Monday, June 29, 2015


Trekmovie sources have confirmed Paramount Pictures has finally aquired and registered the name for the next Star Trek movie. So what is it? For the last two months the new movie was being hearlded as "Star Trek Beyond." The good news is Trekmovie has cut through much redtape. Now the word is given with Paramounts blessing, hopefully. Star Trek's thirteenth movie title for Director Lin's 2016 sequel is.... "Star Trek Beyond!"

Today Trek is boldy exploring the depts of beyond. Its new territory and dare I say exciting. The new and brash crew of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 are shooting near Vancouver, Canada far away from prying eyes, LOL.

Its still early days yet but we'll know more when production blows the lid off Star Trek's DEEP, UNDERCOVER mission. Kudos goes to Scifipulse who discovered filming began as of Thursday 25th June under the title "Washington." Heres trek's lowdown so far.


1. Justin Lin is Directing and was the "Star Trek Kid" growing up.
2. J.J. Abrams and Robert Orci are producing.
3. Who do you think will become the new face of Star Trek?
4. J.J Abrams was is a Star Wars fan....
5. The final countdown has begun, this is just the beginning.
6. Hail to the Scriptwriters Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.
7. Its time for Zachary Quinto who plays Spock to get his ears on and point his eyebrows. You can find the vulcan at Instagram.
8. Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana who plays Uhura and Zachary Quinto are already on location in Canada.
9. Saldana shared a funny video tagged "#boredatwork."
10. The rest of the USS Enterprise 1701 cast: Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho and Anton Yelchin will be joining Uhura and Mr Spock soon.
11. Idris Elba is rumoured to be on board as the villain but who is he playing? We have to know!
12. Star Trek Beyond's plot details are still Top secret!
13. The Enterprise is going on a Five Year Mission!
14. Sofia Boutella is playing a major role but who is she playing! I bet your gagging now, lol. She played an assassin in "Kingsman." got in on that scoop first.
15. Star Trek Beyond marks the 50th anniversary of the debut TV series, Star Trek.

Who is your favorite Star Trek character? Which Star Trek teaser resonates with you most?

Will Spock and Uhura will have another lovers spat? Are you happy with "Star Trek Beyond"?

Live Long and Beyond, Trekkies, Trekkers and Bloggies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Star Trek TAS - Pirates of Orion

Stardate 6334.1
Writer: Howard Weinstein
Airdate: 7th September, 1974
Season 2 Episode 17

In Star Trek TAS "Pirates of Orion" the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 tracks an Orion spaceship to an explosive asteroid belt. Previously, we enjoyed green Orion Slave Women starring in trek's classic "The Cage."

We know vulcans have green blood, earthers have red. In this animated episode the disease, choriocytosis is deadly to vulcans and Mr Spock in particular who needs the cure Strobolin desperately from Beta Canopus, four days away.

Further analysis from ships Chief Medical Officer, Dr McCoy reveals the infection has entered the Science Officers copper based blood stream. The virus is attacking the cells coating them in something so they can't carry oxygen. To me this sounds like cell death and I can't help but wonder. Star Trek has tackled issues like racial segregation and the cold war etc because its true Science Fiction.

I believe theres a very real message in Pirates of Orion, its like a paradox sent from the past through time, maybe even one sent by Leonard Nimoy himself. I hope hes looking down on us, smiling. "Don't get involved in smoking."

To save time the Enterprise finally catches up with the USS Huron which has taken heavy hits. Kirk beams over. Spock now has 20 hours to live. Remember Melter from Marvel Comics? The commander of the Orion pirate ship was actually a native of Orion and looks like him! I don't want to spoil the ending, lets just say he gets caught in the act. This dude is a true Orion scoundrel. Unless Spock gets a shot of life saving Strobolin, its all over!

A little Captains Trickery is called for but who will win? Captain Kirk or the Orion Captain?
Live Long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies.

MCCOY: Spock, theres no way you can deny it.
SPOCK: Doctor McCoy, I
MCCOY: I've waited a long time for this, and your not going to cheat me.
KIRK: Am I interupting something?
SPOCK: Nothing but Doctor McCoy's gloating.

... just like old times.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Creative Blogger Award from J.A. Scott

I recently experienced a warm trekkie emotion when J. A. Scott chose me for the Creative Blogger award! So I want to thank our friend Jeffrey for the thrill and jubilation of this Award.

I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the blogosphere of bloggies, trekkies and writers who've journeyed with me through time. According to tradition, the Creative Blogger Award has rules. Here they are - :

The rules:

1. Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers.
3. Nominate 10-20 blogs and notify them.
4. Pass on the rules.

J.A. Scotts a huge Science Fiction nerd, reader and blogger who's been writing since 1986. His blog has short stories, poetry, music, photography and is celebrated for R.A.N.T. which translates into "Rage About Nothing, Typically." Don't forget to stop by and enjoy the Sci Fi buzz.

Five Facts about myself:

I am a huge Star Trek fan. I totally enjoy exploring the positive influence Star Trek has on peoples lives, forever constant with tv shows, parodies, movies, characters and stories going boldly.

I made this graphic for Star Trek Sci Fi Blog super imposing the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 into the corner and later added a Klingon bird of prey in full pursuit. Do you think Captain Kirk would run away from a gunfight?

I love eating chocolate. I've switched to dark chocolate because its better for you, lol. I know you believe me but hey thats just my cover-story and I'm stickin' to it.

I made this spaceship! Isn't she a beauty? She's got space running lights and sound effects too.

