Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zee End of Aprils Blog Challenge

Its the Zee End of April's Blog Challenge. Thank you Alex for giving me this opportunity to test the little grey cells in my brain box. Parting is such sweet sorrow, shall we say goodnight till it be morrow?"

Live Long and Prosper, everyone.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Majel Barrett's X Factor.

What was the name of Lwaxana Troi's former valet (before Mr Homn) who had pornographic thoughts of her and was dismissed? Lwaxanna could read him like a book and mentions him in Star Trek's TNG "Haven" episode.

A. Xendi
B. Xandu
C. Xelo
D. or Xylo?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wicked Weapons

W is for Wicked Weapons.

Fighting and warfare have been the subject of Science Fiction stories from almost the beginning of time itself, with writers out foxing themselves in creating new weapons for the future. The familiar and once ever present ray gun is but one of a class of weapons called energy weapons, that fire a beam or ray at various settings and deadliness.

My favorite is Star Trek's Type 2 classic hand held phaser of 2266. Its got three extremely powerful variable settings. The lowest stun setting will weaken moving targets and cause them to fall unconscious. The highest setting will disintegrate dense material, heat rocks, heat coffee, cut metal and vaporize humanoids! For safety phasers are normally set to stun. On top of the Type 2 hand held unit is a small type 1 phaser which snaps into place to complete the set. Some of these weapons are distinguished by the type of energy they use or sound they fire such as heat rays and laser guns. Star Wars fanboys and fangirls love the lightsaber which features a deadly buzzing sound and bright blade. Other weapons are noted for their effects, blasters, death rays, disintegrators and disruptors.

Now tell us what your favorite Science Fiction Ray Gun is? Its over to you, trekkers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who is Darth Vader?

Who is the dark lord of Star Wars? Its safe to say Darth Vader personifies the evil of the Galactic Empire... but what about the voices behind the dark Lord of the Sith? James Earl Jones was not George Lucas's first choice for Vaders dialogue. In fact Lucas went through several tapes of people including Orson Welles. After hearing Jone's deep bass voice, Lucas realized he had sourced the perfect commanding voice for Vader. Several actors dressed in flowing black robes with their faces masked by the famous black metal breathing screen skyrocketed Darth Vader to super-stardom. James E. Jones told Star Wars Insider ' David Prowse worked very hard to create the character of Darth Vader,' 'He is Vader'.

So who else was there? Bob Anderson had been Britain's Senior National Fencing Coach for thirty years. Anderson doubled for David Prowse in Empire's dueling sequences but also helped choreograph the fights. Vader seems to meet all the criteria for the perfect space villain on the surface- deep voiced, black clad, heavy breather and built 2m high for battle. He employs his extra sensory powers to keep Emperor Palpatine in power. Vaders 'dark side' aids Governor Tarkin in the destruction of the rebels. In 1980 Star Wars "Empire Strikes Back" becomes the 'Years Best Movie' exposing an inescapable truth between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Remember, Darth Vader is Master of the Dark Forces and wants you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Unbelievable Star Wars Fun.

Today I trekked with my friend Novadove to the Star Wars Invasion at Dublin. It turned out to be a fantastic weekend. Star Wars Fans from all over the globe took time out to join in the Unbelievable Fun in that "Galaxy far far away".......

The senators of the Emerald Garrison seen in the photo came out in force to entertain "the fans" and it wasn't long before everyone was having a good time. Can you name the actors in the photo?

Being a trekker, I found himself surrounded by thousands of sci-fi fans probably "StarWarsians" so I kept stump about my inner "trekkie". Lots of people herded into the enclosed stadium which was had loads of merchandise stalls adding to the extra buzz and excitement.

 On my way in I bought some Sci-Fi merchandise and took lots of photographs with my digital camera for later. During the show Nova and I got the chance to mix with several costumed characters. The place was packed with fans waving light sabers through the air!

