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Monday, October 26, 2020

TREKKER SAMANTHA CRISTOFORETTI - Earths first Italian female astronaut

 Hi Trekkers, I'm happy to announce Earths first Italian female astronaut and engineer Samantha Cristoforetti - boldly exploring outerspace wearing a Star Trek Voyager uniform only take a close look. Shes reached deep into the hearts and minds of trek fans right across the space time continuum. How cool is that? and shes a trekkie!

theres coffee in that nebula
Samantha Cristoforetti aboard the ISS
 it must be time for a brew!

 A trained trusted fighter pilot sipping her morning coffee aboard the International Space Station orbiting Earth. Now what does that remind you of? USS Voyagers NCC 74656 Neelix will tell anyone brewing espresso requires precise scientific engineering when in space. Remember the bride of Chaotica?  "I leave it in your capable hands."

                                           Hailing frequencies open about something,
Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy.
ISS Expedition 43 crewmember Cristaforetti giving the Vulcan salute in 2015 to honor

So what does it take to become an  astronaut in outspace boldly going where no earthie has ever gone before? 

Lets not fool ourselves trekkers,  put away the toy phasers  😁😑 Its time for work! Heres what Samantha Cristoforetti achieved vs NASA and STARFLEET's recruitment fundamentals.

1. You need Brains, nerves of steel and sharp wits 

2. Secondary school education in 1996

3. Exchange student for one year in USA in 2001 

4. Mechanical Engineering Masters degree graduated in Germany with qualifications in Aerospace, Propulsion and lightweight structures.  -

5. Four months at Ecole Nationale Superieure and at l'Aéronautique and at l'Espace work on aerodynamics

6. Wrote Masters thesis in solid rocket propellants learnt at the University of Chemical Technologies in Moscow, Russia. - Its interesting despite all the competition in the world  😁 things are only impossible until they are not but one fact is clear.

Scientists, Doctors and Astronauts unite sharing ideas, technology and resources across all nations for the prosperity of our happy ball of humanoids on our world, in our universe just like in Star Trek. The significant message Samantha Cristoforetti is making by wearing her Star Trek uniform couldn't be more evident. Peace on Earth. Save Earth for future generations being our primary mission.

Samantha Cristoforetti - Change Climate Change

7. Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Sciences, Naples Italy 2005.

8. Samantha joined Italian Airforce academy in 2001 and graduated in 2005

9. Served as class leader and received Honour Sword for best academic achievement. 

10. 2005 to 2006 Air Force base in Texas received Euro/Nato joint jet Pilot Training. She became a fighter pilot assigned to the 132nd Squadron, 51st Bomber Wing based in Italy.

11. Fighter fundamentals training completed in 2007.

12. Flew MB 339 and served the Plan and Operation Section for the 51st Bomber Wing  in Italy.

Captain Samantha Cristoforetti

13. In 2008 Samantha joined the 101st Squadron , 32 Bomber Wing based in Italy to complete training for AM-X ground attack fighter which makes her a Captain in the Italian  Air Force and a trekkie one😁

14. 500 hours logged having flown six types of military aircraft SF-260, T-37, T-38, MB-339A, MB-3339CD and AM-X. Samantha Cristoforetti was ready, trained and an ultimate trekkie badass. Check her out. Shes got the missiles and the ultimate ball breakers so no messing with her! 

The kicker is after all the nukes knives and sticks enough to defeat any delta-force in the federation 😁she resigned on 31st December 2019 but you know what this means readers don't you?

15. Today NASA selection process is tough. You've got to be highly trained and alert with degrees, candidates must also have skills in leadership, teamwork and communications. You know The motto of Starfleet Academy is "ex astris, scientia which means "from the stars, knowledge."

Conducting a Lunar South Pole Test

 To qualify, entrants must first meet the basic requirements to satisfy Starfleet by submitting to a test. So NASA (who consulted Gene Roddenberry because his starship designs were so precise) has the same goals and selection protocols only in a different timeline. 

Samantha Cristoforetti was selected as an ESA astronaut in September 2009. She became a bonafide Astronaut in November 2010.

What does the W.O.R.F. patch represent?

