battle stations! Chekov's got his cool space shades on and Dr Carol Marcos wants permission to, I quote "come on the bridge..."

Anyway, in this space chase the admiral's dreadnought is frightening fast roaring a little like a retro Godzilla but you be the judge. Poor USS Enterprise hasn't a chance. No time for Uhura's 'hailing frequencies, open captain.' Instead its fire first and prepare to die. (1m 20sec) Secretly we're all getting off on the speed chase and what happens next. Those poor devils!!!

 Did you get a rush when Starfleets finest got sucked out the side of USS Enterprise NCC 1701? Go on now admit it, warrior to warrior. How did you feel?

Monday, March 10, 2014

3D STID Khan Wallpaper

Heres a spectacular, 3 dimensional wallpaper of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 with Khan rising up from a city of ashes. If you dig this graphic art then you'll enjoy these starships too.. Its fun staring at these deep space objects, imagine if they were real!

Lets pretend for a moment the Enterprise is warping through Earth's star system in sector 001. Shes on a rescue mission to save Sol's Federation earthlings once again. Earthers are scouring the skies. Finally she arrives, all shiny and new. Starfleets finest is ready for action with Captain James T. Kirk commanding.

 Ah yes, but who is that dark figure in the foreground? Great space, its Khan! That villainous scoundrel from Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Which movie rocked your world the most? Whose Khan gets your vote? Benedict Cumberbatch or Ricardo Montalban?

Live Long and Prosper, trekkers.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Star Trek Into Darkness Laserpower

See all these Starfleet Redshirts? The warp core pictured in director J.J. Abram's (2013) Star Trek Into Darkness movie was filmed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory aka National Ignition Facility in CA. Looking at this epic (NIF) structure you'd hardly guess its the largest and most energetic laser system in the world but it is! Hardly surprising Star Trek continues to test new frontiers boldly exploring where no red shirt has gone before, hehe. Which ones Chekov, I wonder?

 STID is full of cool stuff like this. Apparently the (NIF) is where real-life scientists are attempting to create nuclear fusion without underground nuclear testing. In 2012, with the approval of the Department of Energy, the NIF's laser laboratory was used for the first time as a film set during a normal maintenance cycle for the facility.

Heres Scotty getting pegged to wear special 'neutron' cream to avoid damage from ions in the air.

Heck yeah! with all this Enterprise firepower, Scotty should have vaporized Khan's USS Vengeance into sci fi oblivion.

Laser long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Verdict

Star Trek XII is now the highest earner of Star Trek's franchise with takings of $328 million in 18 days! J.J. Abrams has done it again! Rotten Tomato critics have given Star Trek Into Darkness the thumbs up with 87 points. Apparently trek's sequel isn't as fresh as the prequel yet it is visually spectacular. The verdict?

 I reckon a worldwide $330M boxoffice hit speaks for itself. This time round we get a "rock solid" sequel filmed with 3D action sequences. James Cameron, Avatar's Creator was onboard during Badrobots 3D conversion process giving the film that special alternate reality dimension to fill seats.  Since the relaunch of Abram's Star Trek we've got an action packed origin story with a younger crew rebooting history. (Don't worry we won't peek, hehe.)

When Londons Section 31 building blows up, Starfleets covert operations is no longer secret. I guess Earth needs more undercover guys. In any case John Harrison (who is the genetically augmented superhuman) is really Khan hellbent on revenge. So he devises a masterplan to flush out Starfleet's top brass for some target shooting practise.

Amazingly the Admiralties battle strategists assemble in a war room full of glass windows. Perfect for an aerial ambush with Khan's gunship waiting in the wings, right outside! Kirks the only one whose combat instincts tell him to do something, fast! Remember Ripley yelling at Gorman in Aliens 2, "DO SOMETHING! F**K!!!" I think Star Trek Into Darkness needed an indecisive character with frailities like Gormans but I digress.

"You're just a PAWN Kirk, you cannot even guarantee the safety of your own crew!"

Khan is like a predator playing with his prey. Treks dark villain knew exactly how and where to take his enemies out. He simply wants payback because Starfleet's good guys broke their word! The plot thickens when Admiral Marcus pops up which leads us to the epic manhunt and another mystery. The 72 long range prototype torpedoes with Botany Bay's frozen souls trapped inside. We have to remember, Khan isn't just the bad guy, hes on a mission.