I love the original version of the Firm's song "Star Trekking Across the Universe" so I've added the lyrics in the link so you can join in the fun and sing along. Don't forget to come back and tell me about your awesome "Star Trekkin' Across The Universe" experience!

I'm nominating the following bloggers for the Creative Bloggers Award:

1. Filmsketchr
2. Elephants Child
3. planetpailly
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5. The Armchair Squid
6. B B Creations
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10. Star Trek Fan Companion
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12. Nigel G Mitchell
13. My Star Trek Scrapbook
14. Bish Denham
15. Hollywood Nuts

Live long and Prosper, Bloggies and Trekkies, LOL

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Trek TAS - The Jihad

Stardate 5683.1
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Airdate: 12th Jan, 1974
Season 1 Episode 14

In Star Trek's (TAS) Season One finale, "The Jihad" is an epic episode unleashing the galaxies fearless on the track of the Soul of Skorr.

Its fun watching these alien warrior races, summoned by the powerful feline Vedala trying to piece together the clues in this stormy, Sherlockian, Star Trek treasure hunt.

Kirk and Spock, a tough reptilian, a multi armed lockpicker, birdman Tchar and a humanoid hunter join forces to thwart a holy war -a jihad- from erupting throughout the galaxy. Our alien heroes root through a "Mad Planet" grappling to retrieve Alar's "peaceful brain" pattern (8). Meanwhile a wolf in sheeps clothing walks amongst them.

Laras eyes freeze on Tchar. In the name of the Seven Gods, why? yells the athletic hunter in her straightforward manner.

I am Tchar, hereditary prince of the Skorr, leader of battles. I will lead my people into glory, to avenge our history.

SPOCK: Most of them will be killed. The warrior races of the Federation will rise up to battle the Skorr.

TCHAR: Yes. A noble death to win a great dream. We will live no longer like worms crawling in the dirt. We will conquer. You will die. But you have my respect. You fought well. You die in grace.

What did Tchar see in the Soul of Skorr? He was quite mad, wasn't he?  Do you believe in the power of religious sculpture? A little bird told me these guys needed a swig of Red Bull, poor devils!

Drink Long and be Joyous, Super Bloggies and Trekkers.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Star Trek TAS - The Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder
Stardate 5501.2.
Writer: David P. Harmon.
First Aired: 1st May, 1974

In Star Trek's TAS "The Eye of the Beholder" the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 locates a missing, Federation Science vessel. The spaceship "Ariel" is found orbiting a Class M planet.

Starships logs reveal the entire crew beamed down to Lactra VII, so why didn't they return? When our Enterprise pals follow pursuit they discover a terraformed planet with dinosaurs, dragon reptiles, forcefields, 20 foot telepathic creatures and a zoo waiting for them.

You may have noticed a lot of creatures in TAS have a beef to pick with Star Trek's protagonists. Unlike Star Trek's TNG's "Armus" or TOS Salt Vampire "Nancy Cramer," many creatures in TAS are powerful, mysterious, "no-name" entities.

The Enterprise ship sensors zero in on lifeforms at a central gathering place. The Lactrans are so formidable beyond even Vulcans on the evolutionary scale, that any attempt to communicate only embarrasses Spock. In his eagerness, Captain James Tiberius Kirk soon finds himself caged like a pet along with Dr McCoy and Spock.

The Enterprise trio need a get out of jail card fast, so Spock suggests faking illness. It turns out the huge Lactran zookeepers find human frailties a complete mystery. So its a piece of cake tricking their kid.

Despite being only about six years old with an IQ in the thousands, Kirk's comrades pull a blinder with a little captain trickery.

When our inquisitive friend finds out about the Enterprise crew, the Federation and planet earth, it tells Mommy and Daddy the good news.

Hey these guys, my friends wanna go home! Can we let them go, Mom? please? They promise to be good!

How do you feel about caged cute dumb animals?

Live long and prosper, super trekkie lifeforms.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Star Trek TAS The Slaver Weapon.

Star Trek TAS The Slaver Weapon.
Writer: Larry Niven
First aired: 15th December 1973
Stardate: 4187.3
Season 1 Episode 14

What, are you out of your Vulcan mind?
 No Phasers on stun?

In Star Trek's "The Slaver Weapon" wild catlike, talking, walking creatures ambush the shuttlecraft Copernicus. The Kzinti alien skipper aka "Chuft Captain" plan was so simple, I'm amazed Commander Spock's away mission walked right into it.

The story begins with the Copernicus Shuttlecrew Spock, Uhura and Sulu transporting a "stasis box" to Starbase 25. Wikipedia defines "Deus ex machina" as a seemingly unsolvable problem, suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object which sums up the Copernicus cargo in a nutshell.

Long ago Slavers created stasis boxes to ship military top secret stuff in a device where time stands still. The enigma deepens when Spock decides to investigate the Beta Lyrae System using his glowing slaver box as a homing beacon. When the Copernicus shuttlecraft lands on a nearby ice planet, we soon learn why Chuft Captain's posse of wildcats are lurking in the shadows.

CHUFT CAPTAIN: We have the female prisoner. Will you bargain or must we take harsh action?

Warlike aliens, stasis boxes, dampening technology, mind-probes, explosions, a suspicious computer requesting code words, hand to hand combat and alien mischief all add up to one thing. A Deus ex machina ending with a big bang.

Why didn't Spock scan for lifeforms on the Beta iceworld before opening the shuttles airlock?

 What about oxygen? Remember Guy Fleegman in Galaxy Quest? HEY! Don't open that! It's an alien planet! Is here air? You don't know!

What would you have done?

Live long and Prosper, bloggies and trekkies.


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