1. World Order Religious Friendship?

2. When NASA was designing an Earth observation facility for the ISS to make use of its optical quality window, its formal acronym became the Window Observational Research Facility 

3. Michael Dorns brand new Star Trek Worf show?

Live Long and Prosper my Trekker aeronautical friends.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Star Trek Beyer Books - David Mack Novel

Star Trek books, novels, and comics are ready with Star Trek Discovery only weeks away now - 24th Sept. Kirsten Beyer has written tons of Star Trek Voyager books listed on Amazon. Shes also behind the comic book series along with Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen

Trekkers can now nerd out on the first Star Trek Discovery novel. "Desperate Hours" for sale on Amazon. Written by New York Times best-selling author David Mack. Publishers Simon and Schuster are under license from CBS Consumer Products. Wasn't that fast? Now, all we need are some scantily clad Dabo girls, a roulette wheel, and latinum gold and we're away. Smiling for the camera, Kirsten Beyer will oversee the series.

Say cheez, because it lights camera action! Well, that's Trek showbiz folks.

Live long and Prosper

Heres one of Kirstens Voyagers Novels - Read Long and Prosper!

And here is David Mack's Star Trek Discovery Novel -  

Which book cover rocks your world?

Star Trek Disc features a Klingon for its first new comic book series.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

King Abdullah's 'Investigations'

K is for King Abdullah. Star Trek Voyagers 'Investigations' episode is quite the surprise. In 1996, a Jordanian Star Trek fan was but a mere Prince. He landed a non-speaking role in Star Trek Voyager as a Science Officer. When Moral Officer Neelix strikes up a conversation with Harry Kim, Science Officer Abdullah departs the scene rather quickly.

7 years later Jordan's avid Star Trek fan is a King! Apparently he was visiting the States as part of a military delegation and had to stopover in L.A. A friend offered to arrange for the prince to visit Voyagers' film set and try on a uniform.

'Then the next thing, when I actually showed up, they said that if you want, you can stand in. So it wasn't planned, it just turned out that way. I had a great time.'

How cool is this? Are you a fan of Star Trek Voyager? Do you wear costumes to Star trek conventions?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Star Trek Voyager's Clown

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

Your a lost space explorer aboard the starship Voyager. I tuned in each week way back in 1995 and enjoyed Star Trek Voyager's epic sense of solidarity. Heres a crew severed 70,000 light years away from their Starfleet family and friends stuck in Delta Quadrant! Imagine looking out a porthole and seeing the stars whizzing by, wouldn't you feel a weird hungering ache calling you home? Voyagers crew are pitted against several alien races and gain popularity when the Borg arrive on the scene. Heres my five cents.

Nevertheless I'm willing to explore my humanity. Take off your clothes! Don't be alarmed I won't hurt you.

Seven of Nine is the beautiful Borg babe who definitely pushed all the right buttons replacing Kes and sparring occasionally with the EMH played by Robert Picardo. The good doctors sharp bedside tongue is programmed to counter wisecracks easily and deflate egos in a flash, LOL. Picardo confrontational exchanges with the 'Clown' are sweet. (See end)

"How am I supposed to negotiate if I don't know what you're thinking?" CLOWN

"I have a very trustworthy face. EMH

(Someone takes the Clown's hand and lifts it away from Kim.)

EMH: Excuse me, you're not holding that properly. Correct positioning of the index finger is necessary for optimal dexterity.

(The EMH throws the scalpel away.)

Captain Janeway delivers the goods when shes thrown in at the deep end provided squeaky gets her usual high intake of caffeine. She doesn't mind beaming into dangerous away missions either unlike her First Officer. I believe some fans found her nasal voice just a bit too much to handle, LOL but on the whole Janeway is strong willed and sound because the crew believe in her resourcefulness to get them home.

"I don't compromise with Borg."

"Listen to me very carefully because I'm only going to say this once. Coffee. Black."

Chakotay is a great one for the vision quests with the quiet voice. Before serving as Voyager's first officer on her 7 year voyage back to Earth, Chakotay resigned Starfleet after years of service in order to join the Maquis to defend his home colony against the Cardassians. While the First Officer's native american tattoo fits with this tough guy persona, lets face facts. Chakotay is the Maquis middleman who kept the peace aboard Voyager.

Chakotay to Voyager! Emergency Beam out!

The vulcan Mr Tuvoc makes a fair go as Voyager's Tactical and Chief of Security. His predecessors Commander Data (TNG) and Mr Spock (TOS) definitely tower over Voyager's pointy ears. I guess legends are tough to live up to, still it wouldn't have been the same without good ol' Tuvoc played by Tim Russ.

'Structure. Logic. Function. Control. A structure cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the foundation of function. Function is the essence of control. I am in control. I am in control.'

Jennifer Lien is a really nice, lovely gal. Kes's fascinating Ocampa spirit is historically linked with the Caretaker who felt a duty of obligation to care for her species. It was Kes who freed the EMH from a second rate life of deactivated oblivion. Still I was relieved when she blossomed into a radiant non-corporeal lifeform pushing Voyager 9,500 light years closer to home.