For ages the "John Harrison" mystery led us off course about the baddies true identity. Did you enjoy being kept in the dark, guessing? When Admiral Marcus revealed the existence of a Top Secret Undercover Agent, hes obviously trying to cover his tracks. Starfleet isn't supposed to be a cloak and dagger operation. The Admiral is hiding something because hes dirty but does Kirk realise this?.

How do you rate our space crusaders this time?
What did you make of Pikes final curtain call?
Did you enjoy Dr Carol Marcus striptease with Uhura's heavy breather gawping on standby?
Did Cumberbatches Khanspeak freeze you to your seat?  "No ship should go down without her captain."

Live Long and Prosper.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Tickets and Free Download

Star Trek Into Darkness knocked Iron Man 3 off the Top Slot at the UK Box Office after numbers of £8.4 million pounds on its opening weekend, recently.

The good news is Paramount's new 3D Star Trek sequel (directed by J.J. Abrams) has overtaken previous "reboot movie" ticket records, which earned a sweet £6 million sterling on its debut weekend in 2009.

That was then. Today Star Trek Into Darkness is boldly beaming worldwide. See it tomorrow! We've been waiting for a new TREK movie for 4 monumental, sensational years. Into Darkness has finally arrived! I reckon we deserve to be blown out of our seats for our just rewards. Are you ready and all set for a trektastic time? How many of our movie predictions will come true?

90 stunt people is a great indication of what direction Star Trek Into Darkness is headed with special effects and relationships evolving in this action adventure space trek. An interesting question put by lonevision recently was: Will the new movies fortunes put an end to Star Trek "TV SHOWS" for good?

What do you think? Have you got your "Starfleet" T-shirt all nice and pressed for the movie? XD, Go on do tell us if you have!

Free Download Copy:

Fandango has a new special offer featuring a free download copy of JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek Movie (via iTunes) for fans who purchase their tickets of Star Trek Into Darkness. You can find more details on this offer at

Thrill Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Benedict Cumberbatch ... Khan

Chris Pine ... James T. Kirk

Alice Eve ... Carol

Zachary Quinto ... Spock

Zoe Saldana ... Uhura

Karl Urban ... Bones

Simon Pegg ... Scotty

Leonard Nimoy ... Spock Prime

Anton Yelchin ... Pavel Chekov

John Cho ... Hikaru Sulu

Bruce Greenwood ... Christopher Pike

Peter Weller ... Admiral Marcus

Nolan North

Tom Archdeacon ... Ensign Spyke

Jon Lee Brody ... Enterprise Crew Security

Noel Clarke ... Thomas Harewood

Christopher Doohan ... Transport Officer

Nick Tarabay

Nazneen Contractor ... Rima Harewood

Heather Langenkamp ... Moto

Katie Cockrell ... Girl

Hiram A. Murray ... Bar Patron

Kellie Cockrell ... Girl

Joseph Gatt

Gary-7 ... The Nibirian Elder

Aisha Hinds ... Navigation Officer Darwin

Gianna Simone ... U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew
Jacqueline King ... U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew

Beau Billingslea ... Captain Abbott

Ser'Darius Blain ... Soldier

Anjini Taneja Azhar ... Lucille Harewood

Brendan Norman ... Enterprise Crew Engineer

Jonathan Dixon ... Weapons Officer Neville

Omid Zader ... Meter maid

Teebone Mitchell ... Starfleet HQ Staff #1

Thomas W. Stewart ... Enterprise Crew Engineer

Brent McGee ... Enterprise Crew Engineer
Ningning Deng ... U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew

David C. Waite ... Star Fleet Command

Mark Alexander Herz ... Enterprise Security #1

Mike Kalinowski ... Starfleet Officer

Preston Queen ... Bar Patron 3 (rumored)

Andy Demetrio ... Obs.Deck Crew #6

Peet Montzingo ... Bar Patron 2

John Tomkins

Paul K. Daniel ... Shuttle Pilot

Andrew Maiorano ... Starfleet HQ Staff #3
James Tran ... Obs. Deck Crew #10
Dave Kim ... Starfleet Enlisted Soldier
Chloe Act ... Nikicha Tomser (uncredited)

