Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Star Trek The Ambergris Element

Stardate: 5499.9
Writer: Margaret Armen
Season 1 Episode 13
Star Trek The Animated Series (TAS)
Airdate: 1st Dec, 1973.

The aqua-creature seen in Star Treks animated "The Ambergris Element" is fast and furious! You might even call the huge sea monster "Sur- Snake" one mean marine. I couldn't help but chuckle when I heard the creatures roar. Look at the size of its red "denibian whale" body with all those terrifying razor sharp teeth. This monster is huge, its bigger than a man, I  mean its big!

In the blink of an eye, Sur Snake grabs the USS Enterprise NCC 1701's aquashuttle with its giant mouth like it was a toy. Little did it realise Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Redshirt Clayton were on a mission of mercy, studying the effects of seismic phenomena affecting its native planet Argo.

5 days go by with the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 head honchos MIA. The two are found unable to breathe near the aquashuttle wreckage, somehow transformed into water breathers!The mind twister here is how do you return a water breather into an air breather? Meanwhile in Sickbay, Dr McCoy freely admits hes stumped with a mutated Captain Kirk close to freaking out.

 KIRK "Look at this place. A tank. I can't command a ship from inside an aquarium. I can't live in here." 
MCCOY: What about you, Spock? What does your logic tell you? 
SPOCK: The Captain states the case emotionally, of course, but correctly. 

 An undersea race of intelligent beings calling themselves Aquans fear the air breathers. A severe quake, sunken undersea cities, poisionous underwater creatures, progressive young aquans, surgo ops, hieroglyphics, ancient records and the Tribunal of Aquans lay in wait for our mutated USS Enterprise 1701 duo.

With another massive quake about to hit the area of the Aquan city, will Kirk and Spock find the cure before its too late? 

Which sci fi movie did "the son of a b**** is huge, its bigger than a man, its big! originally come from?

1. Terminator.
2. Predator.
3. Jurassic Park or
4. Alien?

Live Long and Prosper, bloggies and trekkies.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Star Trek TAS "The Time Trap"

AIRDATE: 11/24/73

Stardate 5267.2 In Star Trek's "The Time Trap" episode our USS Enterprise NCC 1701 buddies encounter a tear in time. "Space warps" normally allow ships to travel back and forth, except the Delta Triangle is a little different. Garbled Ship sensors prove unknown forces are definitely at work! In this episode Klingon battlecruisers corner the Federation's flagship Enterprise. An attacking Klingon D-5 class battle-cruiser puts Captain Kirk's crew in fighting form. Fire Phasers!

Amazingly the Klingon ship winks into thin air, so what just happened? A natural phenomena? A 360' visual sweep reveals more Klingon battleships, Kirk has to do something! So the Enterprise tucks tail pursuing the "Klothos" warp-trail only to discover a starship graveyard in an alternate dimension. To up the stakes, failed deflectors, haywire navigation systems, frozen phaser weaponry and dead subspace frequencies create chaos.

The plot thickens when Commander Kor and Kirk are abducted from their battle-bridges. To shed light on their predicament, a ruling council of Elysians lay down the law.

" any act of violence is strictly forbidden, and will be dealt with swiftly and with utmost severity. Questions? " points out a scantily dressed Orion, (Interpreter of Laws,) Devna quite calmly.

I like the fact escape from the void is impossible, No war or violence and living in Peaceful co-existence for centuries? Definitely not what the Commander Kor wanted to hear and being a Klingon he must have been sick to his stomach.

Meanwhile getting back to the 23rd century all hinges on Spock's variables calculating dilithium crystal energy, mass of two ships through a time continuum, and re-entering the 23rd century at the same co-ordinates the Enterprise and Klothos vanished in the Delta Triangle. Why are Scotty's warpcore dilithium crystals rapidly deteriorating? Do Spocks time computations make sense to you at all? We can always rely on Klingons to have a secret agenda, why those denibian slime devils!!!

Live Long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies


Monday, May 18, 2015


For the Blood Boobs and Carnage blogfest, Aliens is my top pick for "Best Sci Fi Movie" in this category. Directed by the Terminator director, James Cameron unleashed a psychological terror far superior to anything I've ever seen for an ation/sci-fi horror nearly 30 years old.