So because he's a hologram, he doesn't have to be treated with respect, or any consideration at all?

Neelix is a good friend to Kes and the ships moral officer. He really looks like an furry oddball but his cheerful character radiates soul that lifts everyones spirits including viewers. His meals weren't half bad either, Hehe.

B'Ellana Torres is the Chief Engineer of the USS Voyager whose happy knack with the hypo spanner saves Voyager from a good few scrapes. Its too bad her Klingon feelings are at odds with her humanity which makes it tough for her to open up about her feelings, like Spock B'Ellana is torn between cultures. Lets just agree that Voyager's Chief is the black sheep of the family. I like her because she has interesting quirks and her fights with Paris are amusing.

Harry Kim teamed up with Tom Paris because together Voyager's duo livened up life aboard the intrepid starship, Voyager. At the best of times Harry could be annoying, hence his nickname 'Starfleet' courtesy - B'llana Torres. Now think back to Wang's stellar performances, Yes I'm trying to be the good guy here, remember that! Lets take Voyagers 23rd episode in season 2 which was a really chilling episode.

Trekkies love Voyagers episode of 'The Thaw' because 'Mr Fear' finally gets his comeuppance. The manic clown's masterful reign of terror is delightfully shellshocking and thrilling. Despite the fear, the Clown character is designed to instill in his victims this is one episode not to miss!

Perhaps the clown played by Michael Mckean just dazzled us all freezing Kim's technical mind in total fear. Don't tell Janeway I was beating up on Harry, she'll never forgive me. Hes like a son to her, LOL.

How many stars are you giving Star Trek Voyager?

Clown Long and Prosper, Trekinators!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hologram Doctor's (EMH) "Real Life" Family

Star Trek's Voyager NCC-74656 "Real Life" episode is the chance to see the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) starring Robert Picardo having a life with a cheerful hologram family based on the good doctors's fatalistic understanding of humanity.

Filled with fun, engaging family rows, sci-fi exploration of astral eddies, emotional outbursts and a twist at the end, Real Life will elevate your blood sugar levels to a state of happiness and leave you wiping away the tears when its over.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Pictures.

The EMH designed a family Holodeck programme to begin an experiment aimed to help the Voyager medical man better understand his patients and what motivates their human minds. Unfortunately theres an unexpected side effect. The EMH photonic family Charlene (wife), Jeffrey (son), and Belle (daughter) develop devotion towards their Holodad and Holohusband which has psychological consequences for the good doctor. Happiness has arrived at long last or so it seems.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.
In the opening scene the kids even argue amicably over who says goodbye first to Holodad Medical man. Charlene referee's.

"Now children little birds in their nest get along!"

"Your right mother, I'm sorry Belle you can go first" apologises Jeff.

"No it really is your turn. I did go first yesterday" declares Belle coming clean.

"Here he comes" roars Jeff in excitement.

"Alright now bright happy faces" Commands Charlene cheerfully and everyone lines up beaming! It's happy families! The EMH Holodad comes down the stairs with compliments for Charlene about his coffee and says goodbye to his loving family. Look at that image, now I ask you how often does the EMH smile like that? Real Life is full of fun lines. Heres one from the doctor.

"In fact the little woman has been asking me to bring some colleagues home for dinner! "

It came as a big surprise when B'Ellanna Torres didn't take offence picture perfect family reception which for a Klingon took restraint to endure. Fortunately Medical man EMH was spared the whiplash of her tongue. Kes was present too and Doc was only being friendly which was a pleasant change from his horrendous bed side manner aboard Voyager! Interestingly enough I wonder who would win a warring battle of the tongues. B'Ellanna or the EMH Doctor? The Klingon just didn't have the heart to tell the medical man what to do with himself so she gave in to her curiosity.

"Well Doc, tell your wife to haul out the good china. You're having company!"

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

B'Ellanna Torres, Chief Engineer of Voyager gets invited to dinner. Oh No! Remember she's a Klingon with a cranky temper! Still, the Hologram doctor was eager to show off his new family. Charlene had high praise for hard working "Kenneth" and Torres was not impressed. The family turned out to be intellectual geniuses devoted to making the good doctor happy. How revolting for a Klingon!

The sugar sweet family life B'Elanna witnessed was so sweeeeet it nearly made all her teeth melt in her head. She freezes the programme, stands up and completely loses it at first but offers to help. All the EMH Hologram family need are a few personality adjustments which the doctor figures he is well equipped to deal with.....ehm....No way doc! You haven't got a prayer. If only he knew what B'Elanna really had in mind.

