Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nichelle Nichol's encounter with MLK.

In 1966 Nichelle Nichols starred as Lt Nyota Uhura for three seasons in Star Trek's classic series going boldly where no woman has gone before. Heres the audio with Nichelle Nichol's telling her story, its quite fascinating really. For some reason the stars were smiling on Nichelle that faithful weekend when she ran into her biggest fan, Martin Luther King at a Los Angeles NAACP dinner.

During conversation it emerged Nichelle had decided to close her hailing frequencies once and for all. The news didn't go down well with Gene Roddenberry or Martin Luther King who told Nichelle the stark facts of reality. In essense Uhura's character was too important! She showed the nation on tv a universe where African-Americans were seen as they should be seen, Equals. She couldn't abandon the Enterprise now!

Hailing Frequencies Open, trekkers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Star Trek's 2013 movie sequel

Recently Robert Orci confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch isn't playing Gary Mitchell in Star Trek's 2013 movie sequel. In his interview with Trekmovie Robert Orci brings us up to warpspeed. For now Star Trek's writers are trying their best not to talk about who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. You have to hand it to them. This kind of movie chicanery builds more intense trek suspense.

In his exclusive interview he reveals some spoilers about Star Trek 2013 new characters cleverly diverting us away from Karl Urban's villainous statement. Heres what we know.

1. We can expect our first sequel trailer to be rolled out in the fall.
2. Trek's writers are down to final names for the movie.
3. Alice Eve is playing a Canon Character.
4. Noel Clarke and Nanzeen Contractor are New Characters.
5. Peter Weller and Joseph Gatt are New Characters too.
6. and the Biggie...Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a Canon Character!
7. The identity of Star Trek's villain is still Top Secret.
8. We do know Alice Eve and Cumberbatch will be playing unique characters from Star Trek the original series!
9. Some have said over at the studio that Star Trek's sequel is better than the prequel.
10. Gary Mitchell isn't a runner but what about Khan?
11. ILM are adding the special effects right now.
12. Team Abrams are trying to preserve the movie experience by keeping it under wraps for as long as possible!
13. We will see James T. Kirk calling the shots from the USS Enterprise captain's chair.
14. Star Trek 2013 will be shot in 3D format.

ScienceFiction.com suspect 'Karl Urban of having punked fans. So there you have it trekinators. In the good spirit of star trek we got punk'd, good, hehe.

Theorize long and prosper, trekinators.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Star Trek 2's latest villain?


Star Trek's latest Enterprising sequel is definitely steeped in a cloak of mystery except now the shields are weakening! I never thought I'd hear myself say, Yesss! Great, Shields Weakening!!! But its true! Earlier this year Star Trek Sci Fi Blog dished the trek about whos gunning the good guys in Star Trek 2's sequel, except we were wrong.

So whos the bad guy? We hear you ask.

FACT: Fans know Star Trek 2's sequel wrapped up filming by June 2012. Star Trek 2 is set to hit cinemas in May 2013.

At Trekmovie Lieutenant Alex Kurtzman stuck to his phasers backing secretive Trek Bosses, whose production plans DIDN'T include spilling the beans about Star Trek or about the movies latest Villain.

FACT: So we've been told little until now...

Set your phasers on silver eyed esper with delusions of Godhood. hehe!

FACT: Apparently, a little birdie resurrected Gary Mitchel!

But who did this and why?

FACT: Speculation is running rife on the internet about why Karl Urban who plays our cranky Dr McCoy dropped his hypo. Rumor has it, Bones kinda blabbed about Star Trek 2's big bad wolf at SFX.

In June Kurtzman stated at Trek Movie 'theres going to be NO Star Trek for San Diego's Comic Con' in July. Something tells me trek's bosses will be sending out damage control parties to Comic Con? The good doctor has given us enough cordrazine high to last us well into 2013.

Urban's slipup at SFX was probably unintentional despite complimenting Cumberbatch, it doesn't take a trekkie to figure out who's going to take on the crew of Star Trek's USS Enterprise NCC 1701.

"He's awesome, he's a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary."

I can scarcely believe this news is on the web.

Esper Long and Prosper, Trekinators!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Spock Inspects Uhura

It doesn't take a trekkie to realize this cunning little vulcan is up to something. Clearly by all accounts a photo-shop. Its obvious the vulcan's fingers are probing Uhura's Starfleet uniform seeking out new lifeforms purely for scientific research, hehe.

But decide for yourselves. Is Mr Spocks 'personal examination' on Uhura suspect or is the vulcan enjoying himself? I mean look at where he's placed his hands.

But all joking aside... really ask yourself...

Does Spock's investigation counts as a proper Mind Meld?

Probe long and Prosper, trekinators.

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