"I demand the uniform code of justice before my trial." Yes, its me Spacerguy!

Darth Vader, Commander Bly, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Shock trooper, Sand trooper, Scout trooper, R2D2, Clone Captain and Clone Commander were all there walking around taking photo turns with the fans.

The biggest moment for us was meeting Julian Glover aka General Veers and then it happened, I met and spoke with Kenny Baker the legendary chirpy robot R2-D2.

Queen of the Galaxy, Carrie Fisher was notably absent as was David Prowse (who played Darth Vader in the movies) and sounded so awful they had to do a voice over with James earl Jones. Both were no shows. For a brief moment in time and space, the galaxy stood very still but even so I was pretty stoked considering.

It was pretty neat chatting with Stars Wars actors. It was quite an experience as I momentarily found myself rubbing shoulders with actors and friends of the Star Wars universe. Julian Glover kindly agreed to stand with me as Novadove took our photo! ....So there. Forever immortalized with General Veers himself in living color! Questions and Answer's followed later with Tarfful, Admiral Piett, R2D2, Greedo, Boba Fett and General Veers recounting favourite and worst movie moments. Kenny Baker explained that the dessert temperature and sandy conditions made filming R2D2 movements quite challenging.

Live Long and end transmission.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Star Wars Convention

I'm off to a science fiction convention with my trekkie friend Colm on Monday, so saddle up Solarians, lock and load. Tickets for Sunday's and Monday's 'Invasion Dublin' shows can still be obtained at a 20% discount when bought online.

I've got my digital camera charged and ready for shooting at.... the next Star Wars invasion. I know, admitting this is certainly putting my neck on the line. Star Wars defection never even crossed my mind. I promise, LOL. Spacerguy is not defecting to the darkside!

Hey, Maybe I'll get David Prowse to sign my Star Wars Book. LOL...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Realistic Reading

Really short messages are just as good as really long messages in fact they're better. Twitters success is based on getting your point across quickly "called tweets" using only 140 characters or less. I've broken a cardinal rule by mentioning Twitter but who really cares? Twitter is good for reporting realistic, rapid, relaxing, randomized, respectful, rumors to its ready, resolute and resourceful readership.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'Pick' Your Brains out.

Its Trekker Pick your brains time. How good is your knowledge of Star Trek's Final Frontier or has it gone off the boil? Well, theres only one way to find out and it doesn't involve any Star Trek technobabble jive. Although forgive me if I sneak in just a little. This Trekker Quiz will scan your galactic memory banks and establish how finely tuned your wits are pitted against Star Trek's elite. The answers will follow tomorrow.

1. How many Photon torpedoes could a federation starship simultaneously launch from a single photon torpedo tube?

A. 4?
B. 7?
C. or 10?

2. How manyPhaser banks does Captain Jean Luc Picard's flagship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D have?

A. 10?
B. 12?
C. or 17?

3. PADD was a handheld information unit used by Starfleet personnel aboard Federation starships. What does the acronym stand for?

4.Pattern enhancers were used by Starfleet landing parties during transport missions to amplify the beam up signal and lock on any object contained in their triangular formation. How many Pattern enhancers were generally used in Star Trek The Next Generation and Voyager?

A. 2?
B. 3?
C. or 4?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Worf's Big Win

Name the Neurogeneticist in Star Trek TNG "Ethics" whose experimental Genetronic Technique gave a badly injured Lt Worf extremely high hopes of walking again?

1. Dr Lewis Zimmerman?
2. Dr Toby Russell?
3. Dr Phlox?
4. Dr Leonard H. McCoy?
5. Dr. Julian Bashir?
6. Dr Beverly Crusher?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spookiest Star Trek TNG "Schisms"

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, an American actress...
M is for Majel Barett. Do you ever get that creeped out bogeyman vibe? You know the kind that surprises unsuspecting sleepers with goosebumps during the night.