"It just needs a little tweaking to bring it closer to real life"

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

So why not?.......When Voyager's Chief Medical Hologram Officer returns to his holo-home after a hard days work on Voyager, shock sets in . B'Elanna's little tweaking has drastically altered husband "Kenneth's" family life. Doc's adoring, tidy, stay at home wife Charlene is now rushing about the neglected house frantically searching for a lost item, so she can race out and give a talk at the Bolian Embassy.

Belle his happy little one, keen on solving Algebra problems with her father is now interested in playing Parisses Squares with older children. (Parisses Squares is a dangerous sport which even experienced players like Commander Riker can get seriously injured in.)

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Jeffrey has been transformed into a rebellious youth with an interest in loud headbanger music. He has made new, bad attitude Klingon friends, eager to prepare him for the kut'luch ceremony, a Klingon ritual that involves bloodletting in preparation for becoming a warrior.

The EMH programme tries to rectify the "B'Elanna Sabotage" by imposing "House Rules" much like a military commando and even chides Charlene when their united front weakens in front of the children. Jeffrey is furious when his holofather tells him to stop seeing his Klingon friends.

"You can't just decide who my friends will be" erupts Jeffrey angrily. Charlene agrees with this. and Jeffrey sees his chance. "Right this whole meeting is a "Vulchey" idea and you can have it without me."

Later an argument explodes between father and son. Holodad doctor Kenneth was severely creeped out over the kut'luch Ceremony knife business and confronts his son.

"Did they (Klingon friends) talk you into some kind of ritual violence?" demanded holodad EMH

"They didn't talk me into anything. I asked them. Its an honour to get to perform the kut'luch. They don't just let anybody do it. They trusted me. Now you've made me look like a human!!" Jeffrey's eyes burn furiously with blazing Klingon hate.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

These actors Robert Picardo and Glen Harris put on a show that is just soooo fun to watch along with the adoring wife Wendy Schaal and daughter Belle, Lindsey Haun Voyager's EMH programme is skillfully played by Robert Picardo as always.
The Emergency Medical Hologram is a 3D projection of light and energy. His photons are held together by force fields and the energy matrix is projected by holoemitters located in Voyager's sickbay and Holodecks. The doctor has a 29th century mobile emitter which allows him free movement throughout the ship but like a 21st century laptop computer its technology can destabilize.

The EMH program contains a medical knowledge of 3000 cultures but unfortunately despite all this he still suffers from a curt bedside manner. Over the years the crew of Voyager have helped the doctor. The Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Voyager is a smart computer simulation with adaptive programming but unlike most holographic lifeforms Voyagers EMH has a sensitivity to being ignored with feelings and a mind of his own. It is these unique qualities, intelligence, self awareness and randomized behavioural algorithms that make this Doctor special.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Laughs

Seven of Nine always has a flair for the dramatic. In this Star Trek Parody written for laughs by Betty Ragan, Voyagers crew are acting very strangely.

Janeway won't make that one little sacrifice to get her crew home. Hand over her coffee to some alien guys, even with her senior staff begging her! Lets make a note of this in our Star Trekking Logs and isn't Seven a sweet little ripper in this photo!

Voyager Parody

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers. Enjoy the Intergalactic Star Trekking Blog!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Voyagers Captain Proton and Buster Kincaid

In 2349 Harry Kim was born and raised by his earthling parents. He was the youngest officer to land a post with the Intrepid Class U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656. In 2370, Mr Kim graduated from Starfleet Academy and later demonstrated engineering, tactical and analytical ability. Captain Janeway welcomed Harry onboard. The Perfect Starfleet Officer.

Image Copyright Belongs to Paramount Pictures.

Tom Paris became one of Kim's closest friends. The Perfect Rogue Ex-Starfleet Officer. Kim and Paris spend offduty time together in the holodeck programmes. Tom Paris as Captain Proton the fearless rescuer! Harry Kim as Buster Kincaid forever at odds with the polygonal forces of evil.

Based on 1930's science fiction, Captain Proton's mission in life is to conquer the dreadful Dr Chaotica and his evil minions. Harry is of course Tom's sidekick. Tom Paris and Tuvoc repaired Satans Robot which got damaged by the holographic aliens. Apparently Chaotica has waged war against them with his holographic weaponry wreaking total havoc because the holo emitters are malfunctioning. Paris is under pressure to regain control and stop Chaotica before time is runs out.

