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Monday, October 26, 2020

TREKKER SAMANTHA CRISTOFORETTI - Earths first Italian female astronaut

 Hi Trekkers, I'm happy to announce Earths first Italian female astronaut and engineer Samantha Cristoforetti - boldly exploring outerspace wearing a Star Trek Voyager uniform only take a close look. Shes reached deep into the hearts and minds of trek fans right across the space time continuum. How cool is that? and shes a trekkie!

theres coffee in that nebula
Samantha Cristoforetti aboard the ISS
 it must be time for a brew!

 A trained trusted fighter pilot sipping her morning coffee aboard the International Space Station orbiting Earth. Now what does that remind you of? USS Voyagers NCC 74656 Neelix will tell anyone brewing espresso requires precise scientific engineering when in space. Remember the bride of Chaotica?  "I leave it in your capable hands."

                                           Hailing frequencies open about something,
Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy.
ISS Expedition 43 crewmember Cristaforetti giving the Vulcan salute in 2015 to honor

So what does it take to become an  astronaut in outspace boldly going where no earthie has ever gone before? 

Lets not fool ourselves trekkers,  put away the toy phasers  😁😑 Its time for work! Heres what Samantha Cristoforetti achieved vs NASA and STARFLEET's recruitment fundamentals.

1. You need Brains, nerves of steel and sharp wits 

2. Secondary school education in 1996

3. Exchange student for one year in USA in 2001 

4. Mechanical Engineering Masters degree graduated in Germany with qualifications in Aerospace, Propulsion and lightweight structures.  -

5. Four months at Ecole Nationale Superieure and at l'Aéronautique and at l'Espace work on aerodynamics

6. Wrote Masters thesis in solid rocket propellants learnt at the University of Chemical Technologies in Moscow, Russia. - Its interesting despite all the competition in the world  😁 things are only impossible until they are not but one fact is clear.

Scientists, Doctors and Astronauts unite sharing ideas, technology and resources across all nations for the prosperity of our happy ball of humanoids on our world, in our universe just like in Star Trek. The significant message Samantha Cristoforetti is making by wearing her Star Trek uniform couldn't be more evident. Peace on Earth. Save Earth for future generations being our primary mission.

Samantha Cristoforetti - Change Climate Change

7. Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Sciences, Naples Italy 2005.

8. Samantha joined Italian Airforce academy in 2001 and graduated in 2005

9. Served as class leader and received Honour Sword for best academic achievement. 

10. 2005 to 2006 Air Force base in Texas received Euro/Nato joint jet Pilot Training. She became a fighter pilot assigned to the 132nd Squadron, 51st Bomber Wing based in Italy.

11. Fighter fundamentals training completed in 2007.

12. Flew MB 339 and served the Plan and Operation Section for the 51st Bomber Wing  in Italy.

Captain Samantha Cristoforetti

13. In 2008 Samantha joined the 101st Squadron , 32 Bomber Wing based in Italy to complete training for AM-X ground attack fighter which makes her a Captain in the Italian  Air Force and a trekkie one😁

14. 500 hours logged having flown six types of military aircraft SF-260, T-37, T-38, MB-339A, MB-3339CD and AM-X. Samantha Cristoforetti was ready, trained and an ultimate trekkie badass. Check her out. Shes got the missiles and the ultimate ball breakers so no messing with her! 

The kicker is after all the nukes knives and sticks enough to defeat any delta-force in the federation 😁she resigned on 31st December 2019 but you know what this means readers don't you?

15. Today NASA selection process is tough. You've got to be highly trained and alert with degrees, candidates must also have skills in leadership, teamwork and communications. You know The motto of Starfleet Academy is "ex astris, scientia which means "from the stars, knowledge."

Conducting a Lunar South Pole Test

 To qualify, entrants must first meet the basic requirements to satisfy Starfleet by submitting to a test. So NASA (who consulted Gene Roddenberry because his starship designs were so precise) has the same goals and selection protocols only in a different timeline. 

Samantha Cristoforetti was selected as an ESA astronaut in September 2009. She became a bonafide Astronaut in November 2010.