 But hey, thats never going to happen! right?? Schisms is one of the most disquieting TNG episodes to air with Riker, Troi, Data and Worf being kidnapped overnight and taken to alternate dimension. What made this epic even more gruesome were the aliens, who conducted medical experiments on the USS Enterprise-D crew and crikey... These creatures were pure ugly, not exactly what you'd want to wake up to in the morning, if you catch my drift.

But take comfort. If you're a cat owner or petlover then the chances are good you'll really enjoy Star Trek's TNG Schisms. This episode has Data reading his "Ode to Spot" poem.

The crew of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D thought they were invincible, safe aboard their mighty Federation Flagship but Starfleet's finest thought wrong, big style. I must warn you readers, "Schisms" is pretty creepy, so prepare yourself for an awesome Star Trek TNG episode with sinister aliens. So Commander Riker, Chief of Security, Worf and Chief Engineer, Geordi La Forge are sleeping soundly when an insidious race of solanagen-based aliens sneak silently aboard the USS Enterprise-D flagship!

What follows comes in the shape of a Medical Horror with biobed nightmares freaking out crew members. The abductees try to piece together a reproduction of the biobed from their hazy memories by reaching deep into their subconscious thoughts. The mysterious aliens conducted a secret experiment on living Enterprise crew for no other reason other than to satisfy scientific curiosity. The aliens fail to realise that they are leaving behind clues.

The abducted Enterprise crew are kept drugged during their ordeal, but the big give away is physical exhaustion. Some of them seek medical help bewildering Dr Beverly Crusher who soon figures theres more to this than bad dreams and disturbed sleep. Many Enterprise crew have undergone metabolic changes and some have had limbs severed and invisibly reattached. Sweet dreams Trekkers!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Klingon Geiger Counters

Our own special little Klingon Geiger Counter were hard at work in "Trouble with Tribbles" Star Trek's classic episode.

The chance to observe these furry little critters emitting purring sounds had a strangly relaxing effect on me and Mr Spock, although he wouldn't admit it!!! Pointy ears could find no practical use for the lovable little furballs. How could Spock be so cruel? It must be the green blood. The Chief Medical Officer, Dr McCoy nearly dove off the deep end after Mr Spock's extremely harsh analysis. The tribbles were after all soothing creatures despite their voracious appetites with most of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 crew growing very attached to the fluffy warm things. Lt. Uhura couldn't resist picking up a charming tribble on K7 and made off home with her new friend aboard the Enterprise. The tribbles kept the Klingons from running amok on Deep space station K7 except there was a high price to pay. The guy pointing his finger Nilz Baris, the Federation Undersecretary for Agricultural  Affairs is threatening Captain Kirk.

Where are the Klingon spies and what happened to the high yield Quadrotriticale kept in the storage compartments?

Can you guess the ending?

Live long and prosper!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jack the Ripper

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount/CBS Studios

J is for Jack the Ripper. Who or what is Jack the Ripper? Our pointy eared friend, Mr Spock from Star Trek the Original Series has an interesting theory. The vulcan suggests that Jack the Ripper is essentially a "Ripper entity" and may not possess physical form. 

Instead the entity feeds off fearful humanoids terrorizing the wits out of its victims before taking possession of their minds and bodies! On the planet Argelius II, a black cloud looms over the Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701, when Scotty is found gripping a knife taken from Kara played by Tania Lemani. 

This poor lass danced the night away and this is her reward! She's completed the finest belly dance ever and goes out for a walk in the fog with Scotty. What is her reward ? A dagger taken from her back! Dr Hengist is the Administrator and a native to Rigel IV. He takes a keen interest in the murders as the noose around Scotty's neck begins to tighten

Captain Kirk investigates the name "Redjac" which is a nickname for "the Ripper", so too were "Kelsa and Beratis" on worlds the ripper entity visited. The enigma deepens when a female Argelian empath is brought in and detects an evil presence, driven by a deep hatred of women. The young women Sybo, crys out in agony before she too, is found murdered by the USS Enterprise's Chief Engineer.