Satan's Robot was part of the Captain Proton simulation visited by Chakotay and Captain Janeway while Voyager was fractured into several different time periods.

The character was heavily influenced by a Robot used in several Republic serials from the 1940s. His most famous appearance is in the film Zombies of the Stratosphere, where he battles a Captain Proton-like hero named Commando Cody.

Live Long and Hologram, Trekkers!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

USS Voyagers "Favourite Son"

In the episode Favourite Son, Harry's visit to the Planet Tiresia has some very unexpected but wellcome surprises in store for him . Tiresia's natives are populated with 90% of beautiful females and the male population is only 10% Harry is the Center of attention and the women on Tiresia are swooning over Voyagers Bridge Operations Officer!

By this stage Harry is being transformed into a Tiresian, He's got these weird spots all over his neck and forehead. The females wellcome Harry who they claim is a member of their species. They explain that his father left their planet a long time ago in order to implant Harry's embro into his Terran mother.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures.

The doctor confirmed that Harry had dormant Tiresian DNA fragments that are now activated. But how did it get there? It transpired that Voyagers ensign was infected by a retrovirus.It could have been something he ate, drank or touched on stardate 50698.

Garrett Wang

Harry meets a guy called Tamin who's enjoying all the delights the planet has to offer , the free women, drink, 5 star luxury hotel accomodation, mood enhancers - administered by the lovely darlings, deep relaxing back rubs to relax the muscels and thoses special one on one encounters with a Tiresian beauty of your choice. Trouble is Tiresian males are spoilt with the choice of joining with three beautiful Tiresian vamps.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures

Tamin explains - This is Mollia, she's going to be my first wife.
Harry- " You're already planning on a second?"
Tiresian Female "and a third."
Tamin is nodding and smiling profusely, but the story takes an unfriendly uturn.

Little does Tamin know that these lovely wives of his will imediately after his joining, drain the life out of him during their mating.
Tamin- " Don't be afraid to indulge yourself Harry, everyone here wants you to be happy. You're important to us."

Tamin gets joined with his three Tiresian females and the marriage is complete after a ritual ceremony. Helpless, painted and blindfolded, poor Tamin is led off for the slaughter where his lovely wives will feast on his body during the mating process.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures.

Harry discovers Tamins Skin and bones with an unexpected bounty, one of his ruthless, cold blooded wives, who explains:
" We must nucleate a large number of cells to collect enough genetic material for conception"
Harry is appalled and shocked.

" Thats why there are no men here, they don't leave with their embryos in status, they're killed!."
Tamins Cold Blooded Wife
"Any father should be willing to sacrifice himself for the continuation of his race"

Voyager penetrated the Pollaron Grid surrounding the planet and snatched Ensign Kim from the evil clutches of the life draining vampires and whisked him to safety. There should be a law against those vampires!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Seven of Nine

In 2374 Seven of nine was captured and liberated by the friendly intrepid class Voyager (NCC-74656).  The beautiful Jeri Ryan looks awesome in her many Starfleet costumes that just makes my heart skip a beat everytime I see her. But Seven, as we got to know her was more than just the tight fitting sexy body stockings which she wore.

She played a spectacular Borg drone very skilfully. Once aboard Voyager the transformation was totally amazing. She boldly explored the boundaries of human capabilities with the intelligent way she communicated, spoke and carried herself. Her cool, indifferent character proved to be a invaluable member of Voyager's crew and while she struggled to free her mind from the Collective Hive Mind and regain her individuality something thrilling always happens.

I really enjoy watching Jeri stride across the deck plates all packaged up in her sexy Voyager outfit but I'm not the only one, now am I? Go on admit it, she makes an impression, all wrapped up like that! For the first time in her life, Seven copes without the help of the "other voices from the unified Borg drones to reassure her. Seven of nine finally discovers her human identity and unhindered by her Borg separation, Seven delivered on time and dispensed with formalities in her commanding fiery Borg voice. Oh!!! how that voice of hers still gives me hot, wet dreams...but I'm only human. We know now, Voyager's crew welcomed Seven of Nine into their human starship collective, Yessss!!!

Image Copyright belongs to Paramount Pictures and or CBS Studios

Assimilated from an early age of seven in 2355 on the USS Raven, Seven has only vague memories of her earlier life as Annika Hansen. Her human parents were Magnus Hansen and Erin Hansen but they too, were assimilated and put to work by the Borg. For 19 years this unfortunate human lived with various Borg implants and nano-probes in her system. Born on Earth in 2348 on the Tendara Colona Colony, she lost her individuality and became a walking, talking, piece of Borg hardware raised by Borg as Borg. Her full Borg designation is Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Uni-matrix Zero One.
Seven Of Nine

Linked to the hive, sevens thoughts became organised and together, her previous family of drones achieved true feats of perfection, assimilating civilisations, without chaos, without emotion or human remorse. The Borg Assimilate, resistance is futile, your existence as you knew it is over. You will become one with the Borg.