What does the W.O.R.F. patch represent?

1. World Order Religious Friendship?

2. When NASA was designing an Earth observation facility for the ISS to make use of its optical quality window, its formal acronym became the Window Observational Research Facility 

3. Michael Dorns brand new Star Trek Worf show?

Live Long and Prosper my Trekker aeronautical friends.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy would have been 88 today. He was such an inspiration to millions of fans. His legacy will Live Long and Prosper and Fascinate all.

Monday, April 09, 2018


Everyone remembers Leonard Nimoy the actor whose Spock character appeared in Star Trek TOS approx 79 times. As it happens he's written two "Spock" books.

Turns out pointy ears 1975 autobiography protests his innocence at being typecast as the the cold blooded Vulcan Science Officer from the future, logically playing second fiddle to Captain Kirk commanding the USS Enterprise Ncc 1701.

So heres Spock, I mean Leonard Nimoy on Spitting 10 years later - 1987. Grandpa the real actor except God bless, he couldn't make his Vulcanian mind up..... and a sequel, titled. I Am Spock followed which he signed for me in 1995. Fascinating read, Nimoy conducts conversations with his half vulcan character in his head....

 Enjoy the spitting images hilarity, gotta love those floppy ears...

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, March 26, 2018

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

"Diligent practise and self denial" is what Leonard Nimoy used to say. It being Monday, I arrived cheerily into work greeted by Bruno Mars Lazy song was on the radio. "Today I don't feel like doing anything" which is exactly how I felt but then I realised.......

Its Leonard's Birthday... I have to admit, I was emotional because I felt double crap to be alive and hes not. Millions of honorary "grandchildren" probably were too. In 2014 Leonard Nimoy offered to adopt us into his clan and many came in droves.

Are you one of them? How are you doing today?

 Live Long and prosper

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Star Trek Pals Leonard and William

Here's a cool interview with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. So Enjoy the laughs! Heck even John Wayne, the "Duke" gets a mention. Weren't these sci-fi maestro's just the best?



 The reason Star Trek has endured is because Leonard has this thing... (chuckle) 1.55 Its the stories (talk about me) the characters, the uniqueness of Mr Spock. Its the relationship of Mr Spock (hes finally got it right) and Kirk. The relationship that the three of us had the compadres, the family, the levels of meaning of the show, the uniqueness of Science Fiction at that time. It was all that and many other things but the curious thing is no-one really knows, so anything you say is as valid as anything we could say because if we knew what it was? we'd do it again! and again!

Friendship is a precious thing until...(record scratch) Why these good friends stopped trekking out is anybody's guess....

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, November 21, 2016


Heres Star Trek's Original Series bloopers brought to us in living colour. These classic "out-takes" were rescued from the studio floor. The shows creator Gene Roddenberry had them spliced together without telling Leonard Nimoy (12.35) or the rest of the crew. In them we see Captain Kirk kissing a beautiful blond bombshell in a red mini-skirt.

All the awesomeness it took to get Star Trek TOS onto film are here. Our defender of female virtue enjoyed his job but judging from the laughs snafus just constantly happened.

Skip ahead to 6mins 17secs and we discover William Shatner having a makeup meltdown.

The guy spends 3 whole hours getting plastered in make-up to age Captain Kirk for Star Trek's classic "Deadly Years" and what happens?

The studio doors were locked up and everyone had gone home!

'Bob Justman, I'm going home now. after spending three hours putting this fracking makeup back on.....and its your fault!

How would you have reacted?

Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Mysteries

How is Star Trek beyond doing at the Box Office? We've got a little puzzle to solve with only 199.8 million ringing in at the Box Office. Remember Star Trek Beyond made its domestic release in theaters only on the 22nd July 2016. All indications are good Star Trek is a smash hit drawing in crowds with $59 million over the first weekend. So what happened? I've done a little digging into the trek timeline to try and piece together Star Trek's mysteries.

 In 2007 J.J. Abrams made a fascinating confession at San Diego's Comic-Con International. Despite his "Star Wars" disclosure, word spread fast. It was MAJOR LIFTOFF for Paramount Pictures putting Star Trek right on the map again. All of this happened ages before Star Trek 2009 even hit cinemas around the world.


 Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto spoke about their "Spock" characters which was amazing news at the time. .


 Heres what Abrams said, The excitement for us is I think is the ability to take this amazing world of Gene Roddenberry created which is remarkable and these incredible characters and show them in a way you haven't seen them. I think its tricky because this matters to so many people and we can't screw this up. 


 When you listen to the video J.J. abrams talks about Gene Roddenberry's characters. William Shatner is mentioned and producers are still hunting for the NEW KIRK replacement unknown to us at the time. (Chris Pine stepped in later)


The buzz surrounding Star Trek 2009 and STID was fun and exciting. Fans love the thrill of being in on the scoop when breaking news goes viral. There lots of fun with Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness and now we've got Star Trek Beyond


 So how does Krall compare to the Federations top agent Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness? Star Trek fans will know Khan was originally played by Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan. Timeline readings indicate Khan also starred in Star Trek TOS Space Seed.  Khan is an interesting tyrant who has developed over time.

Which villain is "frightening enough to make your heart pulse with delicious fear and terror?"

 Who said "Hes not playing Khan!!!"????


To answer this lets watch the star-trek-kid - Justin Lin on Youtube. Heres a video published on July 16, 2016 - six days before the movie hits the cinema. The guy talks about passion and uniqueness and his love for Star Trek and Jaylah..... Which is great but why were most of his videos released only one month before Star Trek Beyond hit the theaters?... I guess we can't blame it on the guy who broke the ship again.


A special variety Happy Camp show in China are reaching out to over 200 million people every week with Star Trek Beyond in mind. - Awww heck they'll probably find the little furry critters hilarious!


Monday, August 15, 2016

Las Vegas Convention for Star Trek 50th

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) who is not in the latest Star Trek Beyond film, spoke on Saturday at Creation Entertainment's Offical Las Vegas Convention for 6000 Star Trek fans.

 Celebrating Star Trek's 50th Anniversary was Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) sporting Adidas gear as the women of trek took to the stage featuring Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) Bjo Trimble and Trekmovies Kayla Lacovino.

 In true leadership style Kate took command and cast aside any notion of being a damsel in distress who needed rescuing.

 “I have never called myself a feminist,” said Kate. "You don't complain and you don't explain."

 In a curious turn of events Trekmovies Kayla lacovino seems to have had a change of heart. “I’m happy to call myself a feminist because that’s what I am.”

 So you decide trekker, who would you put in charge of a starship? Kayla or Kathryn?

 Walter Koenig was asked if Star Trek 50 years later would still be going at warp speed,

“Who did? No one. We all thought it was over.”  

Heres what Walter said on Anton Yelchin's death and JJ Abrams decision to say goodbye to his character, Chekov.


 “This was an extraordinary person. Anton was a really, really good human being. We only spent a couple of hours on set, but he was special…it was very painful for that to have happened…I applaud JJ Abrams and his group’s decision not to recast Chekov for new movies.”

 Its interesting to note Walter Koenig had his own personal favorite Star Trek movie which surprisingly is not The Wrath of Khan.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed making [The Wrath of Khan], but the movie that taught me that we had something special was Star Trek IV. I read that script and knew we had a winner.”

 William Shatner reminisced about his old friend Leonard Nimoy and recalled the good times with fond memories.

 “When I’m asked most about what I remember about Leonard, it’s the laughter. He was so funny. We’d get on stage and I’d double over with laughter. I’ve got so many pictures of me hysterical with laughter.”

 To end his talk on the success of Star Wars vs Star Trek, William Shatner told us something about what differences made each sci-fi movie serial unique and special enough to shine in their own way.

 “Star Trek at its best tells human stories that are philosophical. There’s humanity, there’s something under the story, there’s a principle involved, and it’s well done. It’s about people. Star Wars was grand, like opera, and it was huge, and it had great special effects, and was a marvelously entertaining film, but wasn’t specifically about people the way most Star Treks were.”