Alexandra Aristy ... Starfleet HQ Staff #2 (uncredited)

Melissa Baldridge ... Deck Crew (uncredited)
Paris Benjamin ... Enterprise Crew Engineer (uncredited)
Leni Ford ... Cosmoe (uncredited)

Ryan T. Husk ... Starfleet Officer (uncredited)

Britanni Johnson ... NYU Nurse (uncredited)

Elly Kaye ... Star Fleet Officer (uncredited)

Hina Khan ... Cadet (uncredited)

Ariel D. King ... Starfleet Civilian (uncredited)
Kasia Kowalczyk ... Grasia Alien (uncredited)
Bryan Lee ... Starfleet Cadet (uncredited)

Westley Nguyen ... Civilian (uncredited)

Kyle Valle ... Starfleet Civilian (uncredited)

Felicity Wren ... Starfleet Officer (uncredited)
Create a character page for:


John Ashker .... stunts
Brian Avery .... stunt double: Simon Pegg
Maryellen Aviano .... stunts
Krista Bell .... stunts
Marco Bianco .... key stunt rigger
Marco Bianco .... utility stunts
Chris Brewster .... stunt double: Anton Yelchin
Chris Brewster .... stunt performer
Richard Cetrone .... stunt performer
Ilram Choi .... stunt performer
Brian Christensen .... stunts
Doug Coleman .... stunt performer
Eugene Collier .... stunt double: Beau Billingslea
Tim Connolly .... stunt double: Karl Urban
George Cottle .... stunt performer
Brycen Counts .... stunt performer
Sam Creed .... stunts
Jahnel Curfman .... stunts
Max Daniels .... stunt performer
Eddie Davenport .... stunt performer
Mark De Alessandro .... stunts
Martin De Boer .... stunt double: Benedict Cumberbatch
Steve DeCastro .... stunt performer
Cory DeMeyers .... stunts
Kevin Derr .... stunts
Thomas Dewier .... stunts
Shauna Duggins .... stunts
Wade Eastwood .... stunts
Katie Eischen .... utility stunts
Roberto C Escobar .... stunt performer
Marie Fink .... stunt double
Mark Ginther .... stunt rigger
Ryan Gray .... utility stunts
Trevor Habberstad .... stunt double: Chris Pine
Jessica Harbeck .... stunts
Zedric Harris .... stunt performer
Nick Hermz .... stunts
Brett A. Jones .... utility stunts
Antal Kalik .... stunt performer
Zero Kazama .... stunts
Matthew S. Kennedy .... stunt performer
Bobby C. King .... stunt performer
Henry Kingi Jr. .... stunts
Hiro Koda .... stunts
Dave Lane .... stunt rigger
Malosi Leonard .... stunts
Bethany Levy .... stunt double: Zoe Saldana
Cheryl Lewis .... stunts
Kurt D. Lott .... stunts
Curtis Lyons .... stunt performer
Brian Machleit .... stunt performer
Tara Macken .... stunts
Mike Massa .... lead stunt double: Chris Pine
Tom McComas .... stunts
Cassandra McCormick .... stunt double: Alice Eve
Cassandra McCormick .... stunts
Rene Mousseux .... stunt performer
Caryn Mower .... stunts
Mike Mukatis .... stunts
Eric Norris .... stunt performer
Lin Oeding .... stunt performer
Salomon Passariello .... stunt performer
Eddie Perez .... stunt performer
J.J. Perry .... stunts
Peewee Piemonte .... utility stunts
Denney Pierce .... stunts
Mark Rayner .... stunts
Rex Reddick .... stunts
Kevin Reid .... stunt double: Benedict Cumberbatch
Simon Rhee .... stunts
Larry Rippenkroeger .... stunts
Jimmy N. Roberts .... stunt performer
Tracey Ruggiero .... stunt performer
Todd Schneider .... stunts
Courtney Schwartz .... stunts
Ray Siegle .... stunt man
Monty L. Simons .... stunts
Brian Simpson .... utility stunts
Caine Sinclair .... stunts
Paul Sklar .... stunt double: Peter Weller
Daniel Stevens .... stunt double: Spock
John Stoneham Jr. .... stunt coordinator
Aaron Toney .... stunts
Frank Torres .... stunt rigger
Steve Upton .... stunt rigger
Cord Walker .... utility stunts
April Weeden .... stunts (as April Weeden-Washington)
Nico Woulard .... stunts
Marcus Young .... fight coordinator
Omid Zader .... stunt performer

Full Cast

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Starfleet Uniforms

U is for Star Trek uniform. Is yours ready for trekking into darkness?