Seven of Nines Borg designation was an earful so Captain Janeway suggested " Seven " catchy you might think? Seven of Nine, though not impressed, found it acceptable.

Harry Kim found Seven's lips acceptable in his dreams until he woke up screaming, no no Never, Never!!!! hahahahahaha- at least in Star Trek Voyagers  "Waking Thoughts" Kim is dreaming. So the Captains paired Seven and Kim together. Kim develops a crush on Seven after working with her in the Astrometrics Lab.
Except what was that thing in Kim's dream? All is not what it seems.

Sevens optical implant gives her an edge because she can measure Kims physiological human responses. Kims failing attempts at winning her over lead the Borg to making the first move.

Hardly surprising Voyagers ensign abandons any further advances oogling Sevens body. Lets face it, the dude has no guts. He's afraid to move in on this powerful sexy Starfleet Goddess. So she makes the first counter measure by ordering Kim to take off his clothes!!!! So blatantly outrageous and yet so right! I mean what babe in your life has ever ordered you to strip exactly like Seven commanded? - We'd be lucky! What makes this even better is her cool matter of fact crisp voice and starship office setting.)

Well, we can  see what's going on with Ensign Garrett but......
 OMG Where did Seven go?
Dream Long and Prosper Trekkers!

 How long have you been a Star Trek Voyager fan? Do you dream about "Seven" (Jeri Ryan) go on say so if you do. Don't be shy, tell us.

Monday, September 11, 2006

40 Years of Celebration

Going boldly where no man had gone before, Gene Roddenberry's cult tv show, Star Trek TOS, debuted in September 1966 and reflected an era of optimistic space travel which people love. Star Trek TOS has thrilled us with 79 cosmic adventures. Set in the 23rd century, the classic series has regaled us with the intergalactic voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 on her five-year mission exploring the outer regions of federation space and beyond. Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise has encountered strange new alien life forms on its journeys with Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Tribbles and Khan Noonian Singh introducing himself in Space Seed.

The Enterprise crew made history on tv when they paved the way as front runners in multiculturalism: Most Trek fans remember Asian Helm Officer, Hikaru Sulu played by George Takei who made Captain of the Excelsior by Star Trek VI in The Undiscovered Country stardate 9521.6. Sulu can pilot anything although sometimes he goofs up by forgetting to disengage the USS Enterprise parking brake! He is good friends with Chekov and has a keen interest in old guns and fencing. The beautiful, technically minded, Communications Officer is African-American Nyota Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols who sits beside Mr Spock and Captain Kirk. She rises to the rank of commander in the Star Trek movies. Uhura is a role model for women across the globe. For over 40 years, she has succeeded to prove to audiences worldwide that women are as capable as men in their jobs. Uhura means "freedom" in Swahii. She is a talented singer, dancer, musician and loves tribbles. Uhura's best friends are Scotty, Chekov and Sulu. She is by no means a pushover and can be tough with men and women.

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Everybody knows the legendary Chief Engineer Scotsman, Montgomery Scott played by James Doohan. His nickname is "Scotty." The Master Engineer's abilities have saved the USS Enterprise on countless occasions because the guy uses his wits to chill the captain out and never loses his cool when the ship is about to blow up with only moments to spare. Scotty seems to have the uncanny ability to retrieve energy from the ships jaded engines just when the captain needs warp drive to turn tail and run from the baddies. Scottys favourite drink is Scotch Whiskey and he likes to read technical manuals to exercise his brain. Science Officer, Spock played by Leonard Nimoy is arguably the real star of the show and is still loved by the fans worldwide. He plays the Vulcan lyre and is renowned for his inspirational use of logic, green blood, pointy ears, vulcan mindmelds and sneaky neck pinch.

I love Spock and McCoys arguments because they're so entertaining. Lets not forget the emotionally unstable Chief Medical Officer, Leonard "Bones" McCoy played by DeForest Kelley who is the ships doctor and Spocks friendly adversary. He is also Kirks good friend. Bones is essentially a cynic with a good heart who keeps Kirk and Spock on the straight and narrow path when their egoes take off. He hates transporters and can't stand it when Spock logically ignores his flawed feeling friends, so he constantly reminds him that hes half human. I'm a doctor not a moonshuttle conductor!

