The links on this page will beam you to the furthest corners of the galaxy currently hosting Star Trek and Science Fiction Conventions for 2015 and 2016. Enjoy the Sci Fi buzz Trekkers, Trekkies and Niners!

Akron Comic Con

Back Porch Comics

Big Apple Comic Con

Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore 1999 Worldcon

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Central Canada Comic Con

Cincinnaticomic Expo


Convention Scene

Creation Entertainment Las Vegas

Creation Entertainment 2016 Calendar

Creation Entertainment

Cruise Trek

Comic Con International 2016 Updates

Dallas Comic Con


Comic Con France

DemiCon (Des Moines, Iowa)

Denver Comic Con

Destination Star Trek

DragonCon Atlanta

Emerald City Comicon

East European Comic Con

Gemcity Comic Con

Gallifrey One California

Gen Con LLC

Jim and Dan Comics

Comic Con India

Light Speed Productions

London Film and Comic Con

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Long Beach Comic and Horror Con

MCM London Comic Con

Middle East Film and Comic Con

Millennicon (Kings Island, Ohio)

Motor City Comic Con

Montreal Comiccon

Motor City (Detroit, Michigan)

Niagra Falls Comic Con

New York Comic Con

Ottawa Comic Con


Phoenix Comic Con


Russian Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

Scifi Conventions

Salt Lake City

Science Fiction and Fantasy Con

Shore Leave Home Page (Maryland)

Smudge Expo

StarLand Cons

Vulcan Events

Polaris Canada


Starbase Indy

Starfury (UK)

Supernova Pop Culture Expo

Toronto Comicon

Trek Fest

Tristate Con

Northwest Science Fiction Resources


Wales Comic Con

Wizard World Austin Comic Con

Upcoming Wizard Cons

World Science Fiction Convention

Boston, MA
 - Official Star Trek Convention

Chicago, IL
 - Salute to Supernatural
 - The Vampire Diaries Official Convention
 - Official Star Trek Convention
 - Official STARGATE Convention

Dallas, TX
 - Salute to Supernatural

Detroit Area, MI
 - The Twilight Saga Official Convention

Las Vegas, NV
 - Salute to Supernatural
 - The Vampire Diaries Official Convention

 The Official Star Trek Convention

Los Angeles, CA
- The Twilight Saga:
- The Official Xena Convention
- Grandslam Convention: The Star Trek & Sci-Fi Summit

Nashville, TN
Official Star Trek Convention
The Vampire Diaries Official Convention

Parsippany, NJ
 - The Twilight Saga Official Convention
 - The Vampire Diaries Official Convention

Philadelphia Area
 - Philly Star Trek Convention

San Francisco, CA
 - San Francisco Star Trek Convention

Toronto, ON
 - Toronto Supernatural

Vancouver, BC
 - Salute to Supernatural

Whippany, NJ
 - Salute to Supernatural


sherlockbanner said...

This is a wonderfully comprehensive list. I was glad to see an Ohio convention on there, and one I hadn't heard of before. Thanks for the info, I needed it for my website. (

Spacerguy said...

Make yourself at home Sherlock, if you need anything else just go ahead and ask.

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