Monday, May 04, 2015

Spacerguys A to Z Reflections

Its Reflections Time! I'd like to salute every blogger who took part in Aprils 2015 A to Z challenge launched by the big guns in 2010. I had a great time, didn't you? The A to Z bloghop is a great way to locate and share fun new blogs, meet and introduce yourself to others and divvy up on the latest trending topics.

In keeping with tradition, Ninja Clones and Bird Watchers explored nifty new outer limits by high fiving this years blogger spirits. This is my fifth A to Z challenge from beginning to end. I have to admit, the positive blog vibes which flowed during the month of April kept me boldly going...

In keeping with A to Z tradition, I wanted to be a little different from previous years, so my A to Z "Star Trek" theme for 2015 covered a broad range of Science Fiction instead.

During the blogfest I encountered lots of creative energy. Themes contained Recipes, Poetry, Writing Tips, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy, Music, Childrens Writer Hollywood, Love Stories, short stories, Books, Movies, Rhyming Stories,Film Stars, Star Trek, Tina Nit Picking Geekery, Story Visuals and Photo Blogs. I was astounded by the amount of talent and tried to high five everyone.

Did the A to Z challenge energize your mind body and soul?, or were you brainwashed from all the festivity? Do you still feel like a Zombie or are you loaded on black coffee?

Which bloggers, sci-fi fans, writers, trekkers and zombies have you found particularly interesting?

Live Long and Prosper, Bloggies, Zombies and Trekkies!

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