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Lastly we come to our heroic space warrior, Captain James T. Kirk played by William Shatner. Kirk likes to fire phasers first and ask questions later. He is promoted to admiral when Star Trek the motion picture hits the cinemas stardate 7412.6 but is subsequently demoted to captain by the Voyage Home on stardate 8390. Why you ask? Because Kirk and the Enterprise crew rescued Mr Spock from that burning fire ball of a Genesis planet. Lets face it William Shatners acting is exaggerated but its widely accepted, his special talent combined with the compadres gave the series much of its charm.

Kirk's best friends are Spock and McCoy and his son David was conceived with Carol Marcus. David was slain on the orders of Lord Kruge in Star Trek III, The Search for Spock on stardate 8210.3 Captain Kirk is motivated by challenge and is extremely proficient in hand to hand combat. Star Trek TOS spawned such a following that it continues to sell Starfleet uniforms, DVDs, Trek Merchandise and toys, with Books, Tricorders, Communicators, and convention bookings making warpspeed record sales to this very day. Captain James T. Kirk has broken the prime directive on several occasions with General Order One but the guy has a great excuse. Get the USS Enterprise to safety and end oppression in the galaxy which makes him a Starfleet hero.

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Twenty years later after Gene Roddenberry's classic STAR TREK The Original Series, star trek fans witnessed a new beginning with Star Trek THE NEXT GENERATION. Its interstellar adventures established Captain Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart, firmly in the driving seat. His brand new Starfleet crew took to their stations aboard the Galaxy class USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D.

This phenomenally successful spin off created by Roddenberry began airing in 1987 and ran for seven seasons until 1994. Although Mr Roddenberry was actively involved in the shows early production, he soon stepped back to a more supervisory role leaving day to day operations in the hands of Executive Producer, Rick Berman. The TNG Enterprise crew has a Klingon called Worf played by Michael Dorn. He is the first Klingon Warrior to serve the Federation and takes over as Chief of Security after Tasha Yars death.

Image Owner/creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In 1991 it was decided by Paramount executives to estabish a show that would not run with a starship roaming the galaxy. Alot of speculation ran wild about the premise at the time. Some suggested using the Klingon Empire and I remember being excited about this prospect. Sadly makeup costs ruled this totally off the drawing board. Sulu's starship idea was shelved too. In the end Rick Berman and Michael decided to set the new series on a starbase and it was called Deep Space Nine. Gene Roddenberry died on 26th October, 1991. His death was a shock for us all. Genes vision of Star Trek lives on but Deep Space Nine is undoubtedly the darkest and grittest of all the Star Trek series. The starbase has a diverse culture and staff who don't always agree with each other.

I like how the show is plagued with conflict driven characters who visit the space station and threaten federation life in the "wild west frontier" which makes for interesting story arcs and interplay between the characters. Deep Space Nine orbits Bajor, a wartorn non federation world and as luck would have it, Starfleets interest peeks up when a stable wormhole is discovered nearby. A number of people travel through the starbase when the wormhole enables lucrative trade and exploration routes to be set up with the builders of the station, the Cardassians, soon regretting their decision to abandon it. When Worf joins the show in "the way of the warrior" and the threat of an evil empire looms in the distance with the Dominion on the other side of the wormhole, the Klingons breakout the bat'leths and end their alliance with the Federation of planets. What follows is the most spectacular space battle ever seen in Star Trek history......including the movies. Eat your hearts out trek fans.

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Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek's very first female captain has thrilled us too. In Voyager's quest for survival, Janeway has more than once put her ship and her crew in danger. The Captain was the perfect Ahabe in the "Year of Hell" sacrificing half her crew and ship in a kamikaze bid against the Krenim Temporal Timeship. Star Trek Voyager was launched in 2371 and is the fourth spin-off for the Star Trek franchise. The USS Voyager NCC-74656 is propelled into the Delta Quadrant by a powerful force that kills half her crew. Captain Janeway is forced to make a pact with outlaws.

Voyagers crew unites with a group of Maquis rebels to increase the odds of returning home from the far-flung Delta Quadrant. Tensions increase when Starfleet Security Officer Tuvok, disappears aboard a vessel commandeered by a band of renegade Federation officers. The U.S.S. Voyager, under the guidance of Captain Kathryn Janeway is dispatched to find him. During hot pursuit, both ships are mysteriously transported to the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light years away. Now the only hope of getting back to Earth is an unlikely collaboration between the two crews.