The question is, did Scotty do it?  What makes Star Trek's TOS "Wolf In the Fold" frantically funny is Scotty can't remember anything which makes him look pretty guilty. I mean the guy is covered in the girls blood. Yup, right up to his eyeballs, so its worse than bad. Scotty's goose was in a spot but he wasn't finished.

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 springs a lie-detector test which throws Mr Hengist into a spin. Scottys innocence is finally confirmed which gets the engineer off the hook. However, something doesn't quite add up so Kirk and Mr Spock leave no stone unturned. Why was Mr Scott found at the scene of the murders?. The murder weapon is discovered and analysis yields startling results. The knife originated from Rigel IV, Mr Hengist's home planet! When confronted, the "Redjac Entity" controlling Mr Hengist goes beserk.

Mr Hengist has some explaining to do except on further scrutiny the "Redjac or Ripper" entity inhabiting Mr Hengist desserts his body and enters the Enterprise computer. Kirk and Spock devise a plan to get rid of "Redjac" once and for all. Scotty is relieved to discover he wasn't to blame for the serial murders. The Ripper entity made engineer Scott stab beautiful young Kara, Lieutenant Tracy and Prefect Jaris's pretty wife Sybo. It always fun to watch Chief Engineer Scotty get an active role during an away mission, but could you live with all that bloodshed on your hands?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I is for Imagined. Commander Data of the Star Trek Universe has a Positronic Brain. Isaac Asimov first imagined this concept in his first robot stories in 1939 and 1940. The word "Positronic" was coined by this world maestro of science fiction with five hundred books and several hundred articles to his credit.. This word can be used in conjunction with many other words for example positronic supercomputer, positronic robot, positronic brain etc.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Star Trek 4 the Voyage Home.

In 1986 the crew of the ill fated USS Enterprise NCC 1701 slingshot around the sun aboard a Klingon ship to earth of the past. Kirks crew are called back to earth to face nine criminal charges of Starfleet regulations. Its looking pretty serious for our Enterprise buddies who decide to face the music. Along the way the HMS Bounty encounters a mysterious alien probe of unknown origin threatening to destroy all life on Earth. The probe is apparently calling out to humpback whales and vaporising earths oceans and atmosphere in the process. Spock quickly surmises Earth's predicament. SPOCK: Fascinating. If my suspicion is correct, there can be no response to this message. Why? Because the Probes transmissions are the songs sung by whales! Isn't that wonderful?

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures and or CBS Studio

Star Trek IV the Voyage Home is a delightful, fun movie with Whalesongs! Its rebel crew and a light hearted Mr Spock (not exactly firing on all thrusters) attempt time travel in search of two humpback whales. George and Gracie. When the HMS Bounty lands in the City by the Bay, Sulu engages the Cloaking Device. San Francisco is the focal point in time where Starfleet's finest beam down and begin their rescue operation. Scotty builds the whale tanks with transparent aluminium and re-energizes the de-crystallising dilithium crystals using high energy photons drained from a 'nuclear wessel.' Mr Spocks colorful metaphors and Kirk's "Well, double dumbass on you" demonstrates the lighter plot of the movie which fans totally enjoyed.

KIRK: That's all there is. Don't splurge. All set? Good hunting. ...Well, Spock, here we are, thanks to your restored memory and a little bit of good luck, we're walking the streets of San Francisco looking for a couple of humpback whales. How do you propose to solve this minor problem?
SPOCK: Simple logic will suffice. I believe I shall begin by making use of this map. I have the distance and bearing which were provided by Commander Uhura. If we juxtapose our coordinates we should be able to find our destination. It lies at two eight three point seven degrees...
(a bus with an advertisement on the side pulls up). I love watching this movie because during the voyage we get to enjoy the hilarious comedy as the crew fumble around in twentieth century San Francisco. The interplay between Spock, Kirk and Dr McCoy is priceless with Dr Mc Coy going off the deep end for good reason.