First of let me apologize for the length of this post. Aliens is one of my favorite Science Fiction movies with a great story, characters and terrific dialogue. I've highlighted some really fun moments for you to enjoy.

Another glorious day in the Corps!
A day in the Marine Corps
is like a day on the farm.
Every meal's a banquet,
every paycheck a fortune.
Every formation a parade.
I love the Corps!

The movies intense roller coaster characters, colonial marines, hostile creatures, face huggers and Xenomorphs scampering all around definitely gives me the heebee jeebees every time. I've watched Aliens several times and each time you notice something new. Try watching Aliens in the dark, in a big living room, go on I dare you, turn all the lights off! You might just crack up, lol. Seeing Aliens for the very first time, I confess to being totally caught off guard by the surviving creatures from the alien spaceship. They're so springy and fast on their feet. These things are pure evil with suckers, sharp teeth and acid for blood.

Kane, who went into that ship, said he saw thousands of eggs. Thousands.
Thank you. That will be all.
Goddamn it, that's not all! If one of those things gets down here, that will be all! Then all this bullshit that you think is so important... you can kiss all that goodbye!

 The star of the show Ellen Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver is a class act especially in a genre dominated by macho men. Shes been out in space, "Ellen Ripley" the only survivor from the original ill fated expedition, saves her own ship by expelling an alien creature through the airlock into deep space in the original Alien. Now here she is again in Aliens freaking out because of the Alien. Ripley wakes up from sweaty nightmares, clutching her chest thinking about the creature thing... You've guessed its name by now haven't you? Its the Alien! Ahhhhhh!

Van Leuwen.
Why don't you just check out LV-426?
Because I don't have to. The people there have never complained
about any hostile organism.
What do you mean? What people?
Terraformers. It's what we call a Shake 'n' Bake colony

The good news is the Weyland Company have colonised LV 426. Thats the windy planet where the original "Alien" Nostromo crew landed to find the crashed spaceship full of alien eggs. The bad news is Weyland has lost contact with every man, women and child they conned into going there. So now Weyland's bringing in the Colonial Marines to deal with the crises. Don't you feel safe, already?

Second time round, "Aliens" kick*ss Ripley is tapped to go back to LV 426.  Our hero, Ripley's a real dark horse but first has to contend with a number of Weyland stooges after waking up 57 years later from her cryosleep. I don't think these guys appreciate Ellen Ripley's happy knack of blowing up really expensive sh*t! She might even get a kick out of it. We're talking billions of dollars to terraform a planet.

 Do it, Bishop.
- Hey, not me, man!
Yeah, you. Don't move. Trust me.
All right, knock it off.
Thank you.
Enjoy your meal.
That wasn't funny, man.

Aliens sequel got a magic mix of fear, big corporation greed, moral/ethical dilemmas, the Queen beast showdown, freaky robotic tricks, scary creatures busting out of the walls and marine melodramatics which all add up to pretty kick*ss performances. Theres that word again.

Is this gonna be a stand-up fight, sir, or another bug hunt?

Seeing the battle-scarred shell of the terraformed facility for the first time - just as Ripley and the marines do delivers an eerie sense of dread. So the good guys are sent in to rescue the colonists. The fun begins when Gorman, one of the tough guy marines freezes up at the controls causing Ripley to flip out bigstyle.

 It's too much! Fall back! I told them to fall back. I told them to fall  back.
 They're cut off!
 But what about adversaries, I hear you cry? Aliens 2 isn't your typical sci-fi flick pitting antagonist against protagonist.  In Aliens, Ripley is accompanied by the marines aboard the Sulaco. Ultimately a lot of marines get wiped out, 4 are toasted by grenades, all flatliners. Ka-Boom! But you can't help but like them. Do you remember who this is?

Oh, dear Lord Jesus,
this ain't happenin', man.
This can't be happenin', man.
This isn't happenin'!