In Star Trek's classic series, uniforms consisted of black pants, boots, and tunics in gold, red, and blue. In our new age of technology Starfleet uniforms can now be complete, all the way down to your feet! Gold is for command personnel, blue for science, red for security and engineering.

Trek fans have the option of wearing pants or dresses similar to those seen in any of Star Trek's series, so get kitted out to your socks!

What Starfleet colors will you be sporting at the movies premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 17th?

 All uniform's have the Enterprises arrowhead insignia sewn above the left breast. Gold braid on the sleeve denotes rank depending on how many rows or broken rows there are. Just don't forget your communicator.

Two to beam in, Scotty!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Posters

Sci-Fi Bad Robot director J.J. Abrams tweeted epic news recently with, Almost done!!! The exciting news is Star Treks Post Production finished for the movie sequel today, according to the latest on Trekmovie. The first public showing of Star Trek Into Darkness will be in Sydney Australia with a gala premiere on April 23rd.

 It didn't seem that long ago four years ago when Star Trek's classic vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, Stunned Trekkies by beaming Star Trek's 2009 Premiere into the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas. REMEMBER?

iTunes has some pretty awesome Star Trek Into Darkness Posters which you can download here.

Heres the new STID International ‘Cinemosaic’ animated poster, isn't it cool?

Tweet Long and Prosper, trekkies and trekkers.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Overdose of Sci Fi Darkness

Are we totally overdosing on sci-fi darkness?. Two ships meeting in the cosmos could be just the beginning of something mult-dimensional. Just look at the size of these spaceships as they face each other. What led to this encounter?
You think your world is safe! Its is not! 

What big dark secret did Starfleet cover up from its top agent, John Harrison? Is this the reason why hes angry with the Federation? Whos going to shoot first? Whos going to win?

Pike: You think you can't make mistakes? But the choices you make could get yourself, and everyone under your command, killed.

Pike: But, I believe in you, Jim.
         John Harrison: Darkness is coming.
Kirk: This could be the beginning. 
Admiral Marcus: The beginning of what? 
Kirk: All out War.

John Harrison: You are a pawn Kirk! You cannot even guarantee the safety of you own crew.
Who's going to make the next move in this face off with David and Goliath? I guess friendly hailing frequencies are totally out of the question.

Now, shall we begin?

Kirk turns to his bridge officers with defeat etched all over his face.

Is this the end of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701?

                          Why is Captain James Tiberius Kirk sorry?


                                   Why is Uhura so steeped in thought?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hailing all Nerdy New STID Fans!

N is for Nerdy New Fans!

My mind to your mind, like a sponge needing thoughts, prepare yourself for the fifth and final Star Trek......Into Darkness trailer if you dare!

You can watch all the latest STID trailers right here at apple.

Hailing all you begging, empty, and hungry nerdy minds...


See, that’s the trouble with new “fans” today who don’t appreciate the significance and history of the original Star Trek and its values.

We're all just too easily impressed by something being absolutely awesome.

Don't you just love these totally epic "Into Darkness" movie vibes?

Whose side are you rooting for? Will Kirk go after the baddie?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mindblowing Star Trek

M is for mind-blowing Star Trek.

Star Trek Into Darkness is boldly going where no movie has gone before. Last Tuesday, STID online tickets sales soared in the United Kingdom. Paramount Pictures UK and Odeon both tweeted concerns about the British Film Institute experiencing online difficulty due to overwhelming demand. Trekmovie reported "demand for Into Darkness" crashing the UK ticketing website. Apparently hardcore trek fans were all trying to book at exactly the same time. Now the initial excitement has passed it time to grab your seat for an early screening in the UK. Tickets are now available in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.