McCOY: Are you sure this is such a bright idea?
KIRK: What do you mean?
McCOY: Him? I mean him (Mr Spock), back at his post, like nothing happened. I don't know if you've got the whole picture but he isn't exactly working on all thrusters.
KIRK: It'll come back to him.
McCOY: Are you sure? ...That's what I thought.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kirk vs the Gorn

A mysterious alien race called the Metrons intervene and transport two starship captains to a planet where Kirk and the Gorn are given a choice. Fight or die and whoever is victorious saves the lives of his crew. The thing is see, Captain Gorn destroyed the Earth outpost on Cestus III and claimed it was an intrusion into Gorn territory. Now Captain Kirks got major issues with that kind of crap. You just can't let aliens get away with that kind of stuff especially when it undermines the peaceful harmony currently enjoyed within the United Federation of planets which Starfleet is sworn to protect.

Image creator/owner: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Here is a large, immensely powerful, hissing, reptilian creature with sharp claws and spikey, sharp, teeth. Thats right he's the Gorn. Look at the color of the its scaly skin and the fierceness of those terrifying teeth. When I watched Star Trek TOS "Arena" episode for the first time I was highly entertained by the worst Star Trek fight of all time but something puzzled me. The lizard Gorn's character played by both Gary Coombs and Bobby Clark demonstrates a true warrior bred for fighting. This alien creature obviously means business! I mean watch how easily the lizard creature catapults that massive rock at Captain Kirk! The Gorn is strong but being a lizard sure can be major drag sometimes! Poor Captain Kirk has to engage this beast in a fight to the death. Now I have to ask why doesn't the Gorn just chomp off Captain Kirk's head when he gets him in the deadly wrestling grip?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ferengi Culture

What did the Ferengi call their set of ethical guidelines governing business behavior in Ferengi Culture?

1. Words to Live By.
2. The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
3. The Grand Nagus' Rules of Commerce.
4. The Unrelenting Lust for Profit.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Take it easy with Earl Grey.

Hey isn't important to treat yourself and relax with your favourite beverage once in a while?

Theres nothing quite like a sip of Earl Grey hot in the morning to kick start the nerves.. It got that magic mix of delicate bergamot tea leaves and lavender oil which makes you feel like reaching for the stars. So go on take a chance and spoil yourself with a finely brewed cup of Earl Grey tea. Or maybe you've already taken the plunge? Captain Picard loves the stuff. My first sip got me to pull myself together and made me realize... Just whats all the fuss about?. . Its got that special quality blend which tea lovers expect in a hot cup of tea that tastes so darn good. Its only a little thing but it makes me happy. So sit back and enjoy the rich flavour and blend of earl grey tea. Its refreshing formula will help revitalize you right through to the end of your day.

Would you like some tea, Earl Grey Hot?

Monday, April 04, 2011

USS Defiant NX 74205

Defiant class starshipImage via Wikipedia
Starfleet's first true warship is the USS Defiant NX-74205 launched in 2366. What makes this tough little ship so special is it ablative armour capable of deflecting Borg firepower. The defiant class is incorporated with a state of the art multi targeting array, capable of reacting rapidly with modulating phaser frequencies designed to cut through even the toughest enemy shields. It was developed and built at the Mars Utopia Planitia Fleetyards under the watchful eyes of Commander Benjamin Sisco.

Sisco's Defiant was originally intended to fight the Borg thick skins with its multiple torpedo launchers. Earlier prototypes had a more conventional design, with the warp nacelles on out riggers. However this design is later abandoned in favor of a more compact disc shape which encases the nacelles. Work on the Defiant is halted after the Borg threat is averted in 2367.