I mean, how would you react surrounded by face hugging aliens all popping and hopping? So we've got options. I like the totally awesome scene with Newt played by Carrie Henn wearing her Colonial marines helmet, saluting Hudson. Its intense and seriously fun to watch. When they find that little girl Newt, Newt rocks! The reason we know this to be true is because Newt sussed the creature out. You don't fight aliens, seriously you don't. You just run, you run, you hide, you keep your distance from these creatures. These creatures are not your friends, not your family, in other words be quick on your feet.

This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training. Right?
Why don't you put her in charge?
You better start dealing with it, Hudson. Listen to me. Deal with it, because we need you...
...and I'm sick of your bullsh*t.

 It has to be said the Queen is one mean creature. Shes menacing, creepy and totally horrific for an alien. You won't meet her until showtime. The Queen Mother Beast establishes the fact aliens operate like a hive, beehive, collective mind with the Queen summoning her drones or "foot soldiers" essentially calling the shots. As far as Sci Fi movies go, Aliens has one of the most iconic show downs, one on ones between Ripley and the Queen Mother Beast. The good news is there are two Alien favorites, some fans prefer the Theatrical version (154mins) and others prefer the Director's Cut (137mins). I reckon the Directors or "Special Edition" delivers a more suspenseful action packed cut for anyone determined to watch Aliens. So are you an Alien fan or an Aliens fan?

Have you got what it takes to be a lean mean marine machine? Will you be settling down to watch Aliens in the dark? Do you prefer Ridley Scott's or James Cameron's Aliens? Do you enjoy shaking and quaking?

Live Long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Zombie vs Trekkie

Whats the difference between a Zombie vs a Trekkie? When I discovered "Night of the Living Trekkie" my eyes nearly melted. See for yourselves this video explains everything..

The trailer reads "The following Invasion has been approved for all Sci Fi/Horror Lovers by fellow lovers of Sci-Fi/Horror stuff. Well how could I resist that?

Enjoy the laughs!

Laugh Long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Star Trek TAS "The Terratin Incident"

Star Trek The Animated Series "The Terratin Incident"
Airdate: 17th November, 1973
Stardate: 5577.3
Writer: Paul Schneider
Season 1 Episode 11

In Star Trek TAS "The Terratin Incident" a Lilliputian city struggling to survive volcanic activity erupting on its home world sends out an SOS, twice. When the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 arrives on the scene, it scans the remains of a nearby gas cloud, Arachna except something is afoot. Uhura and Spock intercept a mysterious 200 year old code. One word T-E-R-R-A-T-I-N is detected but who sent it and why?

Captain Kirk has a hunch, so he orders the Enterprise to alter course and head towards the volcanic planet of Cepheus. When they arrive, the bridge-crew are caught off guard when a strange pulse of energy shoots across space like a cannon. Fused circuits, smashed dilithium crystals, contracting organic molecules and shrinking bridge-crew seriously hamper starship operations aboard the ship.

On the planet surface below, Lilliputians have built a rather fantastic city. It turns out the Terra 10 "colonists" had to devise a rescue plan because their planet is teetering on the edge of volcanic meltdown..

Whats really amazing is how these miniature lifeforms totally immobilize the flagship of the Federation! Its funny when they bring the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 to a screeching halt. Everything in the Lilliputian Metropolis from the leader on down is petite. So from a fans perspective, its hard to feel terrified of 2 inch tall characters even with them pointing their sophisticated x-wave weapon at you. How powerful can it really be?

Do you feel like writing a thesis on biology, geology or chemistry?

Seriously you could with the science in this episode! What do you think of the "Terra 10" Lilliputians as major antagonists? Do pocket sized humanoids terrify, amuse or exhilarate you?

 Did we need a creature to liven things up? Did your heart sink when Christine shouted for help?

Live Long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Star Trek Stardate

In my Reflections post, I asked the question, Do you still feel like a Zombie or are you loaded on black coffee? D A Cairns whos blogs at Square Pegs stopped by to say that he was neither followed by a real doozy of a question! Thanks for the high five trekkie.

I do not feel like a Zombie, nor am I powered by coffee, but I am enjoying the original series of Star Trek on DVD atm. You might be able to tell me why the episodes appear on DVD in a different order than they aired on television.

They seem to be organised thematically or chronologically (according to star date). Any thoughts or knowledge you can share?