" This is one year I'd like to forget" A firm haggard Janeway, states rather gloomily.

We've watched transporter accidents, Orion Slave Women, Vidiian raiders who snatch body parts and leave you to take your chances, kidnappings, superior emergency medical holograms, alien race encounters, time travel, war-like Kazon, beserk computers, females that drain the life out of humans in order to propagate their species,(lovely lot they were!) red alert-all hands man your battle stations! technology thieves/criminals from the past and the future, attempting and obtaining technology for their own ill gotten gains.

"History records that Picard destroyed the Tox Uthat" replied one of two mournful, weird shiney, Vorgon criminals from the future. The Tox Uthat was a quantum phase inhibitor with the ability to halt all nuclear reaction within a star.

Lets not forget Q, the omnipotent entity and Captain Picards nemesis, who troubles the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D with his strange sense of humor and jokes, often causing them harm in the process. Q appears in many TNG episodes Voyager and DS9 episodes. He has a vague passing regard in humans stating openly, he is a Klingon at heart gifted with an I.Q. of 2005. Q is a constant thorn in Picard's side who appears out of no-where from the Q continuum. Captain Picard used to get so worked up about it which made for very entertaining watching.

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"What'd you want Q" demands a Picard rudely.
" State your business and get on with it!"

John De Lancie shared a moment he had with Gene Roddenberry, (Creator of Star Trek) that I watched on dvd. Gene approached John and heaped praise on the actor.

"You know, you make my lines sound so much better than they read from script" said G. R. but as I've got to know Gene from afar at the conventions and watching Star Trek dvds, you can count on one thing. Gene spoke softly in his kind fatherly gentle voice.

So John De Lancie answered -
-Well I'm glad so who are you?

" I'm Gene Roddenberry."

"So you must be the writer" replied John innocently.

John asked someone later,
" Well, who is Gene Roddenberry?"

-He's the creator of Star Trek.-

You Goofed up John! Big Style, but we forgive you!

Star Trek has reached such heights that during the reign of U.S. President Gerald Ford, Trekkies of the time sent a flood of letters in. The official line was that the shuttle was going to be named after the world war II carrier Enterprise anyway, but it was really the Star Trek Fans determination that made it so.

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Gene Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek. Gene campaigned for Star Trek, he mixed with the fans, writers, he attended conventions and made speeches, in sept 1966 he aired Star Trek TOS pilot "where no man" at the Sci-fi convention in Cleveland.

It was his hope to gain publicity and gauge whether people liked it. Isaac Asimov was there and has always been a supporter of the show. The audience loved the pilot and gave a standing ovation. Star Trek made its debut on Thursday, Sept., 8th 1966 at 8.30pm. Gene made a lot of people happy and he got a standing ovation from the fans.

"Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs that there is a tomorrow. It's not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb. The human race is improving, we have things to be proud of as humans. No astronauts, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids, human beings did, because we are clever and work hard and Star Trek is about those things" -Gene Roddenberry.

Gene Roddenberry saved Star Trek, while NBC were getting ready to cancel it during the first season. He did this by rallying well known sci-fi writers. Harlan Ellison (sci-fi writer) spearheaded the first letter writing campaign sending out 5000 letters using Genes established committee.

The committee of sci-fi notables included Ellison, Robert Bloch, Theodore Sturgeon, Poul Anderson, Lester Del Rey and Philip Jose Farmer. In the second season Star trek was facing the axe again. Gene, armed with his letterhead of names from the previous campaign, hired Bjo and John Trimble. (Well known science fiction fans!)

It was their job to put together a campaign, using the writing committee, to convince sci-fi fans to write letters to NBC and Paramount. When the Studio and the Network received 75000 letters pleading that Star Trek continue, it knocked them for six and hit the news of the time. NBC executives were buried in a mountain of mail, I wish I could have seen their faces.

Despite unimpressive Nielsens ratings, which were later proved unreliable, the Original Series lasted for three seasons. Nielsen's Network loser "Star Trek" was still being watched by millions of people every week, years later and 40 years later finding new life in re-runs and syndication television. Star Trek's stories and characters has reached mass cultures across the world with its vision of a hopeful future where people belong and live in peace.

"It's the Human condition to improve and to improve" - Gene Roddenberry.
Thanks to Genes and Majel's hard work, the committee, the Science Fiction writers, The Fans, Film Crew, Production Staff, The Actors, Paramount/Viacom/CBS and everyone who works on the lot. Star Trek wouldn't be what it is today.

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Congratulations! I guess you deserve a prize for reading all of this! Live Long and Prosper! Trekkers.
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