Do you like the STID UK banner?

Wheres Scotty, Chekov, Sulu  "Bones" and Keenser?

P.S. Keenser was spotted recently hanging out with J.J. Abrams. What do you make of our furry friend in his brand new Starfleet grey?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

Harrison: You think your world is safe? It is an illusion, enjoy these final moments of peace.
Admiral Marcus: By now you've all heard what happened in London. The man who did it is one of our top agents.
In Our Darkest Hour:
Harrison: Your commanders have committed a crime I cannot forgive. None of you are safe.

Kirk: Clear the room.
Harrison: Have I got your attention now?
When Our Leaders Have Fallen: 
Kirk: This could just be the beginning, I request permission to go after him.
Admiral Marcus: Starfleet's not about a vendetta Kirk.
Kirk: Then maybe it should be sir!
A Hero Will Rise:
McCoy: Jim you're not actually going after this guy, are you?
Kirk: I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, I only know what I can do.

From Director J.J. Abrams
Sulu: We got to do this, we got to do this now!
Spock: We will not fit.
Uhura: Will not!
Kirk: Will fit! I told you we'd fit.
Spock: I'm not sure that qualifies.
Kirk: I watched you murder innocent men and women, I will make you answer for what you did! Harrison: You have no idea what you have done. I will walk over your cold corpses.
May 16th 2013
They have one chance:

Uhura: We're out gunned, out numbered.
To Save Us All:
Kirk: So we come out shooting.
Harrison: I am better...
Kirk: at what?
Harrison: Everything.

Starfleet's leaders did something really bad.... now hidden behind a cloak of peaceful rescue missions.  Could Earth be part of a dark, Federation conspiracy which enriched itself by exploiting primitive, alien civilizations? What will Kirk find? Ex-Starfleet agent John Harrison, now a wanted interstellar outlaw, has the perfect excuse to go on a crusade killing those responsible. Why I hear you ask? because he knows...

Buckle up and Prosper, trekkies, niners and trekkers.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New STID Teaser Trailer 2

We've got a new STID teaser trailer on Saturday with a terrific spaceship chase and Admiral Pike reprimanding Kirk on for being a very naughty boy indeed. The terrified screaming chick yelling for dear life looks terrified out of her wits. Lets forget about Star Trek Lore, rules and regulations which influence life and death in the universe, Captain Kirk has!.

When the enemy is threatening the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701, (which crashes brilliantly into San Francisco Bay and emerges from the Nibiru Ocean,) Captain Kirk skips the formalities opting instead to manoeuvre a Millenium Falcon type shuttle in for the kill. So now its pay back time!

"He's a fugitive and I want to take him out."

I love the speedy shuttle chase in space, its exciting. The close proximity of the ship gets the heart beating faster. Chances are Captain Kirk is flying in after Cumberbatch, you know the mystery villain guy that plays Sherlock in the BBC Tv Series, which puts our 'John Harrison' villain wreaking havoc in the forefront of the entire movie.

I guess its the captains prerogative to go on away missions and flip out is a good idea. How would you feel couped up on the bridge of the Enterprise 24/7?  Its obvious our 'no win scenario' daredevil has compulsions which need constant nurturing placing the lives of everyone near him in constant danger. Pike calls Kirk a pain.

'You think the rules don't apply to you because you disagree with them."

Naturally at Kirk's command, Mr Sulu engages the warp engines by twisting and flicking a few switches except now the Starship Enterprise is in space where she belongs, so like, I'm totally confused which is a good thing. Bye Bye fish. But lets get serious for a moment.  Chris Pine the Enterprises new Captain Kirk gives Sulu a direct order to fly the ship. He doesn't say "Engage" like Picard or "Ahead Warp Factor 1" like Captain Kirk in STOS, NO! Instead Kirk says,

"Punch it."

Theres something cool about "Punch it." Burdens of command, I guess... but I still miss "Engage" "Warp Speed Ahead" and "Warp Factor Nine, Mr Sulu" don't you?

What are the odds Sulu goofs up again by forgetting about the parking brake?

Speed Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.
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