Monday, October 19, 2020


Hi Trekkers Spacerguy here. Steve Schnier stopped by not too long ago who I totally believe has earned his place in Star Trek and Sci-Fi history. I figured his Enterprise capers might cheer lots of us up so enjoy the fun. 55 years on, Earth still hasn't built a real starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701 to boldly explore and chart the galactic regions of outer space, shocking isn't it?  but have I news for you... 😁

No Enterprise and its a real tragic reality, lol... except that is until now. Imagine my surprise what Steve and his wife did in 2013. Their "Enterprise" launch in Canada and filmed on youtube for posterity is magnificent! Not to be missed, we see the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 stellar ascend into the skies as the starship navigates easily soaring on her maiden flight with little turbulence thanks to Scotty in the engine room. 

 The good news is readings indicate that the ship may have reached or crossed the 100KM boundary Kármán line which is so cool.

 In hindsight I realise now "The U.S.S. Enterprise in Space" is such a sweet moment in Star Trek history and I was a tad tardy reporting this fascinating news, so I beg forgiveness readers. Picard would say it was "the burdens of command" (hangs head down in shame.) 😑but the show must go on! 😁

Star Trek is always exploring the outer limits which began aboard Captain James T Kirk's classic USS Enterprise NCC 1701 in 1966 (prequels and sequels aside) but this is for real!. Anyway, all joking aside heres what Steve said on Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Hello! Nice blog by the way.

My name is Steve Schnier. Just a note to let you know that my wife and I sent a model of STAR TREK’s U.S.S. Enterprise into near-space via weather balloon. The payload reached a height of 95,568’ and hit a top speed of 63 knots or 117 km/hr.

The model was launched from Stayner, Ontario (90 minutes North of Toronto) and was recovered from a remote island in Georgian Bay. It was supposed to travel South towards Toronto - but I miscalculated and it went due North. I should have paid more attention in Math Class.


Enjoy the Enterprise in Space

Monday, October 05, 2020


 Hi Trekkers Spacerguy reporting. We visited Star Trek TNG "Booby Trap" P1 in 2018 so heres the scientific aspect with respect to the aceton assimilators and the slingshot for P2, You can thank Armchair Squid who stopped by last week reminding us this really is Geordi La Forges episode.



On stardate 43205.6 the flagship USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D investigates a rather harmless asteroid belt near Iralius IX with relics emerging from a wartorn age. 

So when a Promellian battleship Cleponji appears on the Enterprise-D viewscreen, Captain Picard is excited. Well, well, well. Such a fantastic find... The alien relic itself represented "1000 years" of history which takes the starship Enterprise-D crew quite by surprise. A true floating alien museum with high tech, high spec technology for its time is one thing. So from Picards perspective so much was right about it.... until the USS Enterprise-D couldn't move... Then panic sets in...

The Menthars Aceton Assimilators. Thousands of these deadly devices mined the asteroid field. One managed to snare the Enterprise-D and drain significant energy from the ships systems. The idea was to steal enough energy generating fatal radiation to kill the crew. Thats when Geordi La Forge and Leah Brahms got to work on the holodeck.

"Odds are its even money."

Geordi best guess from the holodeck gives Picard two options.. Kickstarting the Enterprise-D and shut everything off except two thrusters or turn the entire ship over to the computer. Let artificial intelligence fly the Enterprise clear of the deadly booby trap. (Only trouble was the ship might not coast far enough out of the "booby trap" so like with an A.I. in charge then eveyone's goose would be really cooked in 26 minutes which is more or less what Commander Data warbled on about while Picard flew the ship.

"Thank you Mr Data"

Which left this life and death decision down to Picard. The burdens of command. So he decided to fly the Enterprise-D with only one propeller so to speak. It was a gamble but no less risky than the "slingshot effect" in Star Trek IV. If it works great if not game over. However it did work and with Picard in control at the conn he used asteroid's gravitational pull as a slingshot to free the Enterprise-D from the Menthars Booby trap. 

1. What do you think of Captain Picard's slingshot manoeuvre?

2. Whos Starship would you prefer to be on when crises hits. Captain Kirk or Captain Picard or Captain Archer or Captain Sisco or Captain Janeway's or Worfs?

3. Lets say the Enterprise-D is travelling at warp lightspeed towards a G-type star or sun instead of an Iralius asteroid.  What would happen?

A. Timetravel

B. Nothing

C. Fatal exposure in 26 minutes 

Sorry the post was so long today, 


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