Monday, March 01, 2021

Red Eyes Contagion

Hi Trekkers, In keeping with wordy fun, every month Elephant Child calls upon us to write. Today I am using words prompts provided by Alex J Cavanaugh as is tradition on E.C. blog. Prompts will be provided next month by Hilary Melton Butcher Here are the two sets of words, you can use either or all 14. Tell me what you think of my sci-fi story. Can you see the movie I based these characters on? Enjoy



 "The games up" declares Captain Ninja of the USS Stormtrooper as he slings the lollybag across the rec table. Curiously a strange "earwig thing crawls out staring at the squad with it watery eyes and tries to bolt for it.

“Ugh” grumbles the squad choking down Guacamole.

"You can skedaddle if you want too but some Nitwit is trying to pick us off with these poisonous thingamajigs"

Carlos looks at his lobster and thows up. The rest of the squad groan in disgust pushing their plates away.

What kind of malarkey is this? sneers Lizzy amid the pandemonium and fear breaking out at the dinner table. Mateo stands up objecting crushing the horrible arthropod with the heel of his boot. The creature squeaked in protest but died fast.

"This whole mission has been a fiasco"

"Piffle" says Lizzy unconvinced enjoying her lemon pie custard dessert. "Your mean Mateo, why you kill that creature?" fire burning in her eyes.

"Oh Yeah? easy for you to say sleeping on top bunk with all those things crawling around!"

"Settle down squad"  states Ninja calmly


"You guys are all heart" replies Carlos sick as a dog.

Suddenly the starship lurches to one side as the computer announces yellow alert in a rather drunken staggered voice.


"OMG!!! LOOK" cowers someone. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE, Now"

AMID the chaos a beaming10ft feathered creature paces into the rec room. Its feet look wet staining the deckplates almost like..... it clefts had ripped something apart in the gazebo but what???. 

Ninjas squad are frozen stuck to the floor in fear as the intruder licked its beak.

The creatures red eyes glow when it speaks echoing a strange alien language across the chamber. Whoever it is, he points at Ninja. 

"You "Huzzah" die!" 

It was definitely on about something figured the squad planning their next move.

"Good Grief!!! Red Alert!!!" yelled Ninja ducking for cover as the alien goes beserk spraying a deadly sea of liquefying venom from its nostrils.

"What the hell?" cries Mateo firing off rounds from his UZI ak47 photon phaser rifle.

"STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY  FAILURE"  chimes the female voice computer happily as the deck plates groan under their own weight and buckle dreadfully sinking.

"Well thats just f*ckking great and who the hell put her in charge???? laments Mateo yelling frantically

"I've never lost a flagship before...NEVER EVER!!!" sighs Ninja shocked but taking a firm grip on reality amid wailing sirens. 

"We're leaving!" cries Carlos "Lets get the h*ll outta here!" In the distance alien feathered creepers can be heard gasping hungrily and advancing.  

Cool as a cucumber the Alien Commander in Chief advances speaking for the second time. Its voice heavy echoes with menace as he folds his feathers and laughs through his beak. 

"I am Red Eyes.....NINJA, its you or me!

....again the flagship Stormtrooper lurches to one side... sending the room into darkness....throwing everyone asunder. "Curse this place I hate it"

"Aghhhh - !" Fast as lightening Ninja strikes as the feathered creepers close in on the squad. lol 

"How does it feel to face your own extinction human?" taunts the alien cic bezerk with manic laughter..


"Never..... retreat or die Red Eyes, commands Ninja gripping a fist of feathers in his hand...... "computer set the ship to self-destruct"

The Alien Commander eyes widen in rage then terrified fear, "Nooooo please!!!!"

All the escape hatches fly open creating a vacuum as molecules collide and creepers fly screaming one by one through the air. The Storm trooper Ninjas have trained for battle simulations such as these only now....


Ninja nods grinning with his hands around Red Eyes throat. 

"Assimilate this!"  

Is Captain Ninja too late or has Red Eyes won? 


Thursday, February 25, 2021


Hi Trekkers, seems like covid has hammered home a good volley of photon torpedoes towards Starfleets legendary USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Will the shields hold or weaken? How much longer can you hold out for? I hope you're keeping well my friends. So the big Question on all our minds -  "Is Star Trek 4 dead in space?


Negotiations with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth ended in Aug 2018 along with boldly returning to the kelvin timeline. Will our beloved USS Enterprise ever be re-appearing on the big screen again anytime soon? Is this game over? My understanding is J.J. Abrams is still Star Trek's movie aegis, so I'm sure he realizes millions of loyal trekkies around the world are still watching their every move....!!!!!!

Fans were counting on the "Kelvin Star Trek Creator" to beam trek into our lives again. So much hope. We've had so many quitter movie "directors" slinging their hooks on us trekkers and calling it a day. Meanwhile lets not forget Disney basking in the glory with BoxOffice hits after heisting Treks only Star Trek's Kelvin expert in the universe. Some might even say BadRobot & Co helped produce Star Wars with geekside wizardry utilizing the darkside into a smash hit epic for fans. I guess the practise runs on Star Trek helped eh?. Touché DISNEY -  Some might speculate Whats next? remember Gulf and Western? look what happened to them. 


 Since Aug 2018 Quentin Tarantino has decided not to direct his Star Trek film which I guess means he didn't get the "R rated" green light from Paramount Pictures. Noah Hawley was hired in November 2019 to write and direct a new version of the franchise which has been canned also. It seems theres a new head honcho at Paramount calling the shots and her name is Emma Watts. Deadline got scoop. 


DEADLINE: And is Star Trek possibly still in the cards for you at the new Emma Watts-run Paramount or is that too on hold?

HAWLEY: It doesn’t appear to be in my immediate future. I think when Emma came in, she took a look at the franchise and wanted to go in a different direction with it. But you know, life is long, we were very close to production but in this business that doesn’t mean much. You got to get out of the gate to be in the race if you know what I mean.

Should we light a campsite fire and sing row, row, row your ship gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Trek is just a dream. 

What would Spock say?

Who is Star Trek's Kelvin Creator in your opinion?

1. Gene Roddenberry

2. J.J. Abrams

3. Emma Watts

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers 

Monday, January 25, 2021


 Hi Trekkers. To usher in 2021 heres some fun Star Trek The Next Generation blooper reels which should crack you up. These classic TNG recordings are spliced together"out-takes" showing how actors keep it together when they forget their lines, mostly by goofing off. The shows creator Gene Roddenberry even gets in on the act and If you thought Klingons didn't laugh, well guess again.

 Patrick Stewart goofs off on camera and utters the order “engage” instead of“energize,” "which is what we say in this room" Picard explains.... causing Frakes, Marina Sirtis and Colm Meaney to laugh.

The crew had long shifts and for Dorn 3.5 hours to create and transform with the Klingon ridge forehead, thankfully for Brent Spiner it took only 75 minutes to put on his metallic android paint he said. 

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers

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