Tuesday, April 03, 2012

D is for DeForest

D is for DeForest Kelly but who is he? DeForest is the lovable, cranky, argumentative Chief Medical Officer from Star Trek's classic series who hates using transporters! Sadly D is no longer with us but his spirit lives on as the emotional country doctor Dr Leonard H. McCoy also played by Karl Urban in Star Trek's 2009 movie.

We know from Starfleet's Medical that Dr McCoy donned the uniform in 1966 and cared about patients welfare between sips of saurian brandy, which he only used for medicinal purposes! You can't help but miss the ol' coot who had the heart of a poet and frailties which fans could identify with.

DeForest wrote a wonderful long poem called The Big Bird's Dream as a tribute to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek delighting fans at Star Trek conventions.


  1. He played the character of Dr McCoy so well!

  2. I thought Urban did a phenomenal job with Kelly's mannerisms. That movie was pretty good.
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins
    Film Sketchr

  3. One of my favourite characters in Trek, gotta love the grumpiness and the casual xenophobia towards Spock haha. I always wondered what his parents were thinking, calling him DeForest though. Then again I can't talk...

    Tegan Wilson

  4. Lyda, McCoy hates transporters because hes afraid of them.

    Maurice I beleive Karl Urban is a star trek fan!

  5. He made an excellent Decoy and I liked Karl Urban as him in the 2009 Star Trek movie. He's a cranky old man with a lot of character.

  6. I've been a Star Trek fan since they first came on television. I also loved the 2009 movie. My favorite is' The voyage Home' Looking forward to seeing more. Happy to meet you.
    Live long and prosper.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  7. I saw him in several other movies. I like watching old movies. And he was a great actor. RIP Deforest.

  8. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I think that Leonard and Bill were truly blessed to have such a wonderful man as their friend. If I ever met them, we would have something in common because a close family friend of mine lost his battle with cancer last April. He's not really dead because his memory lives on in our hearts.


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