Friday, May 08, 2009

Chris Pine and david letterman.

I bought my Star Trek ticket yesterday and I still can't believe I'm going to see the movie in less than thirty minutes! I'm soooo totally amped about this. Woo Hoo! See you trekkers. I wouldn't miss this for anything.



Brother Adam said...

Enjoy the Movie... I can't wait for the release here in Australia. I've designed a Star Trek tribute t-shirt that you may enjoy... here is a link: Enjoy!

Nepharia said...

The movie was awesome. Need to see it again, for sure.

Spacerguy said...

What a rush! I was high with a total loss of emotional control and then I realised....This is soooo cool, I don't want this to end which is why I've got to see Star Trek Xi again. The whole cast were awesome and exciting.

Iris Pagan said...

Oh Uhura you are amazing. check out my movie review song at

Anonymous said...

such a great movie and franchise but look at what it spawned. :P
you should see what these girls did...spock would be so ashamed.. :P

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