Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zachary Quinto aka Young Spock

Merciless and brain-hungry, power crazed madman Sylar is now flexing his new found evil potency after slaughtering and feasting on his latest victim....but who am I talking about? why Zachary Quinto of course. We've come to love this murdering villain in the hit series Heroes where the past and future reveals super humans of amazing ability, good and evil with designs never far from saving or exterminating earths mass populations. Zachary Quinto has landed young Spock's role in the Star Trek XI movie for good reason, with his sharp acting skills already thrilling audiences around the world, Zach's eagerness to get young Spock's job was granted. Now look deeply into those eyes, if you dare!


" I think I always phrased it that I was a Star Trek fan but not a fanatic. I was always aware of it and interested in it, but not necessarily as fully immersed in it as many other people have been." "I think that the more I talked about it (during publicity work of Heroes) the more I generated an awareness and, for a lack of a better word, a buzz among Star Trek fans" Zachary said.

That sort of built, as my character emerged and gained popularity on the series. I think it was just a real recipe of the right time, the right project and the right role, combined with my elevated exposure as a result of the show, that put me in the mind of the casting directors and the producers when they started the process of trying to fill this role. I was very fortunate that all the stars aligned, so to speak."

Live Long and Prosper, aliens and trekkers!
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