Thanks DA, for the great Star Trek question. Let me just say I've always prefered Star Trek TNG Stardate system to Star Trek's TOS series because TNG's version makes better sense!

To prove my point. TNG script co-ordinator Eric Stillwell served as the shows keeper of stardates for 5 years.

How do stardates work?

Star Trek TNG uses a neat 5 digit system vs Star Trek The Original Series 4 digit system which for the most part is an entirely different ball game.

During Star Treks classic first production season, stardates advanced on average of about 57 units per episode. Why? No-one knows. It just looked and sounded good.

If you enjoy being tortured with head wrecking trivia, then a detailed official stardate explanation should do the trick! All you've got to do is head over to Memory Alpha. By the time you've read all the ambiguous versions, believe me, you'll be experiencing the onset of Zombie/Trekkie symptoms.

To my mind TNG's clear cut stardate system is far easier to understand than the original, (sorry trekkies. you can beat the pulp out of me up in the comments later.) Heres a short TNG captains log entry to explain what the heck these things stardates mean, enjoy!

Captain log stardate 43999.5

First digit                           =       Shows (24th) century.  (The first digit is always 4 in TNG)
Second digit                        =       Number of the shows current season.
Third, Forth and Fifth digits =       Proceeds unevenly from 000 to 999 and is an episode guide. So 999 equates to the last day of the third season of star trek.

Decimal point/digit               =       The digit following the decimal point is generally regarded as a day counter.
1 unit = 24 hours.

The Head Melting stuff:

The reason Star Trek's classic stardate system is a little perplexing is because theres a few episodes in which stardates go backwards instead of going forwards from the previous weeks show. When I look at the correlating numbers logic goes out the airlock, LOL The official explanation for this phenomena is here:

 Dorothy Fontana explains:
The late arrival of a completed writers script affected the filming of some episodes which put stardates in the original series out of sync. She gave no names!
Is there a simple reason why Star Trek's production dates differ to the show airdates?

Stardates in general were never meant to be scrutinized in detail. The reason stardates fluctuated in TOS is because Star Trek production staff didn't always know which order the TV Network would air the episodes.

 D A asked why the episodes on DVD differed to those aired on television. I've covered TOS and TNG to share my understanding of stardates during Star Trek's production which for one reason or another impacted on television airdates.

Question "why the episodes appear on DVD in a different order than they aired on television?" 

When Star Trek TOS DVDs were released worldwide in 2004 fans got the yellow, blue and red boxsets with 79 regular episodes. We know Star Trek was mass marketed to appeal to fans everywhere.

The classic show episodes are supposed to be listed in order of their original airdates. However It is interesting to note Star Treks original pilot "the cage" isn't present in the classic yellow boxset. "The cage" was rejected as a pilot and never aired until October 15, 1988! The TV network NBC said it was too "cerebral." What it needed was more action and adventure and less geek. It was later included on the final disc in the original and "remastered" Season 3 DVD red boxsets.

Whats not widely known is Herb Solow saved Star Trek from the scrap heap! Gene Roddenberry's writers went back to the drawing board and came up with "Where No Man Has Gone before."  Various factoids have been in play during Star Trek's 50 year reign in the galaxy which include:

1) Star Trek's Production episodes
2) Star Trek's DVD episodes
3) Star Trek TV Network Airdates

Memory Alpha lists Star Trek TOS DVD episodes in production order. While stardates are used to denote time and units per episode, ambiguous levels of meaning have arisen over time. We've had numerous Star Trek shows, trekkie vs trekker debates, Star Trek vs Star Wars, Star Trek reboots, conventions, technobabble,  4 and 5 digit stardate systems.

Which stardate system do you prefer? ? TOS or TNG or are you a Niner, Voyager or Star Trek Enterprise fan????

Where is the confused Techie Trekkie who created all this Star Trek turmoil?  Lets get him! Have you ever seen a Romulan or a Klingon using stardates? Do you feel like having a Nomad meltdown after reading this? 

Can you tell the difference between a real Zombie and a Trekkie? Find out on Friday what the difference is.! 

Slash Live Long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies

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