Thursday, September 27, 2012

Star Trek TNG Redemption (with Klingons)

'Lursa and B'Etor are feared. And fear is power.' Chancellor Gowron

Who are Lursa and B'Etor? Lursa and B'Etor are two seductive power hungry, Klingon females and a force to be reckoned within the Klingon Empire except for one little chink in their Klingon armor. Their brother Duras got swift justice at the receiving end of a curved bat'leth in 2367 for killing Worf's mate K'Ehleyr. Why I hear you ask? True warriors live by the Klingon Code of Honor which boils down to loyalty, honor and courage etc. The House of Duras apparently failed to appreciate that such a code even existed. That left Gowron next in line to succeed K'mpec as High Chancellor which didn't sit well with the sisters, at all. Lets have some fun with Star Trek TNG history.

In Star Trek's TNG 'Redemption' episode Barbara March's Lursa appears with her smaller foxy sister B'Etor played by Gwynyth Walsh for the first time. Its fair to say these two lovelies are united in their quest for power, conspiring with Romulans, hatching secretive plots to achieve only one thing. Control of the Klingon Empire! How trustworthy can they really be?

'Klingons do not surrender their weapons.'

The sisters are eventually exposed for Romulan double dealing but manage to escape and hook up with Dr Tolian Soran in Star Trek Generations. You remember him? He's the guy that snuffed Captain Kirk under that corny bridge scene bringing a dismal end to one of Science Fictions most iconic characters.

In 1991, when Redemption first aired on TV I recall being fascinated by the Duras sisters cunning treachery which added a crisp, wonderful tension between the characters in TNG's Redemption. These gutsy gals were determined to have a go at the Leadership by presenting their nephew and rightful 'male heir' Toral to the Klingon High Council.

When I saw that cocky kid strut his stuff into the Great Hall of the Klingon Home world, I was stumped and a little impressed by his sheer cheek. Not bad....but Toral gotta have some nerve. Alot of nerve going in their confronting those blood thirsty klingons! Gowron was enraged and leapt up from his council throne with his warriors d'k tahg in his hand.... (Go on Gowron, GET HIM!) A boy leader challenging the High Council with no love for duty or combat! You've got to be having a laugh......

In a flash Gowron's crazed eyes were alight with hatred but then a grin appears on his face. "Don't make me laugh" as he nearly busts a gut laughing. Toral is defiant but strangely unnerved for a boy that wanted to be chancellor. Murmurs of dissension echo the chamber.

Gowron continues. "What harlets lair did you find him in Lursa?" 

Humiliation is written all over Toral's face. Gowron rejects the defiant klingon and the council is split. Its not like the boy's true blood lines aren't suspect or a bitter pill to swallow. Still good ol' Captain Picard does his Arbiter of Succession bit by refusing Toral's leadership challenge plunging the Klingon Empire into civil war chaos, pitting Klingon against Klingon. Gowron eventually becomes chancellor of the Empire except its not over.

'Do you hear the cry of the warrior calling you to battle, calling you to glory?'

 I find it interesting Gowron's restoration of Worf's family honor came at a price. Discommendation was a heavy cross for Worf to shoulder alone. Sure, Worf no longer had to be the Fall Guy for Duras's treachery, (the guy who poisoned K'mpec) so now Gowron wants Worf's allegiance and its time to pay the piper. Worf is torn between Starfleet duty and his loyalty to the Klingon Empire. You'd think Picard would've given Worf some much deserved leeway here but instead Jean Luc plays hardball. The conclusion to Star Trek's TNG Redemption P1 ends with a real tear jerker when warrior Worf tells Picard:

'Then I resign my Starfleet commission as a Starfleet Officer.'


Whats your favorite Star Trek Klingon episode? Were you delighted or stunned when Worf resigned from the the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D? Have you ever had a crush on any science fiction characters? Who's side are you rooting for... Klingons, Romulans or Starfleet? Have you got a favorite sci fi warrior?

 Warrior long and Prosper, Trekinators

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Newsflash

Paramount Pictures announced recently that J.J. Abram's Star Trek Into Darkness is currently underway adding the principal photography touches to the new movie apparently. This little piece of trek news sparked my tricorder into life! Why I hear you ask? Look closely at the characters in this picture. Whose humanoid 'features' strikes you as being preserved for the big occasion on May 17th 2013?

This photo captures a cool stitch in time which is why its so fun looking at them, hehe. Returning to their USS Enterprise post's are John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin. They are joined by new cast members Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller. Trekkie instincts tell me Leonard Nimoy is along for trek's sequel with the give away in this photo.

