Monday, June 03, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Verdict

Star Trek XII is now the highest earner of Star Trek's franchise with takings of $328 million in 18 days! J.J. Abrams has done it again! Rotten Tomato critics have given Star Trek Into Darkness the thumbs up with 87 points. Apparently trek's sequel isn't as fresh as the prequel yet it is visually spectacular. The verdict?

 I reckon a worldwide $330M boxoffice hit speaks for itself. This time round we get a "rock solid" sequel filmed with 3D action sequences. James Cameron, Avatar's Creator was onboard during Badrobots 3D conversion process giving the film that special alternate reality dimension to fill seats.  Since the relaunch of Abram's Star Trek we've got an action packed origin story with a younger crew rebooting history. (Don't worry we won't peek, hehe.)

When Londons Section 31 building blows up, Starfleets covert operations is no longer secret. I guess Earth needs more undercover guys. In any case John Harrison (who is the genetically augmented superhuman) is really Khan hellbent on revenge. So he devises a masterplan to flush out Starfleet's top brass for some target shooting practise.

Amazingly the Admiralties battle strategists assemble in a war room full of glass windows. Perfect for an aerial ambush with Khan's gunship waiting in the wings, right outside! Kirks the only one whose combat instincts tell him to do something, fast! Remember Ripley yelling at Gorman in Aliens 2, "DO SOMETHING! F**K!!!" I think Star Trek Into Darkness needed an indecisive character with frailities like Gormans but I digress.

"You're just a PAWN Kirk, you cannot even guarantee the safety of your own crew!"

Khan is like a predator playing with his prey. Treks dark villain knew exactly how and where to take his enemies out. He simply wants payback because Starfleet's good guys broke their word! The plot thickens when Admiral Marcus pops up which leads us to the epic manhunt and another mystery. The 72 long range prototype torpedoes with Botany Bay's frozen souls trapped inside. We have to remember, Khan isn't just the bad guy, hes on a mission.

For ages the "John Harrison" mystery led us off course about the baddies true identity. Did you enjoy being kept in the dark, guessing? When Admiral Marcus revealed the existence of a Top Secret Undercover Agent, hes obviously trying to cover his tracks. Starfleet isn't supposed to be a cloak and dagger operation. The Admiral is hiding something because hes dirty but does Kirk realise this?.

How do you rate our space crusaders this time?
What did you make of Pikes final curtain call?
Did you enjoy Dr Carol Marcus striptease with Uhura's heavy breather gawping on standby?
Did Cumberbatches Khanspeak freeze you to your seat?  "No ship should go down without her captain."

Live Long and Prosper.

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