Trekmovie have interesting dialogue up on their website. At Star Treks Las Vegas convention Whoopi Goldberg recounts answering a very direct question from Gene Roddenberry.

“Can I ask you a very upfront question?” Roddenberry asked, according
to Goldberg.
          “Can I ask you why you want to be on Star Trek?”
 “Don’t you know? You don’t know that we didn’t exist anywhere in
science fiction before you put Lt. Uhura on there?”
           Two weeks later, Roddenberry called and said

          “Whoopi, you actually are right.”
“Yes, sir. I know. Can I be on the show now?”

When I was a kid I loved sci-fi, I loved horror movies, I loved all these things,” she elaborated. “There were lots of folks on television, you could see black folks on television, but you never saw them in the future. And until Gene Roddenberry put a beautiful black woman, who was the communications officer – she wasn’t cleaning houses.
To see her in the future in charge of communications and being as hot as a woman could be to the point where even the aliens wanted her. You’d see Spock looking at her and you knew what he was thinking,” she said to great laughter. More seriously she added, “She was integral to their being able to survive wherever they were going.” 

Live Long and Prosper. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016






Its Star Treks 50th Anniversary so you'll be sure to have something to enjoy with STAR TREK BEYOND. You might say this is Chekov's last stand in this adventurous new Star Trek movie. The action sequences are thrilling and the visual effects are stunning.

So go see Beyond you'll be delighted that you did. Its got a cold hearted villain Krall who chews up the landscape and interesting to see new Spock trying to understand his own death in the movie- in loving memory of  Leonard Nimoy and for Anton.

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, February 29, 2016

I Miss Leonard Nimoy

 'Today, I "Today I don't feel like doing anything.' sung by Bruno Mars.

Heres to Leonard Nimoy who wrote in his book "I Am Spock -  I was overwhelmed by all the attention. Overwhelmed, flattered, excited and terrified." I refer to the phenomena known as Spockmania.

 The guy with the ears "Mr Spock" was also a Grandfather, father, Actor, Author, Photographer, Director, Singer, Superhero and Friend to millions of trekkers and crazy fans right across the universe.

Did you know Mr Spock was also half Human?


Monday, September 07, 2015

Leonard's Stories about Time

Capturing Stories about Time

I made this comment on one of Leonard Nimoys self portraits photos later shown in Paris. The photo was posted to twitpic 1074 days ago and I added my thoughts 21 days later... I don't know if "Grandpa" ever read what I wrote but if he did, I sure hope he got a kick out of it. I have since come to appreciate the spiritual message in this film. What do your scientific/spiritual instincts tell you? Here's Leonard Nimoy's Story.

This is the first self portrait that I have done that relates to this issue. The light for me is a lifeforce, thats the energy for me in photography and light in life is a metaphor for energy and life. Theres movement in the face here you can see, which is also a time exposure, open up the lens and turn to face the camera while the lens was open. So you get that sense of movement.

What do you think of Leonard's "stories about time" caught on film? Did you find his self portrait freaky cool? How would you describe his portrait in time?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Bloggies.

Friday, April 10, 2015

I Am Spock

I Am Spock is the title of Leonard Nimoy's second autobiography, published in 1995 which is a fascinating read.

Leonard Nimoy's second book exploits the logic of the Vulcan Science Officer from Star Trek's universe, revealing a series of private conversations between Mr Spock and Mr Nimoy. This unique book contains a saga of Leonard's experiences as an actor, director, and producer of Star Trek Stories.
A letter in the Foreword section of "I Am Spock" addressed to Mr Leonard Nimoy at Earth's Sol Star System poses the question - Would you consider writing the foreward to my new book? - followed by Mr Nimoy and Spock dialog from Leonard's first autobiography published in 1975.

Can you guess its title?

Live Long and Prosper.

Friday, March 13, 2015

In Memoriam Leonard Nimoy (1931 - 2015)

Leonard Nimoy lived and shared many moments with fans across the world. I met him in 1995 at his book signing "I AM SPOCK." Meeting Leonard was a big moment in my life that I'll cherish forever. Goodbye Leonard.

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