Friday, February 12, 2010

Star Trek Walk of Fame

Its great to see Zach and Leonard chatting like this. I remember when I got to meet Leonard Nimoy once in my lifetime. Wait, don't fire your phasers just yet!.........just give me a chance to explain everything. It was 1995 and I remember our encounter just like it was yesterday. Maybe Spock was using telepathy on me to strengthen my weakling human mind. I'm not sure but all kidding aside, No. I didn't follow the poor guy back to his house, I mean, c'mon trekkies, theres a place and a time for everything don't you think? As it turned out, I was outside Easons top bookstore adjacent O' Connel Street in Ireland with my purchased copy of Mr Nimoy's book "I am Spock."

Me and thousands of other trekkies queued up to Easons from at least a block away. This was a truly special occasion. I didn't mind waiting either because I knew, trekkies would soon be meeting their Star Trek hero, Mr Leonard Nimoy live in the flesh except without the ears!
I was grateful the heavens didn't shower us in rain while waiting outside and after what seemed like an eternity, I was finally ushered indoors to join another awesome queue!

This place Easons was buzzing with excited trekkies and trekkers who were totally amped about meeting Leonard Nimoy with the release of his new book, I Am Spock. Of course Leonard was getting all the attention that day so I'm sure his alter ego Spock was feeling just a tad miffed. Sure enough, Star Trek fans were thrilled to be there with cameras out capturing the trekkie buzz filling the room. Even Mr Spock snook a few moments to unite with the trekkies by returning the Vulcan, Live Long and Prosper salute.

Then it happened. Suddenly, the whole room grew quiet and a big sea of people opened up in front of ME. I can honestly say, I've never experienced anything quite like this in my entire life. Everyone stood back and suddenly I was no longer part of the crowd peering in for a look over the roped enclosure but a V.I.P. Trekkie on his way to meet Mr Leonard Nimoy! The green blooded Vulcan in Star Trek TOS. Mr Spock was probably envious with jealousy but he hid it well, hehe.

 The red carpet was rolled out and trekkies were gazing into space watching my every move. Yes, I have to admit I did have a small burst of emotion. Okay, so it wasn't so small. It was however, pure joy and I could see it, being reciprocated on every trekkies face beaming at me from the other side of the carpeted enclosure as they wished me good luck with their glazed over, starry eyes.

I took a few steps forward clutching my hardback copy "I Am Spock" firmly in my hands and could barely contain my composure. The carpeted enclosure was laid out at a 90 degree angle with masses of star trek fans packed in at the sides. It wasn't until I rounded the corner that I glanced Leonard Nimoy in his black suit. Mr Spock looked very different without the ears. I could hear cameras clicking away as I totally enjoyed my walk through time, experiencing (with a huge grin on my face), the full range of terrestrial emotions specially saved up for Star Trek Stars. I was truly on cloud nine and was loving every moment of it. Mr Nimoy smiled patiently, waiting for me (as a fog of trekkie happiness descended upon my earthling thoughts with universal instructions) to move my feet! The floor felt so soft as I breezed up to Leonard Nimoy from a trek that materialized me from another world. I had absolutely no idea where I was but at least I was smiling.

My stupid grin on my face probably would have freaked most people out but not Leonard Nimoy who probably realized this was a big moment for me. No-one keeps the great vulcan waiting! I still hadn't put my book down for Mr Nimoy to sign so I guess its time for me to fess up. Yes, I was momentarily star struck. Mr Spock was probably totally disappointed with my lack of social graces but at least I have some excuse being human. In the end Leonard Nimoy reached for my copy of "I Am Spock" signed my book and smiled at ME. Meeting Leonard Nimoy aka Spock from Star Trek the Original Series is no small experience!

 I was choked for words with even my hand betraying me, so Leonard wished me well. The meeting of minds between Star Trek stars and Trekkies is a truly awesome experience and when its time to go, you treasure that lasting memory forever. I knew my stardom was fading fast and realised it was time to scram. Inside my head my trekkie thoughts were desperately urging me to say, "Live Long and Prosper, Leonard." but all that came out was a squeak. Parting is such sweet sorrow!!! I took one last glance back to that special place where leonard and I met and as turned to go, I spotted a trekkie hurrying down the Star Trek Walk of Fame.

Reluctantly my feet starting moving again and I could see where the security guy was ushering me towards. It was the huge sea of trekkies squashed in at the exit side of the roped enclosure! XD. How could Security do this to me? Didn't they know who I was? I was a V.I.P Trekkie who had just met Spock the man. The store security guy had no right to trespass on my trekkie limelight ending my dream but he was just doing his job. I could feel my trekkie rush slowly ebbing away as I re-joined my trekkie compatriots at the other side of the great barrier but took heart in meeting new trekkie friends. Everyone enjoyed their experience along the Star Trek Walk of Fame. Trekkie vibes buzzed around filling the hall with the excitement atmosphere of a real Star Trek convention. We stayed until the very end and saw Mr Nimoy off who threw his hand up for fans with "Live Long and Prosper" chimes and hands flying up around the room. MIB suits surrounded Leonard who departed from our company by using Eason's lift to the roof, where I suspect a helicopter whisked him away to his next engagement.

Live Long and Prosper, trekkers and trekkies.
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