In 2371 Starfleets finest engineers resume construction amid fears Dominion forces are invading Federation space. The prototype USS Defiant is far from ready to enter service, but because of the serious nature of the threat, she is assigned to Deep Space Nine where the engineering staff finalize Commander Sisco's design. Development of its quantum torpedo proves so effective in deepspace combat that it becomes standard issue and replaces all photon torpedoes in Starfleet vessels.

In direct violation of the treaty of Algeron, the Defiant is loaned a Romulan cloaking device which doesn't always work well with its ablative armour technology. In fact when in stealth mode or "Blue Alert" the crew has to avoid using the "high tech stuff" which generates emissions easily detected by enemy sensors.

This stealthy, highpowered craft enters production and plays a pivotal role in the Dominion war. In 2375, four years later we see the destruction of our heroic little fighter in the Chin'toka system when Commander Sisco engages the Breen. Dominion forces close in on the crippled Defiant by employing a sneaky dampening weapon which drains and overloads critical systems. Sadly for Sisco its the end of another starship under his command. So its game over!. All hands to the escape pods, abandon ship. Just look at her blow. I think I'll have a little cry now.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Great Crystalline Entity

The Crystalline Entity is a fascinating space born lifeform whose amazing structure is quite beautiful to look at. Its elegant mass sparkles like a giant snowflake, allowing it to travel through the galaxy at high warp. However its exact origin and purpose is unknown.

In Star Trek's TNG "Datalore" fans encounter Data's deadly brother Lore and the great Crystalline Entity who've been in cahoots together all along!

 The entities constant hunger for energy meant it thrived by feeding off the organic energy patterns of unsuspecting human lifeforms! I believe the creatures hungry appetite for living energy was its major weakness.

It needed to convert entire civilizations, vegetation and bacteria to power its electromagnetic anatomy. Humans were in essence its main source of food with crippled starships and a trail of carnage usually left behind in its wake.

In Star Treks TNG Silicon Avatar the race is on to stop the crystalline entities interstellar feeding frenzy. Starfleet calls in xenologist expert Dr Kilia Marr to locate and establish communication with it. Captain Picard was initially enchanted with the space creature but Dr Marr had other ideas.

 Her son was "consumed" along with the other unfortunate inhabitants of Omicron Theta Colony in 2336, home planet of androids Commander Data and Lore.

The big breakthrough came when Dr Marr emitted a series of graviton pulses from the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D science station. A sparkling Christmas tree structure rushes up the Enterprise view screen in response to the doctors signal. The bait worked, its the Crystalline Entity!

This was the Enterprise's first successful contact with the Crystalline Entity and hello from the people from earth. I can only imagine how overjoyed snowflake felt when it realized the Enterprise was calling it.

The graviton pulse emissions make direct communication between the ship and Crystalline Entity entirely possible except something goes terribly wrong.... Does Data possess the secret to the Silicon Avatars deadly power? Can the Enterprise-D crew find an alternate source of energy for the creature before its too late? What do you think of the Blu-Ray remastering?

Friday, April 01, 2011

Borg Collective

Remember when the Borg first beamed aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D? Its 2265 and Q pays his good old buddy Jean Luc Picard a little visit. Mr omnipotence has quite the fun at Picard's expense and snaps his fingers. Suddenly the Enterprise-D is whisked out of the Federations comfort zone and hurled into the flightpath of a Borg cube. It always exciting exploring galactic space unless its uncharted Borg territory. Spooky stuff for the Enterprise kiddies.

Captain Picard's confidence takes a serious nosedive when it becomes apparent, that the Federation's mighty Flagship Enterprise is unprepared for the unknown Alpha Quadrant. Picard is quaking in his boots when out of the blue, cybernetically enhanced humanoids from the Delta Quadrant take a keen interest in the USS Enterprise-D and her crew. Of course Q shook up the Enterprise bridge crew to teach Picard a lesson who grovelled for forgiveness in the end. ("Q Who" TNG)

The Borg have one mission, one hive mind and belong to one collective. Do not cross the Borg unless pain is something you enjoy. The Borg collective seek only pure perfection. "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile." The Borg became the United Federations of Planets most ruthless enemy with the loss of 39 ships and 11,000 lives at Wolf 359. Captain Jean Luc Picard's capture and assimilation by the Borg struck a killer blow at the beating heart of the Federation.

