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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Lights, Camera, Action!  C is for close call.

Some say Star Trek V directed by William Shatner nearly killed off the movie franchise, lucky for us trek survived. Granted "The Final Frontier" has continuity errors, Kirk spinning around on wires in his scraps with Sybok and 78 decks in the Enterprise-A instead of 23, which is totally illogical! Searching the universe for God wasn't the cleverest idea either. The bearded guy got very angry when Kirk tried to check out his credentials. It would appear even God has to pass a vetting test before commanding the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A. Despite awful reviews, this movie isn't a complete flop considering it bagged $52 million bucks in 1989 clearing a $22 million profit.

The good news is William Shatner got his big moment in the Director's chair so five films in, how could it get any worse?

C is also for Connerys Crusades who you might say had a lucky escape. Uh ohh.... Apparently Sean Connery was filming Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the time saving him from having to play the pointy eared Sybok, Mr Spock's brother in Star Trek V.

I bet Connery got down on his bended knees and thanked his lucky stars. Wasn't it lucky he was behind the camera? You decide. Who's the antagonist in Star Trek V 'The Final Frontier.' Is it the renegade Vulcan Sybok? Or the Klingon Korrd or the God entity?

Crusade long and Prosper, Trekinators.

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