I suppose its probably still a little too early to guess with absolute certainty but.... anyone? what do you think?

Chris Pine, who is currently in New York City filming with Kevin Costner, shared details on Star Trek's Into Darkness sequel. He avoided specifics but gave us a flavour on what direction our Enterprise heroes are going, pitched with an exciting overall tone outlining Star Trek Into Darkness.

 "There’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one. The force (the Enterprise crew) are met with is much more frightening.

 It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The ARC is huge FOR ALL THE CHARACTERS. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!" Thanks Chris, now for the hype! Looking at Alice Eve, one character really springs to mind! "I'm a healthy amount of time in the makeup chair — though not as long as Spock," Eve revealed. "We were filming until very late last night, and I know that's all I can say. It's a top-secret operation, it's like a war." Star Trek Into Darkness has wrapped up tight doing even Top Secret CIA operators proud until its theatrical release on May 17th, 2013.

Can you guess who Alice Eve will be playing?
Guess long and Prosper, Trekinators!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Walter Koenig's Star in Hollywood

Legendary Star Trek actor Walter Koenig finally got his reward last Monday for playing Chekov aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701.

Looking back on series now, Koenig is the last cast member from classic trek to earn his spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame two days after Star Trek's 46th anniversary.

In the original TV show our navigator steers the ship through thick and thin but hes probably best remembered for his quirky pronunciations. In Star Trek IV Chekov's Russian accent provides good comic relief in a scene when he asks for the location of Nuclear Wessels and is epic in Star Trek 2009.

His wife Judy Levitt, daughter Danielle, fellow co-stars Leonard Nimoy (Spock) George Takei (Sulu) and a radient Nichelle Nichols (80) (Uhura) joined Walter at Tinsel Towns sidewalk for the star-unveiling celebration.

“This is something that you hope and wish for, dream about, but something you never expect to really happen, 'It's a joyous occasion and I am deeply honoured.'said Walter after allot of people inundated the Walk of Fame Committee so they decided last year that he would receive a star.

Who's your favorite Star Trek or science fiction character? Do you think Nichelle Nichols takes a beauty potion for staying so young and beautiful?

Trek long and Prosper, Trekinators.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness

Trekmovie sources have just confirmed the title for J.J. Abrams Star Trek 2013 sequel movie. They're calling it 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' so now the word is given with Paramount's blessing, apparently. Star Trek is crossing over into the DARK SIDE!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? YESSSS! We've been waiting for this all our lives, right? It couldn't have been easy for the Team Abrams but I reckon its sounds pretty frackin' awesome and conspiratorial too. How cool is this, I mean really? Imagine a mirror, mirror verse Spock wreaking havoc on the Enterprise's young guns! And who's playing angry Spock, Leonard Nimoy, right? Okay so theres gaps in my theory which maybe you can fill in but hey it'll be worth the wait.

Unlike the Dark Knight, Superman and Spiderman theres really no straight forward superhero for Star Trek to cape up and save the universe. Hence the mysterious title which sounds very cloak and daggery and classified too which is great but the suspense is the real killer. I suspect we're not going to get the whole enchilada until the USS Enterprise hits the cinema theaters on May 17th 2013. So why did Paramount and Team Abrams choose 'Star Trek Into Darkness' for the title? Secrecy of course but you knew that!

I'm guessing Star Trek's villain could be DEEP UNDERCOVER, a saboteur on a highly classified Top Secret mission sent by the Mirror-verse Empire. Perhaps this is where time travelling secret agent Gary Seven makes his rescue bid, saving the Enterprise, foiling with Evil Spock in a desperate attempt to restore the timeline before the villainous Empire defeats the friendly Federation! So far, so good but who knows? Sevens secretary played by Alice Eve? mesmerises Evil Spock by turning into a sexy feline cat giving Gary Seven enough time to zap pointy ears, hehe.

Feverish Speculation over whos really playing Star Trek's darkside villain is truly testing trek fans ever since Karl Urban told us trek's villain was going to be Gary Mitchel, LOL and now we're even more clueless, since Abram's sleigh ride began, LOL.

Who do you think is Star Trek's Into Darkness villain?

Heres a list to help confuse you even more, LOL but do go on, have a go! Its all for a good cause.

Anya the Allasomorph
Gary Mitchell
Gary Seven
Garth of Izar
Harry Mudd
General chang
Commander Kruge
Gorgan the friendly angel.
Simon Van Gelder

Trek long into darkness, Trekinators.

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