"Captain Jean-Luc Picard, you lead the strongest ship of the Federation fleet. You speak for your people."

"I have nothing to say to you. And I will resist you with my last ounce of strength!"

"Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours."

"Impossible! My culture is based on freedom and self-determination!"

"Freedom is irrelevant. Self-determination is irrelevant. You must comply."

"We would rather die."

"Death is irrelevant. Your archaic cultures are authority driven. To facilitate our introduction into your societies, it has been decided that a human voice will speak for us in all communications. You have been chosen to be that voice."

The crew of the Enterprise-D are gutted when their rescue attempt discovers Captain Picard turned into a Borg! How could this be happening? LOL. Hundreds of thousands of Star Trek fans were glued to their TV screens for the trek ultimate climax wayback in 1990! Its seems so long ago now but I still remember this extraordinary episode with terrifying fascination. So began the famous Enterprise-D battle pitted against the Borg Collective. Everything now rested in Commander Riker's hands giving Captain Blackbeard an even chance to prove himself in the captain's chair. But what about Shelby? At first, I wasn't so sure about her either but Shelby's tactics gifted the Enterprise-D diehards with enough cutting edge technosteam to fight the Borg!

Which side had the superior firepower to obliterate the other ship? What about Captain Picard? The shocking Borg Picard calling the shots from the enemy Borg ship tested my trek allegiance to the core. At the time I thought I was the only one torn in half but my trekkie friends put me right. Best of Both Worlds has two part episodes (in Season 3&4) nominated for the Special Visual Effects Emmy, however the Enterprise's battle yielded little awards for the actors. This suspense thriller is one of my favorite TNG Trek episodes with its spine chilling music winning two Emmys for Star Trek The Next Generation.

Live Long and prosper, Star Trekkers.

Anya the Allasomorph

What is an Allasomorph? Who could have guessed that these females are in fact two bug eyed monsters!!!

All blazes breaks loose when these shapely lovelies beam aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Take a hard look at the shorter allasomorph Anya from Daled IV. Don't you just want to give her a hug? Don't be fooled by her height either because beneath her skin lurks one mighty powerful lass. Yup, thats right. Anya is one mean, beastly governess who can shapshift and kick ass! In any case, she made me split my sides laughing!

While Salia and Anya appear to be normal sentient lifeforms all is not what it seems. These female bug eyes have strange transformational abilities according to the Galactic Zoological Catalogue. Salia is the future leader and last hope for uniting the warring factions on Daled IV. Anya is Salia's vigilant mother/protector and companion. In Star Trek TNG "the Dauphin" episode we discover just how dangerous this creature really is, when Anya changes her molecular shape and tosses Lt Worf around in a fight.

Owner/Creator Paramount Pictures and or CBS Studios.

Anya is touring the flagship Enterprise NCC 1701-D when she discovers a slightly contagious patient in sickbay. In Anya's mind the diseased Hennesy poses a significant threat to Salia's life. She demands action! "Kill the Patient, Destroy the Patient immediately!!!" Rather drastic wouldn't you say?

Dr Pulaski is horrified and tells her to cool her heels. Picard and Worf are understandably baffled by Anya whose mysterious transformation catches Worf completely off guard! Shapeshifting no doubt takes alot of effort but the trouble doesn't end there. Anya the bug eyed furry creature confronts Wesley in his quarters! Just when the poor Enterprise whizkid thought he had it made with the perfect dreamgirl! LOL She spooks the holy crap out of Wesley who been courting and drooling over Salia on the sly. But it gets even better when the young and beautiful Salia springs into a hairy, bug eyed shapeshifter too!

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